Top 7 Unexpected Challenges of Office Relocation in London and How to Tackle Them

Are you moving your office already? Relocating an office can be a wonderful opportunity for businesses to grow, but it can be challenging. It becomes crucial for business owners to understand the factors that make relocation a challenge in London. The vibrant city poses unique obstacles which require proper planning, including the choice of office relocation specialists. Here are the top 7 challenges of an and ways to tackle them.

  1. Finding a Suitable Office Space 

Many businesses prefer to be located in central London due to its proximity to financial institutions and ease of transportation. However, due to the high demand and limited space, the cost of the space may rise. Finding large and flexible office spaces is another challenge which affects the layout and functionality.

How to tackle this?

Start searching for the office space well in advance to understand the availability and pricing structure. Explore adjacent areas that may offer suitable options within budget. Assess the place to see if it needs any improvements. Choose a convenient place for the telephone, wifi and electrical connections, documents, conference room, decorations, TV, water dispenser, furniture, etc., so employees can easily find them.

  1. Inadequate Planning

Relocation takes time. You should have a proper plan to make a smooth transition to your new office. Failing to do so can result in hasty decisions, poor space planning, confusion among employees, increased costs, hurdles in moving IT infrastructure, delays in setting up utilities, and a lack of coordination with office removalists. It impacts the functionality of the new office.

How to tackle this?

Inform your employees about the move beforehand and assign them responsibilities to involve them in the process. Make a complete list of all the office resources to keep track of them. Work with IT professionals to develop a plan for moving servers, equipment and data. Start contacting professional office removalists to have an idea of their process, duration and budget.

  1. Communication Breakdowns 

Moving your office requires open communication between you and all your employees, business partners, clients, service providers, and office removalists. Failing to communicate with any of them results in misunderstandings, insufficient employee engagement, disruptions in technology and connectivity, delays, and last-minute changes, which might be quite stressful.

How to tackle this?

Keep everyone in the loop who will be affected by the move. Inform them of expected changes and any impact on the business operations. Use all the communication channels such as SMS, voicemail, email, newsletters, bulletin boards and team meetings. Engage employees in the process to develop a sense of involvement. Offer support to address any technical issues. You can also consider hiring a project manager to handle the communication part.

  1. Employee Concerns

Your employees are one of the most valuable resources to your company. Some might be unhappy with the relocation if it’s a new city. After all, an office relocation changes not only the workplace’s location but also the employees’ daily schedules and work-life balance. They may not have the required transportation to commute to the new location or might have family-related concerns, such as the effect on their children’s schooling or their partner’s work.

How to tackle this?

Talk to your employees about their concerns, explain the reasons behind the move, and allow them to express their opinions and ask questions. You can arrange a staff vehicle to ease their commutation or arrange transportation if they need to relocate with their families. Inform them about the local amenities, schools and community services. You can also increase their salaries to make compensation for the travel.

  1. Cost and Budgeting

Office relocations aren’t cheap in London. The expenses include new office space, new equipment, potential renovations, IT infrastructure upgrades, moving services and any unforeseen expenses. Failing to plan on this can make you run out of money or spend more than expected.

How to tackle this?

Have a clear budget outline to avoid last-minute surprises. Consider the cost associated with renting or buying the office property outright. Explore alternative locations that offer more affordable and suitable space. Reserve some funds for unforeseen expenses. Choose a trustworthy commercial moving company after checking out multiple movers. Evaluate their ratings, reviews, work process and office moving costs carefully.

  1. Disruptions to Productivity

Office relocation involves downtime. The packing, moving, and set-up process will take at least two days, during which productivity losses are unavoidable. Also, relocating IT systems, including computers, servers, and networks, will cause disruptions to digital services.

How to tackle this?

Create a detailed relocation plan of the timelines and inform the employees about their responsibilities and tasks so that they adjust their workflow accordingly. You can make use of the weekends to minimise productivity loss. But see if the moving company charges extra for the weekend shift due to high demand. Office relocation specialists, Arnold & Self, don’t charge extra for relocations on weekends or after working hours.

  1. Risk of Damage to Office Resources

London’s traffic and limited parking issues can cause delays and accidents during transportation. Office equipment like furniture, electronics and other assets can get damaged if not handled with care. The risk of theft can’t be overlooked either.

How to tackle this?

Hire a commercial moving company with expertise in handling London relocations. Also, they take great care while packing delicate items. Plan to move during off-peak hours to avoid heavy traffic and reduce the risk of accidents. Go for reliable office removalists who do a background check before hiring their staff to avoid the risk of theft. See if the movers provide insurance coverage. Obtain the necessary parking and loading permits.

Make Your Move Easier with Arnold & Self

Office relocation is a challenging task, and even a little mistake can significantly affect your company’s operations. Ensure that all the above-listed challenges are met smoothly by hiring experienced office removalists from Arnold and Self.

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