What Does Being a Loyal Client at Quickwin Casino Mean?

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You’ve probably heard that online casinos are incredibly generous when creating favorable conditions for clients. However, do you really realize the generosity of gambling websites? Below, let’s consider one of the top trumps of an online casino – its loyalty program. You’ll see what benefits players get at .

The loyalty program is a common system of encouraging active players and giving extra perks to them. Thus, it’s evident that loyal clients get additional benefits from the casino, but which ones exactly? Below, we’re going to have a closer look at them.

The Essence of the Loyalty Program at Quickwin Casino

The loyalty program is a multi-level system. Each tier brings new, more fruitful perks. Thus, by moving to higher levels, gamblers get more favorable conditions at Quickwin casino.

Upward moving through the loyalty ladder occurs by accumulating points, the so-called comp points. Players gain these points for making real money stakes of a particular worth. For example, if the casino gives 1 CP for each $5 bet, it means that players get the following points for their stakes:

  • up to $5 – 0 points;
  • $5-$9.9 – 1 point;
  • $10 – 2 points, etc.

Thus, the more you play and make stakes, the more you show your activity, and the quicker you level up.

Loyalty Perks for Quickwin Casino Clients

Note that the mentioned benefits are allocated unevenly. It means that some of them are available for participants of the upper tiers of the program only. Active clients of Quickwin casino get the following perks.

Exclusive bonuses

Upon entering a new tier, loyal players get an extra bonus as a welcome to the next level. Usually, it is a cash bonus or free spins.

Higher cashback

Cashback is offered to all clients as a bonus. Yet, its size differs and can range from 5% up to 20%. Thus, standard gamblers get a 5% cashback, while advanced loyal players receive up to 20%. Its size is gradually allocated to different tiers of the loyalty program.

More profitable exchange rates

Accumulated comp points can be exchanged for cash or other prizes. However, the exchange rate differs. The higher a player rises, the more profitable the rate will be.

Higher limits on payouts

Although the casino sets maximum thresholds on withdrawals, loyal gamblers can ask to increase this limit. By contacting customer support, loyal gamblers can cash out more funds.

Personal manager

This perk is provided for participants of the upper tiers of the program. VIP clients get personal managers who assist them in solving all problems and gambling-related issues. VIP players get priority in processing transactions, queries, etc.

Access to private events

Quickwin casino holds tournaments and draws regularly. Most of them are available for all clients. Yet, some competitions are arranged between loyal gamblers only. In this case, participants of the loyalty program can take part in such events. Prizes are usually more generous in such competitions.

Besides, it also arranges private parties for a limited circle of participants. VIP gamblers can get tickets to such events.

It is not difficult to become a loyal gambler. It is enough to visit the casino website regularly and make stakes of a particular worth. Just play your favorite games and get extra points as a side benefit, which will lead you to even more perks.

Online gambling is a profitable and comfortable type of activity. Besides loyalty perks, gamblers get bonuses, a wide assortment of entertainment options, crypto-friendliness, and mobile compatibility. What else do players need to develop fruitful careers?