Vid Monopoly Review OTO – Price & OTOs + Exclusive 5,000 Bonuses + Bundle Guest Post

Imagine a world where AI is your ally, not your enemy. Where you’re not grinding day in, day out, creating videos one by one. Where you’re not writing scripts, recording, and editing till your eyes bleed.

Imagine creating 100s of viral shorts and reels using just ONE KEYWORD in minutes.

A world where you’re not a slave to the system, you’re its master.

Sounds like a dream? Well, it’s about to become your reality.

This unique AI tool VidMonopoly is here to level the playing field. No more shadow bans, no more begging for views and subscribers. Just domination.

It’s time for you to step up, seize control and dominate every short form video platform.

👉 Generate endless video content – Say goodbye to the burnout of creating one video at a time.

👉 Outsmart the AI algorithms – No more shadow bans, no more being overlooked.

👉 Go viral effortlessly – Pull in millions of views, subscribers, and commissions.


Thanks to Yogesh Agarwal, I get the results I wanted

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Product name VidMonopoly
Vendor Yogesh Agarwal
Front-end price $17
Release Date 2024-Jan-25
Release Time 10:00 EST
Niche Affiliate Marketing
Recommended Very High
Skill levels needed No need any skills
Support Effective Response
Bonuses Mega 5,000 Bonuses Value At $2,976,749
Refund 30 Day Money Back Guarantee  


VidMonopoly is the 1st-ever ultimate A.I. app that creates 100s of viral shorts and reels in just minutes, all at once using one keyword and pull in millions of views, subscribers & sales.


VidMonopoly FE: VidMonopoly

VidMonopoly OTO 1: VidMonopoly Pro

VidMonopoly OTO 2: VidMonopoly DFY

VidMonopoly OTO 3: VidMonopoly Audio Avatar

VidMonopoly OTO 4: VidMonopoly Multi Marketer

VidMonopoly OTO 5: VidMonopoly ChatGPT

VidMonopoly OTO 6: VidMonopoly Reseller

VidMonopoly OTO 7: VidMonopoly DFY ProfitPack



Yogesh Agarwal is the vendor behind VidMonopoly.

He used to work with Tom and Gaurab in EasyRankrRanksnap 3.0Madsense RevampedSwypioWebinarkitDropBlogrMadsense Revolution, etc.

Yogesh runs his own software enterprise that produced VisuaLabTraffic 100kVoice Buddy1st Page RankerPropelStocksEasiest Commission EverVidShortzPointRank 2.0VSuitePropel, etc.

Let’s see what’s inside his launch here in my VidMonopoly Review.


Here’s everything about VidMonopoly:


There is no need for you to install anything. Just sign up and you can access our software from anywhere on earth, as long as there is an internet connection available you are good to go!


Get 3 different modes to create diverse, unique and attractive videos with VidMonopoly. You get complete flexibility to create videos as you want.

​​Easy Mode – This mode is perfect for beginners with no technical skills or experience.
​Advanced Mode – For those who want more control over their videos, this mode allows you to customise your scripts, add texts, images, subtitles, CTAs, music, transition effects, and select specific images for your storyline.
​Hyper Mode – This mode is for experienced users who want to take their videos to the next level. It includes all the features of Easy and Advanced modes, plus you can customise & choose different voiceovers for each video.


With just a few keywords and a single click of a mouse, you can create different scripts for your short videos that will keep your viewers entertained and coming back for more. No more struggling with ideas or worrying about the quality of your content.


With VidMonopoly, you don’t have to worry about visuals anymore. Our A.I. engine will create captivating images for all your videos in just minutes! No need to go and individually select images or design graphics – our A.I. will do it all for you!


Choose from over 200 voices in 50+ languages to create high-quality voiceovers for your stories. Our A.I. voice technology ensures that the voices sound natural and engaging, making your videos even more captivating.


With our easy-to-use editor, you can add your own personal touch to each video if you’d like. You can make them unique and more attention-grabbing. Change transitions, add images, videos, backgrounds, music, voiceovers, subtitles to perfectly fit your requirement.


You can add your own logo, branding, and watermark to the videos you create with VidMonopoly. This way you can build your brand while driving traffic to your websites and offers.


You can add powerful call-to-action to your videos that will get people clicking through to your websites and offers.

​Social Media Buttons
​Subscribe Buttons
​Lower Thirds


Choose from a wide range of music tracks that will add an extra layer of entertainment to your videos. Keep your viewers engaged and entertained until the very end with our captivating music options.


It’s proven that 85% of users prefer to watch videos with subtitles. Now you can reach a broader audience with our 1-Click Subtitle Generator. This feature automatically takes the text from your voiceover and turns it into captivating subtitles that can be used on any platform (YouTube, Instagram Reels, Tiktok Facebook & more)


Find viral videos that are already getting a lot of views, and quickly create shorts that you can use to drive traffic to your websites and offers. Save hours of time with our built-in viral video finder.


Get access to our library of 10 million+ royalty free images & videos. These are extremely high quality premium stock which you can use to make your videos look professional.


Easily share your videos on different social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram Reels, Facebook, and more with just one click. This will help you reach a larger audience and get more views, subscribers, and ultimately more revenue.


Easily export your videos in different aspect ratios and qualities for various social media platforms. This feature ensures that your videos will look perfect on any platform, increasing the chances of them going viral.







Start earning a comfortable living from home with VidMonopoly immediately.


With VidMonopoly, you can create and publish 100s even 1000s of captivating shorts and reels in any niche, on every short form platform including YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, TikTok & Facebook. This is the ONLY software in the world that can do this for you!


Both Instagram & YouTube are investing huge money to promote shorts and reels on their platforms. This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take advantage of this trend and drive FREE traffic to your websites and offers.


With VidMonopoly‘s A.I. technology, creating high-quality videos has never been easier. You don’t have to worry about coming up with content ideas or spending hours designing graphics – our app does it all for you in just minutes.


Say goodbye to expensive video creation tools and complicated editing software. With VidMonopoly, you have everything you need to create professional-looking videos with just a few clicks. Plus, our built-in viral video finder saves you hours of time searching for viral content.


With the ability to create 100s of videos in minutes, along with our Viral accelerator method you can quickly drive traffic to your websites and offers. VidMonopoly‘s social sharing feature also makes it easy to share your videos on multiple platforms for even more exposure and views.


Capitalise on the latest trends by creating shorts and reels around popular topics. VidMonopoly‘s viral video finder makes it easy to find trending content, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition and attract a larger audience.


VidMonopoly is designed with the struggling marketer and content creator in mind. Our user-friendly interface and simple navigation make it easy for anyone to create high-quality short videos that will stand out on any platform. No technical skills or experience needed!


With VidMonopoly, you have all the tools you need to turn your videos into a profitable business. From driving traffic and generating leads, to increasing brand awareness and making sales, Vid Monopoly will help you achieve your video marketing goals and generate revenue.


We don’t just give you a product and walk away. We do our best to keep improving the product. We will continue to release new features and updates for free into the future!


Our team is always available to help. Whether you need help finding the perfect image or video or have a question about any of our products, we’re here to assist you.


Generally, VidMonopoly is a MUST-HAVE item for:

♦ Affiliate Marketers

♦ Marketers

♦ Com + Amazon

♦ Freelancers

♦ Website Owners

♦ Social Media Marketers

♦ Local businesses

♦ Any other kinds of online business



✅ Effortlessly Dominate Every Short Form Video Platform – YouTube, Instagram, FB, TikTok, Linkedin, and more.

✅ ​Ride the Trend, Enjoy FREE Traffic: Instagram, and YouTube are pushing short-form videos – ride the wave and enjoy free, organic traffic to your offers.

✅ ​Say Goodbye to Content Struggles: No more burnouts trying to brainstorm content ideas – let our AI do all the heavy lifting for you.

✅ ​No Need To Be On Camera, No Voice, No Complex Video Editing Skills Needed.

✅ ​Save Time, Money, and Effort: Replace expensive tools and tedious processes, and save tons of time, money, effort & resources.

✅ ​Instant Exposure, Instant Traffic: With 100s of videos created & Viral accelerator method, magnetize traffic to your site instantly.

✅ ​Stay Ahead of the Competition: Capitalise on the latest trends by creating 100s of videos around popular topics.​

✅ ​Newbie-Friendly and Simple: It’s simple, user-friendly, and requires no technical skills.

✅ ​Unlimited Potential: Works In Any Niche, Any Offer. It’s Fully Scalable & Repeatable.​

✅ ​Low 1-time Price During Launch Period

✅ ​Commercial Licence Allowing You To Re-sell These Videos For High Profits!

✅ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


❌ No Cons Found.


VidMonopoly has 1 Front-end & 7 OTOs:


  • ​3 Different Modes To Create Engaging, Profitable Short Form Videos Quickly
  • ​Create Captivating Scripts For All Videos In 1-Click At Once​​
  • ​Effortlessly Create Mesmerising A.I. Images For All Your Shorts & Reels At Once
  • ​Bring Your Videos To Life With Human Like Voice Overs
  • ​Fully-Fledged Yet SIMPLE Editor To Customize Your Videos If You Want!​
  • ​Customize Your Branding
  • ​Add INCREDIBLE Call-To-Actions (CTAs) That Get People Clicking!
  • ​Captivating Music For Your Videos That Will Keep Your Viewers Glued Till The End
  • ​Reach A Broader Audience With 1-Click Subtitle Generator
  • ​Viral Shorts Finder
  • ​10 Million+ In-built Premium Stock Images & Videos
  • ​1-Click Social Sharing To Gain More Exposure And Views
  • ​Export Your Videos In Different Aspect Ratios & Quality
  • ​Fast Action Bonus #1 – UNLIMITED COMMERCIAL LICENCE (During Launch Period Only) (Value $297)
  • ​Fast Action Bonus #2 – LIVE Webclass (Value $297)​​​
  • ​Fast Action Bonus #3 – Traffic On Demand CheatSheet (Value $17)
  • ​Fast Action Bonus #4 – 100 YouTube Shorts Channels List To SPY & Take Inspiration (Value $67)​
  • ​Fast Action Bonus #5 – The Unshakeable Super Affiliate (Value $297)
  • ​Fast Action Bonus #6 – Become A Successful Social Media Influencer (Value $197)
  • ​Fast Action Bonus #7 – TikTok Marketing Checklist (Value $97)
  • ​Fast Action Bonus #8 – Free Instagram Traffic (Value $97)
  • ​Fast Action Bonus #9 – Easy Video Strategies (Value $97)
  • ​Fast Action Bonus #10 – 100X Youtube Advertising (Value $67)



Upgrade To VidMonopoly Pro And.. 4X YOUR TRAFFIC & EARNINGS Potential Without Extra Work, Just Extra Features!

In Just 1-Click Remove ALL Limitations, Conquer Other Niches, Build Massive Social Lists, Activate DFY Commissions & Succeed 10x Faster With Our Powerful PRO Features!

  • Create UNLIMITED AI Kids Stories Every Month
  • UNLIMITED Background Removal, AI Art Generator & Voiceovers
  • UNLIMITED Custom Video Creator To Create Videos In Any Niche
  • UNLOCK Image & 4k Video Upscaler To Make Your Videos Stand Out
  • 4x Your Traffic & Income Potential With The Pro Version.
  • 1-Click Social Lead Generation System
  • DFY Email Campaigns To Profit Instantly
  • Get Access To Our PRIVATE & Advanced Traffic Strategies
  • FAST ACTION BONUS #1 – Audience Amplifier
  • FAST ACTION BONUS #2 – 100+ Viral Video Quotes
  • COMMERCIAL LICENCE Included For PRO Features
  • NO MONTHLY FEES – One-Time Payment During Launch Period
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

VidMonopoly PRO Contains Everything You Need To SCALE And Get NEXT-level results In NO TIME.

We’re introducing many extra features that make sure you get better results without any extra effort or work put in.

While there are many features we’re adding, I’ve brought them down into 6 main advantages, that you instantly get after upgrading.

Create Unlimited AI Kids Stories Every Month

With the regular version, you can create 300 kids stories monthly, which is more than enough for most businesses and marketers to get amazing results. But if you want to create multiple channels, tap into other languages, or simply want to scale your traffic and profits even more, then the PRO upgrade is for you. The Pro version allows unlimited monthly creations, ensuring you never run out of content ideas.

Unlimited Background Removal, AI Art Generator & Voiceovers

With the Pro Version, you will get UNLIMITED access to our Background Removal Tool, AI Art Generator & Voiceovers. If you’re really serious about your online business and want to take it to the next level, then you need UNLIMITED resources. You don’t want to get stuck or pay more in the future for more resources.

UNLIMITED Custom Video Creator To Create Videos In Any Niche

With the Custom Video Creator, you can create videos in ANY niche – not just kids stories! This means you can tap into other niches and expand your reach to new audiences. You’ll have endless possibilities to make profits with our powerful A.I. technology. You can create video ads, promotional videos, tutorials and more!

UNLOCK Image & 4k Video Upscaler To Make Your Videos Stand Out

Stand out from the crowd with high-quality images and videos. With the Image & 4k Video Upscaler feature, you can enhance your videos and make them even more engaging and eye-catching. This will attract more views, likes, shares and ultimately increase your traffic, subscribers, and profits.

Accelerate Your Profits Using Our 1-Click Social Lead Generation System

Our 1-Click Social Lead Generation System is perfect for anyone who wants to accelerate their profits in the shortest time possible. This feature allows you to collect leads directly from your videos on any platform (YouTube, Instagram Reels, Facebook, etc) and add them to your email list automatically.

DFY Email Campaigns To Profit Instantly

The Pro Version comes with DFY Email Campaigns that you can start using right away. These campaigns are already set up and proven to convert, so all you have to do is copy & paste them into your own Autoresponder account and watch the profits roll in.


Learn how marketing Pros get traffic. These are some of our “Best-Kept” traffic strategies that we have been using for the past 5 years to generate the Highest Quality “BUYER TRAFFIC” online.

And as our PRO customers, we want to share them with you so you can copy our exact strategies and succeed faster with them.

*WARNING – You should be willing to put in some work and effort to make these work, these traffic methods are out of reach for most marketers and they have no idea how to utilise them effectively.

But that’s also the reason why they are so powerful and profitable, and you’ll know exactly how to leverage them to your advantage.

HUGE FAST ACTION BONUS #1 Audience Amplifier

Find out how you can unlock the potential of content repurposing for organic visibility—quickly!

Learn how to repurpose content to increase engagement and strengthen your authority in your niche! How repurposing content drives traffic and enhances your overall content strategy!

Master the art of transforming your content into various formats and platforms, boosting your content’s reach and impact!

HUGE FAST ACTION BONUS #2 100+ Viral Video Quotes

Grab 100+ Motivational ‘MOTION’ Videos & Posters Capable of Generating ‘VIRAL Traffic From Any Network PLUS an awesome DFY Reseller Kit allowing you to COPY and PASTE your way to Profiting with this Monster Package Right Away!




Professionally & Correctly! Skip All Trial & Error, Hard Work, Effort & Make $300-$500/Day!
We’ll Create HIGH-QUALITY ANIMATED KIDS Story Videos For You To Post, Profit & Gain Millions Of Views WITHOUT You Lifting A Finger!

  • No more struggling to come up with ideas or creating videos from scratch.
  • ​Save time and effort by letting our experts handle the creation process for you.
  • ​Have high-quality, engaging videos that will attract millions of views and subscribers in no time.
  • ​Monetize your videos and make profits quickly and easily.
  • ​Get a competitive edge in the ever-growing animated kids’ stories market.

20 High-Quality Animated Kids Story Videos.

We’ll create 20 awe-inspiring, creative kids’ stories for you that are sure to grab the attention of your target audience and keep them engaged.

Professional Script Writing

Our team of experts will come up with compelling, creative storylines that will keep your audience hooked from beginning to end.

High-Quality Images For Your Stories

Our experienced team will incorporate high-quality images and animations into each video. These visuals will not only enhance the storytelling but also captivate your young audience.

Professional Voiceover & Narration

Each video will have professional voiceovers and narrations that are sure to grab the attention of your audience and keep them engaged throughout the entire story.

Music & Sound Effects

To make your videos even more engaging and entertaining, we’ll include background music and sound effects that perfectly match the storyline.

Seamless Video Transition

Our team will ensure that each video has a smooth and cohesive transition between scenes, making the viewing experience more enjoyable.

Engaging Subtitles & Captions

We’ll also include subtitles and captions in each video, making it easier for kids to follow along and understand the story.

Personalized Logo & Branding

We’ll add your personalized logo, intro, outro, and branding to each video, giving your brand more visibility and recognition.

VIP 1-On-1 Support & Training

You’ll get access to VIP support and training from our team, ensuring you have all the resources and guidance you need to make the most out of your videos.

Commercial Rights Included

With our DONE-FOR-YOU Upgrade, you’ll have full commercial rights to all 20 videos. You can use them for any purpose and monetize them in any way you see fit.


We’ll Add Our Exclusive “Viral Traffic Training” To Your Members Area!
You’ll learn how to turn your viral campaigns into an UNSTOPPABLE force sweeping your niche like an out-of-control tornado. Get ready to create the biggest viral campaign your niche has ever seen, and get an avalanche of targeted traffic flowing to your website on autopilot!


You’ll Also Get Our “Commission Crushing Super Secrets” Training!
You’ll learn all the “super secrets” we and all the top affiliates use to make thousands of dollars per week. This strategy is so powerful that it can instantly transform you into the most feared super affiliate in your niche. Start cashing commission checks like the SUPER AFFILIATES.



[Insane Hack] Unique A.I. App Makes Us $635/Day CLONING OUR VOICE IN SECONDS & Exploiting A “UNKNOWN” Marketing Secret WITHOUT Any Skills, Budget Or Ever Speaking!
Clone & Create Human-Like A.I. Voices For All Your Marketing Content. Let Your Voice Reach Millions, Connect, Engage & Skyrocket Your Sales!

  • Get The 1st Mover Advantage & Dominate: Let others struggle with manual recording while you stay ahead and create unlimited unique voices effortlessly.
  • ​Personalize Your Brand: Connect and build trust with your audience using your OWN VOICE or unique AI voices.
  • ​Skyrocket Your Conversions: Enhance your marketing content with real, human-like voices to boost conversions and sales.
  • ​Expand Your Reach: Create 3-10x more content easily and reach a wider audience across various niches.
  • ​Save Time, Money & Effort: No more expensive voiceover fees or time-consuming recording sessions.
  • ​User-Friendly Platform: No technical skills required, just choose a voice, add text, and generate.
  • ​Tap Into Unknown And Break Barriers: Reach new markets and niches with AI voices in any or niche.
  • ​Low 1-time Price During Launch Period Only
  • ​FREE Commercial Licence to sell or use on all your client projects and keep 100% of the profits.

Imagine a world where every piece of your content is enhanced by YOUR OWN VOICE. Isn’t that exciting?

Think about it. You, standing out. Your voice, is amplified. Your personality, shining through every word. No more blending in with the crowd. No more sounding like everyone else.

What if you can create REALISTIC & AUTHENTIC voiceovers for all your marketing content, social media, ads, videos, podcasts – in just a few clicks?

Voiceovers that sounds just like you, because they ARE you.

Selling Non-Stop! Faster, Easier & 10x More Effective!

“Introducing The World’s First A.I. Voice Cloning Platform Built For Marketers”
Clone Your Voice Or Create Custom, Unique AI Voices In Seconds, Making Your Marketing Content More Engaging, Authentic, And Human.

​Clone Yourself & Multiply Your Presence for Unlimited Traffic & Sales.​
​Emotion-Driven Voices That Moves Your Audience To Take Action And Buy Your Offers
​Realistic AI Voices That Upgrades Your Content & Captivate Your Audience
​Advanced AI Technology & Customization Options Like Pitch, Speed, Break, Say As, Emphasis etc.
​Effortlessly Turn Your Audio into Beautifully Crafted Videos to Attract More Viewers & Buyers.
​Create Persuasive Video Sales Letters or any content In Just 1-Click.​
​Elevate Your Content & Enhance Your Brand with Customized Background Audio & Music.​
​Audio Enchancer – Give Your Content a Professional Touch & Increase Listener Retention.​
​AI Image Generator – Instantly Create Eye-Catching Images for Your Marketing Content.​
​AI Video Creator – Transform Your Ideas Into Engaging Videos Without Any Technical Skills.​
​Merge Audio – Combine Multiple Audio Files Into One Seamless Piece & Save Time.​
​Reach a Global Audience With Multilingual Voiceovers.

​Fast Action Bonus #1 – UNLIMITED COMMERCIAL LICENCE (During Launch Period Only) (Value $297)
​Fast Action Bonus #2 – LIVE Webclass (Value $297)​​​

​Fast Action Bonus #3 – Audio First Marketing (Value $67)
​Fast Action Bonus #4 – Personalised Marketing (Value $67)
​Fast Action Bonus #5 – Storytelling Advantage (Value $67)
​Fast Action Bonus #6 – Unshakeable Super Affiliate (Value $197)
​Fast Action Bonus #7 – FB Traffic Strategies (Value $67)
​Fast Action Bonus #8 – Free Instagram Traffic (Value $67)
​Fast Action Bonus #9 – TikTok Ad Mastery (Value $67)
​Fast Action Bonus #10 – Ultimate USP (Value $67)

100% Cloud Based Software

There is no need for you to install anything. Just sign up and you can access our software from anywhere on earth, as long as there is an internet connection available you are good to go!

Clone Yourself & Multiply Your Presence for Unlimited Traffic & Sales!

With AI AudioAvatar, you can easily clone your own voice or any other voice and use it in all your marketing content. This means you can create more videos, webinars, podcasts and other content in a fraction of the time it would take to record them manually.

Move Your Audience to Take Action With Emotion-Driven Voices!

Our AI Emotion’s voices feature allows you to add emotions like excitement, urgency, or empathy to your voiceovers. This will help you create powerful emotional connections with your audience and persuade them to take any action you want.

Upgrade Your Content & Captivate Your Audience With Realistic AI Voices!

With our latest version of AI voices, you can generate voices that sound just like real humans, making your content more relatable and trustworthy to your audience. This will ultimately result in higher conversions and sales.

Transform Text Into Captivating Audio with Advanced AI Technology & Customization Options!

Our AI Custom TTS feature allows you to easily convert any written text into high-quality audio using advanced Polly and Wavenet technology. You can also customize the voice type, pitch, speed, and more to create the perfect audio for your content.

Effortlessly Turn Your Audio into Beautifully Crafted Videos to Attract More Viewers & Buyers!

With this feature, you can easily merge your audio files with images or videos and create eye-catching content for social media, YouTube, or any other platform. This will help you attract more viewers and potential buyers, resulting in increased traffic and sales.

Create Persuasive Video Sales Letters In 1-Click!

Our VSL Script Generator takes the pain out of writing sales scripts for your videos. With just a few clicks, you can generate high-converting scripts that will help you captivate and convert your audience into paying customers.

Enhance Your Audio & Brand with Customized Background Music!

With this feature, you can easily mix your AI-generated voice with background music to create a branded and professional audio experience for your audience. This will make your content stand out and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Give Your Content a Professional Touch & Increase Listener Retention!

Our Audio Enhancer feature uses advanced algorithms to enhance the quality of your audio files, making them sound professional and polished. This will help you keep your listeners engaged and significantly improve their retention rate.

AI Image Creator Instantly Create Eye-Catching Images for Your Marketing Content!

With our AI Image Creator, you can easily create stunning images for your marketing content without any design skills or expensive software. This will save you time and money while still creating visually appealing content that will catch the attention of potential customers.

AI Video Creator Transform Your Ideas Into Engaging Videos Without Any Skills!

Our AI Video Creator takes the hassle out of video creation and editing. Simply choose your images, add your AI-generated voiceover, and let our software do the rest. This will help you create professional-looking videos in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually.

Combine Multiple Audio Files Into One Seamless Piece & Save Time!

With this feature, you can quickly merge multiple audio files into one cohesive and seamless piece. This is perfect for creating longer podcasts, audiobooks, or any other type of audio content. This way, you can save time and effort while creating longer and more engaging content for your audience.

Create Voiceovers in 13 Languages Reach Global Audience With Multilingual Voiceovers!

With AI AudioAvatar, you can create voiceovers in 13 different languages, making it easy to reach a global audience and expand your marketing efforts. This will open up new opportunities for your business and help you connect with customers from all around the world.

English (en). German (de). Spanish (es), French (fr), Hindi (hin), Italian (it), Japanese (ja), Korean (ko), Polish (pl), Portuguese (pt), Russian (ru), Turkish (tr), Chinese, simplified (zh)… more coming soon.

Get The 1st Mover Advantage & Dominate The Market

While others are still struggling with manually recording and editing their voices, you can quickly create unlimited unique voices for all your projects. Stay ahead of the competition with AI AudioAvatar.

Personalize And Humanize Your Brand With Your Own Voice

Connect with your audience on a personal level by using your own voice or creating unique AI voices that represent your brand’s personality and tone. This will help you build trust and establish a strong brand identity.

Skyrocket Your Conversions And Sales

A real, human-like voice in your marketing content can significantly increase conversions and sales. With AI AudioAvatar, you have the power to create engaging and authentic voices for all your promotional materials.

Easily Create & Sell 10x More In Any Niche

With AI AudioAvatar’s limitless capabilities, you can
create 3-10x more content and reach a wider audience. This means increased traffic, leads, and sales for your business.

Create Custom, Unique AI Voices That Are Indistinguishable From Human Voices

Say goodbye to robotic, monotonous voices that turn off your audience. With AI AudioAvatar, you can create natural-sounding voices that will captivate and engage your audience.

Save Tons Of Time, Money & Effort

No more spending hours recording or hiring expensive voiceover artists. With just a few clicks, you can generate high-quality voices for all your marketing needs.

Easy To Use And User Friendly Platform

Our platform is designed with marketers in mind. You don’t need any technical skills or experience to use AI AudioAvatar. It’s as simple as choosing a voice, adding text, and hitting generate.

Tap Into RARE Markets You Never Could Before

Go and create AI voices for niches and markets that you couldn’t reach before due to time barriers, budget barriers or tech constraints.


We don’t just give you a product and walk away. We do our best to keep improving the product. We will continue to release new features and updates for free into the future!

24X7 Support and 100% Uptime Guaranteed

Our team is always available to help. Whether you need help finding the perfect image or video or have a question about any of our products, we’re here to assist you.

FAST ACTION BONUS #1 Commercial License
(During Launch Period Only)

The commercial license allows you to use our videos in any way you want. This means you can use them for your personal or commercial projects without any restrictions. You call sell videos created with ViralFaces AI to clients for any price you want. You can sell them on Fiverr, Upwork, Warriorforum, anywhere you want.

This Bonus is HIGHLY TIME SENSITIVE, once the launch if over, this offer is gone for ever.

(Value $297)


How To Grow Your Youtube Channel. WorldClass training from one of the Top Youtube Marketer. See How He Generated Exactly $41,973.50 In The Last 30 Days! Learn The Exact System With The Step By Step Training (Even if Your a Beginner)

(Value $297)

FAST ACTION BONUS #3 Audio First Marketing

Learn The Secrets To Using Audio Content To Maximize Your Reach!

Audio-First Marketing can increase brand awareness quickly. Discover the secrets to reaching and engaging your audience like never before! Learn how to create a personal connection with your customers and boost brand loyalty!
(Value $197)

FAST ACTION BONUS #4 Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing works overtime to help you boost engagement and encourage repeat business. Learn how you can implement some of our best strategies, starting today!

Learn all about the different ways you can personalize your campaigns and skyrocket sales—quickly and easily!”
(Value $197)

FAST ACTION BONUS #5 Storytelling Advantage

Discover how storytelling can give you an edge over your competitors!

Find how to craft a compelling story that resonates with your audience and drives them to take action.
Learn how to use storytelling to build trust with your audience and create a lasting connection.
See how to incorporate storytelling into all aspects of your marketing, including website copy, social media, email marketing, and more!
(Value $67)

FAST ACTION BONUS #6 The Unshakeable Super Affiliate

As you start getting traffic with AI Video Tales, use our SECRET affiliate strategies to quickly achieve your 1st $100, $500, and $1000. How to stand out and build a long-term, sustainable, profitable & unshakeable online business with affiliate marketing!
(Value $197)

FAST ACTION BONUS #7 Free Facebook Traffic Strategies

To successfully drive free traffic from Facebook you have to know what works and what doesn’t.

Other marketers have tried driving free traffic from Facebook and failed. You will learn everything that you need to know to use the Facebook platform to generate free traffic.

(Value $67)

FAST ACTION BONUS #8 Free Instagram Traffic

Learn how to use AI VideoTales videos to grow your audience on Instagram. This guide will help you to define your audience, retain them, attract more followers, create an online store, drive traffic to your website, and avoid common mistakes.

(Value $67)

FAST ACTION BONUS #9 TikTok Ad Mastery

Tik Tok Is A Great Way To Connect With Friends And Family, Discover New Trends And Explore Different Cultures. It’s Also A Great Platform For Budding Creators To Showcase Their Talents And Grow Their Fan Base.

This Guide Will Assist You In Learning How TikTok Advertisements Work And How You Can Access Them To Develop A More Effective Marketing Approach.

(Value $67)


You will discover a few examples of winning USPs so you can see what a USP is, and how to create one for yourself.

Your USP is why consumers should do business with you, versus the competition. It’ll also be the reason they keep coming back to your business.

(Value $67)



Our New ChatGPT Based 3-In-1 Email, SMS & Whatsapp Autoresponder Gets Us
95% Opens & Over 1,000+ Clicks DAILY And Write ALL Our Profitable Emails & Messages In Just 1 Click.
Upload, Collect & Send UNLIMITED Emails, WhatsApp Messages & SMS Messages To UNLIMITED Leads For A TINY One Time Fee – Affiliate Friendly!

  • Dominate your market & get up to 95% open rates across all channels.
  • Be one of the 1st to use ChatGPT-Powered autoresponder & achieve success faster than anyone else.
  • Upload Unlimited contacts, send Unlimited email, sms, Whatsapp broadcasts.
  • Affiliate-friendly platform – get full control, no bans, no restrictions
  • Intelligent AI Chatbot That Writes Unique, High-Converting Emails, Texts & Messages In Seconds!
  • NEVER SEEN BEOFRE – Capture leads for Email, SMS & Whatsapp with our 3-In-1 Auto Opt in Tech all at once.
  • Save tons of time on writing emails, managing different dashboards, and tracking results.
  • Save THOUSANDS of dollars​on MONTHLY Autoresponders & Copywriters
  • Low 1-time price during the launch period

UNLOCK The Power Of AI-Powered Multi-Channel Autoresponder And DOMINATE Your Market With UNLIMITED Reach Across Email, SMS & WhatsApp – All From A Single Dashboard!

The World’s 1st ChatGPT-Powered Multi-Channel Autoresponder
That Combines The POWER Of Email, SMS & WhatsApp To SKYROCKET Your
Reach, Sales & Profits!

Plus, Our Intelligent AI Writes All Your Emails, SMS Messages, Whatsapp Messages In Seconds Without Having To Manually Write Them Yourself.

Send UNLIMITED Email, SMS, Whatsapp Messages Every Month!

With AI MultiMarketer, you can send unlimited Emails, SMS messages & WhatsApp messages to all your customers & subscribers. You will never have to worry about limited reach & restrictions ever again. Get your messages delivered to an unlimited number of customers & subscribers.

Upload UNLIMITED Contacts And Broadcast To Them Instantly

Create your contacts list, upload it, and start messaging your prospects and customers across multiple channels within minutes. This makes setting up campaigns a breeze!

Schedule Your Messages & Emails For Any Time In The Future

You can also schedule your messages & emails to go out at a specific time, so that you don’t have to worry about sending them manually. This helps in increasing your reach and saves a ton of time!

NEVER SEEN BEFORE – Capture Leads With Our 3-In-1 Opt-In Auto Tech

Capture new leads and build your list with our 3-in-1 opt-in technology. You can collect leads from emails, SMS & WhatsApp with a single opt-in form. So you can create lists for Email, SMS & Whatsapp all at once from the same form! This makes collecting leads a breeze and helps you increase your reach drastically!

Create UNLIMITED Campaigns & Messages

You can now create UNLIMITED campaigns & messages with AI MultiMarketer, across multiple channels – Email, SMS & WhatsApp. All you need to do is choose your template, fill in the information and you are good to go!

Intelligent AI Chatbot That Writes Unique, High-Converting Messages In Seconds

Don’t have time to manually write messages? Not to worry! With our intelligent AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT3, you can create unique, high-converting messages in just seconds. This ensures that your messages are perfectly tailored to your audience and increases conversions!

Automatically REPLY To All Your Messages & Emails Without Any Manual Intervention

Never worry about manually replying to messages & emails again. With AI MultiMarketer, you can configure it to automatically respond to all incoming messages & emails without any manual intervention. So you can save time and focus on other important tasks!

Get DONE FOR YOU Templates & ChatGPT Prompts To Start Right Away!

Confused about what to write or how to create templates? Don’t worry, we have you covered! You can get access to Done-For-You templates and ChatGPT Prompts that are proven to work. So you can start engaging with your customers & subscribers right away!

Save Your High Converting Emails, SMS & Whatsapp As Templates – Use Your Messages Across Multiple Campaigns

You can also save your messages & emails as templates and reuse them across multiple campaigns. This helps you to stay consistent with your messaging, while saving time and effort. If you find a good-performing, high-converting message, you can reuse it across multiple campaigns and get better results!

Add Free SMTP Accounts With Multiple Providers – No More Restrictions & Limitations

You can add unlimited Free SMTP accounts with multiple providers for a seamless emailing experience. Which means you don’t have to pay for SMTP accounts or worry about any restrictions or limitations. Follow our simple setup process, and you are ready to go!

Track Your Results In Real Time With Insights & Reports

Easily track the performance of your campaigns in real-time with insights & reports. You can see who opened your messages, which messages got more conversions and more! Use this data to improve your messaging and increase conversions.

Download Your Lists & Contacts Anytime With NO Restrictions

You can now download your lists & contacts anytime with NO restrictions. This helps you to keep all your important data secure and accessible, anytime you need it. So you can quickly segment and target your customers with no hassle!

Get Approval To All Our Offers + Done For Your Campaigns

Get approved to all our offers, plus Done For You campaigns that you can instantly monetise your lists. These campaigns have generated thousands of dollars in revenue and now you can use the same campaigns to start generating income too! Just select your campaign, enter the necessary details and you are ready to go!

FAST ACTION BONUS #1 Commercial Licence
(During Launch Period Only)

The commercial licence lets you use AI MultiMarketer campaigns for your clients projects. You can offer your services to clients and make money with no restrictions. Sell your services on freelance sites like Fiverr and make bank!
(Value $297)

FAST ACTION BONUS #2 5 Done-For-You Campaigns
(During Launch Period Only)

We will give you 5 done-for-you campaigns that have been tested over time and have generated amazing results. You can use them as a starting point and edit them as needed. This will save you tons of time and help get over any mental block in creating your campaigns.
(Value $97)

FAST ACTION BONUS #3 100 ChatGPT Prompts

Here are 100+ prompts to help you in various aspects of marketing and ace the marketing game with ChatGPT.
You can write email sequences, cold emails, newsletters and launch your email campaign in minutes with the help of tools like ChatGPT.
(Value $97)



Instantly 10x Your Results & Sales By UNLOCKING The HIDDEN Power Of ChatGPT..

Steal Our PRIVATE Templates, Strategies & Training That’ll CRUSH Any Competition!
Create Instant Copy For Reels, Videos, Emails, Headlines, Sales Letters, Presentations, Scripts, Blog Posts & More!

Create High-Converting, Persuasive & Purpose Driven Copy & Content WITHOUT Being A CopyWriter In Seconds!

“What If You Can Create Killer Content For REELS & All Your Marketing Needs In JUST SECONDS Without Being A Copywriter Or Outsourcing?”
I am sure you must have heard about how ChatGPT has taken the world by storm, but there is a lot of misinformation about it, and there are currently hundreds of millions of people trying to FIGURE OUT HOW TO USE IT.

However, for the past 3 months we have been extensively researching and testing ChatGPT, using every trick in the book to truly unlock its true potential.

We developed our own ChatGPT proprietary templates, style, strategies that help us generate high-converting copy that we have been using to create 10x content, 10x faster while saving tons of time and headache.

“How Would You Like To Steal Our PROVEN, Step-By-Step Method & ChatGPT Templates To 10X Your Sales & Crush The Competition!”

We have compiled all our proprietary strategies, techniques and knowledge into this VidMonopoly ChatGPT Upgrade.

This will save you MONTHS of research and trial-and-error, as you can easily replicate our results without having to go through all the pain and frustration. You’ll be instantly armed with everything you need to write and generate 100% unique, high-converting content.

You’ll become a master at ChatGPT and you’ll be able to generate content like a PRO in just seconds – even better than most copywriters out there.

Step-By-Step ChatGPT Video Training

An in-depth video course which will show you EXACTLY how to use ChatGPT for all your marketing needs. From setting up correctly, writing emails, headlines, sales scripts & much more! This is based on our own testing and strategies.

Here’s what you’ll learn exactly:
Video 1: Introduction to ChatGPT
Video 2: ChatGPT Conversation Conventions
Video 3: Google Talk To Books
Video 4: ChatGPT Workaround for Up To Date Statistical Information
Video 5: Choosing a Sales Letter Framework
Video 6: ChatGPT – Ask for Image Prompts
Video 7: Canva Text to Image for ChatGPT Sales Presentation
Video 8: Use ChatGPT to Write Headlines and Sub Headlines
Video 9: ChatGPT Thank You Page Script
Video 10: Launch E-Mails to Customers
Video 11: ChatGPT Launch E-Mails to Affiliates
Video 12: ChatGPT Script for a Sales Video
Video 13: AI with PowerPoint Presentation Coach
Video 14: AI with PowerPoint -Design and Accessibility
Video 15: ChatGPT – Write a Welcome E-Mail
Video 16: ChatGPT Suggests a Layout and Order for the Sales Page
Video 17: ChatGPT Suggests Colors and Background For the Sales Page Layout
Video 18: ChatGPT Earnings Disclaimers
Video 19: ChatGPT Creates the Copy for the Opt-In Page
Video 20: ChatGPT – Creates the Opt-In E-Mail with Sales Message

Proprietary Templates: 40+ Of Our Proprietary

Discover 40 innovative methods for crafting the perfect writing style with ChatGPT.

From providing specific details and context to using templates and giving feedback, these techniques will help you generate more accurate and useful responses from ChatGPT and take your writing to the next level.

Our Secret ‘Copywriter On Call’ ChatGPT Prompt!

Our secret ‘Copywriter On Call’ ChatGPT prompt you can use to transform this language model into your own personal copywriter, on call 24/7 and ready to create high-converting copy, ads, headlines and calls to action for you whenever you need them.

Our ‘Doctor Conversion’ ChatGPT Prompt!

You’ll also get our ‘Doctor Conversion’ ChatGPT prompt that turns the bot into sales conversion and website optimization expert that’s eager to critique your copy or answer your questions about improving and optimizing your conversion rates on landing pages, sales pages, ad campaigns, sales funnels, emails and more.

Create Content 10X Faster & 10X Easier

You’ll be able to save tons of time and money you’d usually spend on hiring copywriters. You can let the bot do all the work for you and get your content done in record time.

While your competitors are still struggling with copywriters and doing it the hard way, you’ll have already won the race!

Skyrocket Your Productivity & Generate NEW Ideas

Unleash the power of your creativity and imagination with the help of ChatGPT great for brainstorming new ideas for marketing campaigns, email promotions, offers, and even new products.

Instantly Boost Your Sales & Conversions!

Create a wide range of writing styles, from formal and professional to casual and creative, and allow you to tailor messages for every audience. It will help you craft messages that’ll compel people to take action and buy from you, resulting in more sales, leads, and revenue!

HUGE FAST ACTION BONUS #1 AI For Entrepreneurs

The Technology Industry Has Fallen In Love With Artificial Intelligence, Also Known As AI.

In This Special Report You Will Learn How To Successfully Build, Grow And Expand Your Business Using Artificial Intelligence.

Topics Covered:
​What AI Can Do for You
​How to Incorporate AI into Your Business
​How to Get Started Quickly
​Taking Your Business to the Next Level with AI
​3 Tips to Using AI Successfully

HUGE FAST ACTION BONUS #2 Conversational Marketing

Discover the top strategies to maximizing conversion rates through engagement!
​Find out how to easy it is to grow your business with powerful conversational marketing campaigns!
​Discover the top methods of engaging with your visitors that will quickly maximize conversion rates!
​Learn how you can easily target and engage customers at each digital touchpoint!



Become A Certified VidMonopoly RESELLER & KEEP 100% OF THE PROFITS

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  • Your Each Client Will Have Powerful Features Of VidMonopoly + VidMonopoly PRO
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This Is A RARE Opportunity & Tap Into The MASSIVE Demand Of VidMonopoly And Launch A Profitable Reseller TODAY.
By now, you probably know what a massive demand VidMonopoly has.

Because you bought it, because you’ve seen the reviews, the emails, the bonuses, because you are excited to get started.

But the truth is, way beyond this launch, this is an innovative tool, with evergreen demand, amazing tech & with a broad appeal way beyond the make money online niche.

VidMonopoly hasn’t even scratched the surface and it’s already sold over a tens of thousand $$$ in the first few days of it’s launch.

This Is A COMPLETELY DONE FOR YOU Reseller Opportunity Including Traffic.

It’s not just the traffic setup… or the service.

This comes with EVERYTHING we use and spent thousands on creating sales materials, but with your name on it!

We take care of EVERYTHING for just collect the rewards.

Get A Proven High-Quality Product That Sells

With VidMonopoly, you’re getting a proven product that has already sold THOUSANDS of units. Not just that spent over $10,000 of dollars on development, testing, and perfecting this software. Save yourself time, money, and headaches by getting a proven product that sells.

DFY Salespages That We Use With Your Name On Them

The same sales pages you went through on your way here? Now yours, with your name on them. we spent over $2,500 to create them. You save that.

High Converting Sales Video You Can Use

You get the exact same sales video that we use to close sales. Just add your own buy button at the end and you’re good to go! You can use this video on your sales page, or you can run paid traffic to it and make even more sales. We spent over $1,000 to have this video made for us.

Complete Traffic Setup

You will and can use VidMonopoly itself to drive traffic and convert clients for yourself. Most businesses and individuals who have a YouTube account already knows its potential.

They will be amazed to see the powerful features of VidMonopoly and will be quick to buy your service.

Proven To Convert Email Swipes For You To Use

You get our entire sequence of emails that have been battle-tested and proven to convert. Just pop in your autoresponder and watch the sales come in! We have been using these emails to generate sales day in and day out.

(Creating account with your Reseller Panel Takes Less Than 1 Min)

Charge Your Price (Monthly Or 1 Time) And Accept Customers

You have full control over the pricing. We don’t take any royalty, we don’t take any commissions. You can charge them a 1-time fee of $497 or $997 Or you can charge them a monthly recurring price of $97 per month or $197 per month. There are no restrictions.

Fulfil Service By Giving Them VidMonopoly Accounts + We Do Customer Support For You

On top of that, we will continue to serve you by offering amazing product updates and customer support to your buyers, at no additional cost.

Personal Help & Support From Our Team

You’re not going at this alone. We’re here to help you every step of the way. If you have any questions or need help with anything, just reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help. We want to see you succeed!


You can make A LOT OF MONEY providing services to clients, local clients with lots of cash in hand to invest in THEIR BUSINESS growth. Make $500-$5000 each sale.

But how do you find them, how do you send them a message, how do you close the deal? And how do you do it all smoothly, without a phone, without revealing your identity too much, without it being an awkward experience? You’ll learn everything in this video training.”


You get a complete agency site that you can use to showcase your services and start closing deals with clients. Be it selling VidSensation as a service or any other service, this agency site helps you do it. This is a complete turnkey solution that will help you get started immediately and start making money.


You’ll learn how to get traffic for just ONE CENT per click. That’s right, you can get hundreds or even thousands of targeted visitors to your site for just a few bucks. You don’t need any big budget for this, it’s all possible with just a few pennies.

You can sell your services, affiliate offers, or anything else to this targeted traffic and make a killing.



A business that is 100% done for you and is guaranteed to make you money

Claim Your Own Fully-Fledged RESELLER Business That Generates Us OVER 6-FIGURES PER YEAR Just By Giving Away FREE Passes!

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Get Your Hands On A Business That’s Already Working And Proven To Make $1,000,000+ In Sales To Date

Access To The Exact Same Profit-Generating System That We Have Been Using For Years – But Without Having To Do Any Of The Hard Work

Each site is packed with exclusive, in-demand video training, tested and proven to convert premium upgrades & fully supported and maintained by our dedicated support team…

All you have to do is GIVE AWAY free memberships and get paid!

Here’s the deal: We have 10 awesome membership sites and we’re offering you an exclusive ‘RESELLER’ level membership to all of them so you can give access to your visitors/subscribers just as if you built them yourself

We’ve invested over $150,000 researching, creating, and developing the video content and another $100K building, hosting, and managing everything else.

You get the benefits of this $250,000 investment for just pennies on the dollar via the special link at the end of this page.

And the cool thing is you can also use these sites to learn yourself – (yes you can create your own personal accounts) and your referred members will be buzzing once they step inside and learn everything there is to know about running successful online and offline businesses.

  • You get access to a secure ‘membership command’ hub where in just a few clicks you’ll personalize the membership sites for your members (When they log in, they’ll see your ads, affiliate links, banners, etc)
  • You can simply give away free silver passes with your unique access links, use the passes as incentives to sell more of your existing products, or boost your affiliate commissions by using passes as bonuses.
  • When members upgrade to higher membership levels you get paid 100% of the sale!
  • Access all of the sites yourself, study the training, and discover how to boost your traffic, grow your lists, write better converting sales copy, create fast-selling digital products, and much, much more…
  • We market for you. We regularly mail out product and service recommendations to members throughout the entire site network, when those emails go out, every member you have recruited will get these highly targeted recommendations with your affiliate links embedded.
  • That means you’ll continue to earn additional revenue after a member has upgraded or even if they decide to never upgrade.
    And with no hard sell, just giving away valuable free passes to start this cascade of cash flowing is EASY!


Sick of the online gurus saying that affiliate marketing is like printing money? While affiliate marketing isn’t that easy, it’s not hard, either. But you need a strong foundation.

When your members join, they will…
Find out what kinds of niches make the best targets and uncover the hottest markets right now.
Create their own lead magnet page (it’s easier than assembling Ikea furniture!)
Set up a blog and discover the surprising secrets of what the top affiliates do differently with their blogs. (Including a secret from Publishers Clearing House that will blow them away.)
The #1 secret that separates the super affiliate from the super broke affiliates.
Become mesmerized by their words so they can be the ‘ugly guy who got the supermodel”.
Get vendors to start sending traffic to their site, and generate sales for them.


The secret to having endless amounts of hungry buyers is by building a highly targeted email list of people who are craving what you’re selling.

When your members join, they will…
Find out why email marketing is not dead and how exactly to bring in tens of thousands of dollars every month from their list.
Learn the 3 types of lists they must have if they’re serious about list-building
Get their subscribers glued to every email they send to get more opens, reads, click thrus, and sales.
Create an irresistible free offer to get people to sign up for their list and harness the power of giving stuff away for free to make money.
Learn and implement the #1 key to getting high opt-in rates.
Tackle the common problem of big traffic numbers and a small list.
Discover 5 good ways to bring in more traffic and targeted leads.


The top companies in the world realize that in order to be profitable, you need to turn your customers into members.

When your members join, they will…
Find out why membership sites ROCK and get on the receiving end of the huge influx of cash that is memberships.
See behind the curtain on the most profitable membership models on the planet.
Learn how to make money with a free membership site.
Look at the “marketer’s dream” AKA the “recurring monthly profits” model website and how they can implement this lucrative model in your business.
Avoid the #1 thing that kills membership site profits.
Learn how to keep people in their membership site for the long term and reduce dropout rates.
Create multi-tiered membership sites with a series of upgrades so that they will constantly have money coming in.
Get the key to running a mega-successful membership site (and learn what it actually takes to run one)
Uncover massive hidden profits in their membership site. It’s not what they think!


It doesn’t matter how great your product is if you can’t find the words to make your prospects see that they need it. The biggest skill any marketer can have is the power to write sales letters that make your prospects scramble to find the order button.

When your members join, they will…
Learn the no-fail AIDA formula and how to use it to whip up sales copy quickly.
Get the template of the 12 sections their sales page MUST have if they want a high conversion rate.
Write an opening to their sales letter that makes people hang on to their every word.
Discover the 5 urgency strategies that work like magic to get people to take action fast.
Find out 4 ways to use a P.S. to get people on the fence to say “YES”


You can place the exact same business information and tools into the hands of two people. One will go on to make millions of dollars and enjoy massive success. The other person won’t even make enough of his business to pay the rent.

What’s the difference between these two business people? Mindset.

When your members join, they will…
Learn the 4 mindset factors that make or break their business.
Find out what “driving on an unfamiliar road” means and how it’s having such a big impact on their bank account!
Find out which people in their life are sabotaging their success.
Get a strategy to not let naysayers and “energy vampires” hold them down like a 2,000-pound weight.
Learn the mindset factors that separate the mega-rich from the mediocre.


If you don’t have your own product, then you’re leaving an enormous amount of money on the table. We created the Product Profits Club to show you how easy creating a product can be (when you have the right teacher!)

When your members join, they will…
Learn the 5 surefire ways to figure out what products their audience already wants to pay for.
Figure out what product to create first to put the largest profit in their pocket.
Uncover 3 strategies for increasing the perceived value of their offer (which means that they can charge more!)
Get the scoop on PLR content. Is it a money-maker or a terrible idea? We’ll teach them the truth.
Find out the 3 questions they must ask themselves to decide whether to outsource or create their product themselves (so they don’t lose or waste money!).


Do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur? will show you what qualities you need in order to achieve greatness AND give you the strategies you need to adapt those strategies to your own life.

When your members join, they will…
Get the 5 eye-opening strategies that will have them thinking and acting like a CEO in no time.
Learn the art of taking calculated risks so that they can enjoy massive success.
Find out what to do about people who are trying to stomp all over their dreams.
Uncover the secret to overcoming fear (it doesn’t require becoming fearless)
Let go of being a control freak so that they can start growing their dream team.
Get the quality that all successful entrepreneurs possess: the incurable desire to help other people. They’ll never run out of energy once they can do this.
Create a plan for their business and future.
Most importantly: gain the ability to manage their money as an entrepreneur (including 3 strategies for getting, keeping, and growing their money).


So you’ve got all of these great membership sites to promote, but what happens if you don’t have enough website traffic? You want more traffic, more subscribers, more customers, and more cash. That’s where the Traffic Generation Club comes in.

When your members join, they will…
Find out how to get exciting traffic surges every day instead of every once-in-a-blue-moon.
Learn the strategies that master digital marketers are using to get hundreds, thousands, or even millions of comments, likes, and shares.
Find out the single biggest traffic mistake that leaves them frustrated with results even if they have massive amounts of visitors coming to their site.
Learn how the top vendors create affiliate programs that everyone wants to be a part of (and get super vendors to market their products).
Discover the hidden strategy that they’re not using to get more eyeballs on their website.
See (and be surprised at) how they’re wasting their existing traffic…even if they don’t think they are.


The idea of making money online is super exciting, right? You get to do whatever you want whenever you want. The problem is: it seems like whenever you start researching ideas, all you find are scams and shams. This course teaches you 10 rock-solid ways to make money online.

When your members join, they will…
Learn the surprising truth about affiliate marketing. The vast majority of affiliates make zero dollars. We don’t want that to happen to your members.
Learn how to sell the most profitable digital products like eBooks, audios, and videos.
Find out the #1 thing that they must do to create a thriving business online (skipping this step guarantees failure!)
Discover the #1 secret to become a bestselling author on Amazon Kindle over time (even J.K. Rowling uses this tip).
Get the nuts and bolts of setting up their digital offers.
Discover how to turn content into cash with a powerful and profitable blog.


Your business can pull in a great deal of money. But if you aren’t plugging up the money leaks in your finances, a great deal of money also might be needlessly flowing out of your bank account like water out of a leaky bucket. This course teaches you how rich people stay rich.

When your members join, they will…
Learn the 5 S’s of kicking the habit of using other people’s money and finally getting out of debt forever.
Get tools to keep track of their money so that they can keep more of what they earn.
Find out what they should start saving for RIGHT NOW.
Discover the 5 really cool strategies for quickly decreasing their expenses without decreasing their quality of life.
Learn the 3 ways most businesses are leaking money and how to start holding onto this money.


Become A Certified DFYCouponStorez RESELLER & KEEP 100% OF THE PROFITS.

3-Click Software Builds 100% DONE FOR YOU AUTOMATED COUPON SITES IN 60-SEC That Gets THOUSANDS Of REPEAT Buyers Every Month Without Traffic, Tech Skills, Or Budget!

Leverage The MOST Profitable, Fastest Growing Trend Of 2022-2023 That Underground Marketers Are Using To Make $10,000 – $100,000/Month!

Here’s What You Get Detail:

​Get A Proven High-Quality Product That Sells
​DFY Salespages That We Use With Your Name On Them
​High Converting Sales Video You Can Use
​Proven To Convert Email Swipes For You To Use
​Complete Traffic Setup
​Charge Your Price (Monthly Or 1 Time) And Accept Customers
​Fulfill Service By Giving Them DFYCouponStorez Accounts + We Do Customer Support For You
​Personal Help & Support From Our Team

(Worth $497/Year)


How We Generated 11,324 BUYER LEADS POSTING A LAME 30-SEC QUIZ & Made OVER $8,306 In Just 7 Days With NO Tech Skills, NO Content & NO Paid Ads!

Copy The Exact Method That SMART Brands & Underground Affiliates Are Using To Generate TENS Of 1,000s Of Buyer Leads EVERY Single Day For FREE!

Become A Certified VidMonopoly RESELLER & KEEP 100% OF THE PROFITS!

Here’s What You Get Detail:
​Get A Proven High-Quality Product That Sells
​DFY Salespages That We Use With Your Name On Them
​High Converting Sales Video You Can Use
​Proven To Convert Email Swipes For You To Use
​Complete Traffic Setup
​Charge Your Price (Monthly Or 1 Time) And Accept Customers
​Fulfill Service By Giving Them DFYCouponStorez Accounts + We Do Customer Support For You
​Personal Help & Support From Our Team


Here are some Upgrade links for your reference. You must buy the Front-End (FE) firstly and then you could buy any OTOs if you love.

If you buy OTOs alone, you will receive NOTHING and it takes your time to request for refund. Please remember FE is a must-have package to at least make sure the product is working well.


  • Do I need to download anything to use VidMonopoly?
    No, you don’t have to download anything. VidMonopoly is a cloud-based SaaS (software as a service) product. You can buy now and start using the product right away. All you need is your email ID and password to access it anytime from anywhere with an Internet connection. 
  • Is there a monthly fee?
    No, once you buy VidMonopoly, you don’t have to pay a monthly fee. VidMonopoly is a one-time purchase product. 
  • What happens after the launch period?
    The price will turn into a MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION and the low one-time price will never be available again! We encourage you to take action before the launch period ends. 
  • Can I have a refund?
    We guarantee that you will get more value from your purchase of VidMonopoly than what you pay us. However, if for some reason the product is not living up to your expectations at any time within 30 days of buying it, we will give you a full refund, no questions asked. 
  • What about the future updates?
    You won’t pay a penny extra for future updates. And, you’ll get free lifetime updates to keep your product up-to-date. 
  • Will you add more resources in the future?
    Yes, we will keep adding more high-quality resources to keep it updated for you. And it won’t cost you a penny extra 
  • What if I have other questions?
    You can ask us your product-related questions as well as anything about our company or services by emailing us at


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