How Did This SaaS Marketing Agency Triple Leads with PPC? Guest Post

The global SaaS market is projected to grow from $273.55 billion in 2023 to $908.21 billion by 2030 at a staggering CAGR of 18.7% (Fortune Business Insights). Despite this, many SaaS companies still use the “spray-and-pray” approach when it comes to lead generation, customer acquisition, and revenue marketing. This is why lead generation is still the biggest challenge for 61% of marketers (HubSpot). In fact, most mid- or large-size businesses generate around 5,000 or fewer sales-qualified leads monthly. 

To generate high-quality leads in volume, SaaS companies today need market understanding, customized campaigns, and a focused strategy that meets revenue goals. This is where a multi-layered approach to SaaS PPC comes into play, one that Eightburst Marketing has perfected. Eightburst’s expertise lies in understanding the unique requirements of your SaaS business and optimizing, overseeing, and scaling your ads to ensure each ad dollar contributes towards maximum brand ROI.

What Does Eightburst Offer?

Eightburst is a , co-founded by Aju Neeraj and Gaurav Sharma in 2023 to set a new standard for SaaS marketing by replacing traditional methodologies with innovative strategies.

When it comes to PPC, “our strategies are designed in a way to fast-track hyper growth for your business and amplify your SaaS advertising results with a 4x increase in ROAS,” says Aju Neeraj, Co-Founder & CEO, Eightburst.

Core Philosophy — The T2D3 Playbook

Eightburst’s core principle is based on the T2D3 Playbook of tripling your SaaS revenue over the first two consecutive years and doubling it in the next three years.

T2D3 is the backbone of our strategic planning, tailored to fit individual client needs and lead to fast yet sustainable growth,” adds Gaurav Sharma, Co-Founder & CFO, EightBurst. 

How Can Eightburst’s PPC Expertise Transform Your SaaS Success?

Elevate Your Brand Value: Eightburst excels in PPC ad placements ensuring you capture high-intent users effectively and maximize visibility.

Well-Crafted Ad Copy: Our copy experts showcase your SaaS product’s USP in the best light, positioning you apart as the industry’s go-to solution.

Commitment to Consistent Growth: Eightburst delivers consistent monthly traffic growth to triple your ad revenue by targeting prospects most likely to benefit from your SaaS offerings.

Establish Market Authority: Our team develops ad content to support your entire customer journey, from awareness to consideration and decision, and drives SQLs to your offerings to maximize ROI.

High-Quality Lead Generation: Eightburst’s laser-focused PPC campaigns attract both high-quality sales-qualified and marketing-qualified leads, amplifying your conversion potential 

Conversion Optimization: Our team strives to optimize the entire user journey, using data analytics to convert your site visitors into recurring customers.

The Eightburst Team

Eightburst is an industry-leading SaaS PPC agency owing to its diverse team, hailing from top global organizations and combining strong marketing expertise with an entrepreneurial spirit. 

They have deep specialization in SaaS PPC strategies and cutting-edge PPC best practices and work with a singular focus on optimizing your PPC campaigns with diverse campaign management techniques that generate maximum ROI.

How Does Eightburst Ensure the Creation of Winning PPC Campaigns?

Free Audit for the Foundation: Eightburst first thoroughly examines your SaaS environment, learning about business objectives and performing an exhaustive market analysis. This serves as the cornerstone of our data-driven approach.

Discovering Growth Opportunities: Using exhaustive keyword research and in-depth market analysis, the team identifies hidden growth opportunities to tap into for your PPC campaigns.

Targeted PPC Strategy: Eightburst then designs laser-focused PPC campaigns based on a clear and impactful strategy that can drive the best possible ROAS for your unique brand message in a consistent manner.

Perfect Ad Copies: Our experienced digital marketing team strategically curates ad copies and landing pages going forward that can create lasting impressions, in turn converting visitors to customers.

Transparent Communications: Unlike other SaaS agencies, Eightburst believes in keeping you in the loop and provides transparent and detailed reports showcasing campaign progress, performance metrics, and actionable insights, to that end.

Ongoing Monitoring and Adaptation: The Eightburst team is committed to results and continually monitors every PPC campaign to gather and analyze KPIs such as conversion rates and CPA. In case a campaign is not performing well, we optimize it to achieve the desired results.

Talk PPC Strategy with Eightburst!

In the ever-evolving SaaS industry, Eightburst emphasizes on brand visibility by focusing on deep customer engagement to drive high-quality lead generation and sustainable revenue growth. With our precision PPC solutions, you can supercharge your SaaS and unlock unprecedented growth for your SaaS business with targeted advertising.

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