5 Halloween Video Games to Try

Now is an opportune time to examine what are currently the best Halloween-related games!

Halloween can either bring joy or terror, with some reveling in its terrifying atmosphere while others choose not to participate. Trick or treating may be exciting for some, while for others they prefer staying indoors for fear of what they might encounter when opening their door and being exposed to costumes that people are wearing.

Dracula has become a beloved character that is celebrated across various entertainment mediums. centered on his story exist alongside numerous books and novels written about him, while other characters also get the same treatment.

Games Galore

However, it is possible to argue that the video gaming industry has been able to maximize the seasonal holiday to its potential, as developers have been able to create a plethora of spooky titles. The themes and genre can be quite easy to replicate, as they only have to feature a certain character or give off a scary environment that can provide the scary factor so many like and want.

It is not just video game developers that have managed to capitalize on the holiday, with creators across a variety of gaming niches having been able to take full advantage. There have been numerous themed board games have been created, while there have also been a plethora of Halloween that are possible to enjoy all year round at different top casinos.

Basically, no matter what your preference for gaming is, you will likely find one that is themed around Halloween and can offer you that spooktacular experience!

5 Best Halloween video games

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If you enjoy playing video games and love the spooky season, then you are going to want to check out the following five games this October!

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

franchise has been one of the biggest the world has ever experienced, as it continues to provide immersive and engaging gaming experiences. Those who are looking to be left living a spooky moment during Halloween will want to try out the Resident Evil 7: Biohazard edition, as this game makes everything feel as close and real as possible. It is packed with scary things wherever you look, leaving you feeling jumpy as hell!

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a game that will make players think while also being scared at their wit’s end! The game requires one individual to be the killer, whereas four others aim to be survivors and escape the terrors of the killer, who has a special power and a unique way to catch each survivor. It is a suspenseful game that has plenty of scares, thus making it perfect for Halloween!

Alien: Isolation

A game of cat-and-mouse, is a unique horror-themed title from the other Alien-based iterations that are usually released. This one involves players having to be sneaky and being able to hide from the beast, as they are unable to defeat it. As players are unable to defend themselves, they may find that they are left feeling more terrified than they usually are!

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Given that the premise of Outlast is about running around an asylum that has been overrun by homicidal patients, there is every reason to rank this game as one of the best for Halloween. It is a first-person survival game that can scare the living daylights out of you with each turn that is made, especially as you are not given favorable equipment and have to creep around yourself.

Silent Hill 2

It is worth adding another must-play game for this spooky season when it comes to Halloween lovers and enthusiasts like Silent Hill 2. This is a very scary game where once you begin the play you are on edge since there are many riddles to solve when moving in the horrifying territory you get trapped into. Indeed, it is a game, which will stay unforgettable for those who play, just because of how scary it could be.

Check these five titles out

You can give your Halloween this extra push by trying the five recommended video games listed below. Each one is a suitable option for this because, after every session, you are likely to jump off your chair in fear. And if you are looking for more thrill then you can put on your headphones and turn them up while sitting in the darkness.