A Closer And More In-Depth Look At River Play-At-Home By Riverslot

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Do you run a sweepstakes business, or are you looking at opening one? Imagine being able to offer your customers their favorite games and play them even when they are at home. This way, you can continue making money even if your store is closed! These are all possible with River Play-at-Home by Riverslot, the company behind the trending sweepstakes software.

In this article, you will embark on a closer and more in-depth discussion about Riverslot’s River Play-at-Home offering, which will further encourage you to have this product for your business. But first, let’s review. What is Riverslot?

All About Riverslot

Riverslot is a company that provides digital entertainment and amusement tools specifically aimed toward sweepstakes gaming. This company has accumulated several years of experience and has dozens of successful projects launched with their clients throughout those years.

Furthermore, thanks to their dedicated team and innovative vision, Riverslot is able to offer the latest technology and effective software with the best and most unique features for their clients. One of their products is RiverSweeps, a sweepstakes software used by several business owners across the United States and Europe.

Riverslot’s RiverSweeps

RiverSweeps is a cloud-based sweepstakes software complete with everything you need to launch and start running your sweepstakes gaming business, including training so you learn the ropes in this industry. It considers itself to be the number one sweepstakes software, with more than 100 games in its library from which you can choose.

This software combines every gaming solution from A to Z with Riverslot’s unparalleled expertise in the industry Internet café sweepstakes, helping business owners like you take part in and take advantage of the fortune that can be made in this field.

As you avail of RiverSweeps for your business, you get flexible software, a first-class range of free promotional games that your customers can enjoy, 24/7 high-quality support, professional assistance, and everything you need to launch your sweepstakes business without the hassle.

RiverSweeps is 100 percent legal, is easy to start, and doesn’t require a large investment from your end. Cool and trendy, this is what you need to make money effectively. And, Riverslot even takes things further to the next level with River Play-at-Home. You’ll understand why this is magical for your business.

The River Play-at-Home

Your players cannot visit and stay at your store all the time to play their favorite sweepstakes games. In these instances, Riverslot’s River Play-at-Home comes into the scene.

River Play-at-Home is a system that allows your sweepstakes business to run its games for your customers, even if they are at home. In other words, your store earns money even if your customers are not physically present in your Internet café or convenience store. Isn’t that amazing?

With River Play-at-Home, your customers and players who used to play in your sweepstakes stores and arcades can simply head to their mobile devices to play your games (provided they install the River mobile app) when they do not have the luxury of being present in your store. This technology integrates a single-player account created either in your store or via your mobile device.

Aside from its compatibility with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, the River Play-at-Home solution also comes with a comprehensive point of sale (POS) system that includes cashier management, jackpot and bonuses management, reports, and so much more. Everything is secure, reliable, and compatible with PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

Thus, River Play-at-Home creates new opportunities and choices for your customers, which translates to additional revenues and an enhanced relationship with them. Let them play while you make money, even when your stores are closed.

How It Works

So, how does River Play-at-Home work? A question in your mind, right?

River Play-at-Home allows your business to make money 24/7. As opposed to launching the games via the systems inside your store, this solution makes it possible to launch Riverslot games from mobile devices via the River App. This way, your customers can buy credits and play at home even beyond your store’s operating hours.

Your customers can either personally drop by your store or use the app to get a unique 12-digit number that holds information about them and their cash balance. Once loaded with money and your players get the QR code, they can simply scan it and start playing the games from any device connected to the Internet.

If your customer isn’t available to drop by your store for the setup, you can instead use your smartphone as your POS and send the access code and link to the app via email. That is how easy and convenient the River Play-at-Home solution is!


Here are some of the features this solution offers:

  • No huge investment is required
  • You can go live 24 hours
  • Your mobile POS
  • Full remote access to the games and your players’ data
  • Free marketing tools


You and your customers can get access to the following:

  • A library of over 50 games, and new games are released each month
  • The Daily Wheel, your customers, can spin to collect their daily bonus
  • A community jackpot your players can participate in even when they are at home
  • Cashback perks to increase customer loyalty


Today, there are literally several companies that offer sweepstakes software, but perhaps nothing comes close to what Riverslot has in store for business owners. Its River Play-at-Home solution, like what you learned a while ago, is a testament that Riverslot values every entrepreneur wanting to take part in the ever-growing sweepstakes gaming industry and their business interests, putting these in top priority.

What could be better than enabling your business to offer maximum convenience for your customers? They will love it if they can play and win at a time most convenient for them. As you acquire the River Play-at-Home solution, there will be no need for expensive equipment and technicians. Aside from those, Riverslot also provides training absolutely for free and even advertising videos and posters to help you promote your business on a grander scale. What are you waiting for? Talk to Riverslot now.