6 Job Apps Like Instawork to Earn Cash Instantly

6 Instawork Alternatives to Make Money Right Away. Looking for Instawork-like applications to work a side job and make additional money? Look nowhere else! This list includes alternatives to Instawork that can help you supplement your income while relaxing.

Fortunately, there are several part-time jobs that you can do on your own time to earn extra money, including shopping, mystery shopping, delivery, and other professions. An app like Instawork offers local businesses and professionals worldwide new business prospects.

Browse and apply for hourly jobs that properly fit your schedule, from general labor and hospitality positions to warehouse employees and delivery drivers, with ease.

6 Job Apps Like Instawork to Earn Cash Instantly

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In this article, you can know about Instawork Alternatives here are the details below;

Utilize the app to schedule shifts, keep track of your time, and receive speedy payment. The amount of money you earn mostly depends on the type of job you choose and your qualifications.

Now that you are aware of what Instawork is and how it functions, continue reading to learn more about the top apps that provide a variety of jobs to supplement your income.


One of the top Instawork alternatives is Qwick, which should revolutionize how individuals conduct business! It instantly matches you with food and beverage shifts.

You can pick the schedule you wish to work, and you can get paid in as little as 30 minutes after your job is over. Additionally, you can use this as a professional to submit your application and begin getting shifts.

You can search for individuals to fill these shifts using this service. For instance, using Qwick to find a candidate for a position is simple if you run a food business and are short on workers.

Key features

  • It gives prospective employees all the details they require in order to accept or reject a shift.
  • Additionally, it provides details like the venue’s address, the hourly wage, how to reach the staff, where to park, and what to wear.
  • Get paid as soon as 30 minutes after your shift ends.
  • Join thousands of other professionals who share your interests.

What is Qwick’s work?

Installing the app on your mobile, signing up with your credentials, and entering your availability and experience are all that are required.

You’ll then have to go to a brief orientation before you can start getting shifts with Qwick.

They will text you when a shift opens up with the specifics of the job so you can choose whether to accept it.

Everything about qwick

Read on to learn more about Qwick gigs, criteria, and potential earnings.


The following conditions must be met in order to become a Qwick professional:

  • A cell phone
  • Any prior expertise that is relevant
  • Attend a face-to-face orientation
  • Required certifications and licenses

Types of Jobs

Line cook, dishwasher, spread server, driving, accounting, tourism, production & manufacturing, and more are just a few of the positions that Qwick has available.


According to Indeed, the average hourly wage at Qwick is exactly between $10.25 and $25.00 for the auditor and shift leader.

Additionally, the average Qwick compensation for operation coordinators is $59,000 per year, compared to $15,000 for bartenders.

How will qwick pay you?

You must set up a Stripe account in order to receive payment:

  1. Open the Qwick professional app and log in.
  2. Choose “payments” from the menu by clicking on it in the top left corner.
  3. After selecting “update payment info,” enter your payment details.

After you finish a shift, they’ll use Instant Pay to transfer your payment to your Stripe account within 30 minutes. However, you can only use Instant Pay if you’ve supplied a debit card.


You have the option to work flexible hours at Qwick. In other words, you can pick your ideal work hour and choose from among the open shifts.


If you work in the food and beverage business and are looking for a means to supplement your income, Qwick may be the ideal choice. If you have any other work, you can reject a shift as well.

It can always help you land a job and make extra money, whether you’re a bartender, cook, waitress, or concession attendant.

However, in order to remain a professional on the site and continue obtaining shifts, you must hold an average score of at least 3.5.

Even though it gives you the option, keep in mind that changing your schedule can influence how potential employers see you.


Adia was created specifically for the gig economy; you will be employed as a W-2 employee and then be able to book a specific number of tasks.

In Dallas, Washington, Chicago, and New York, it provides services like warehouses, the hospitality industry, general labor, and special events. Through the app, you can quickly reserve a gig close to where you live.

Through the app, you can complete the skills evaluation. Once you’ve booked a few tasks, you’ll turn into a W-2 employee.

Key features

  • When you are matched to a new position, you will receive push notifications.
  • If you cancel gigs inside this window, your profile may incur fines.
  • Book any available pick-up, full-time, and part-time jobs through the app.
  • Access services including general labor, special events, and warehouses.

How Does Adia work?

Simply download the Adia app on your mobile, fill out your profile with your information, and include your talents, hobbies, and availability. You will have one-and-done onboarding after being hired.

You can book any part-time, full-time, and pick-up gigs that are listed in the app once your profile has been activated.

And Adia will pair you with employment you’ll love depending on your choices. It is up to you to reserve the one you want to work on and decline the ones you don’t.

It will alert you whenever a position that interests you becomes available. You can work as much or as little as you’d like because everything is centered around you!

Everything About Adia

Read on to learn more about Adia jobs, qualifications, and potential earnings.


You must fulfill the following qualifications to work for Adia:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to enter.
  • Must be cleared by a background check
  • To confirm that you are qualified to work in the United States, submit a 1-9.
  • Your “Authorized Rep” for the numbers 1 through 9 should be a reliable buddy.

Types of Jobs

It provides a expansive range of employment prospects across numerous sectors, including the service sector, catering, general labor, hospitality, retail, and special events.


The average hourly wage, according to Indeed, ranges from $9.00 to $50. You will always be paid the following Friday following your labor because its pay cycle runs from Monday to Sunday.

How will Adia pay you?

The method of payment is entirely up to you! You can pick between direct deposit and paper checks by going to the “Payment Details” section of “My Profile.”


Jobs can be scheduled by employees to fit their schedules. Businesses can reserve the labor force they require as needed.


The app has some issues, according to a few Indeed employees, but if you need assistance, they have excellent customer care.

Therefore, once you secure a gig, it is entirely yours! But make sure you’re accessible in advance. Additionally, if you need to cancel a shift more than 24 hours in advance, simply go to “My Shifts” and swipe left.


With Upshift, you may select from a range of places, businesses, and job opportunities that match your interests, availability, and skill set.

Only a few places, including KY, OH, SC, IN, NC, TN, and TX, offer Upshit. The list of cities where Upshift is accessible can be found.

You can decide whether to take an additional shift just for this Friday or every Monday by choosing where and when you would like to work. Upshift makes picking up shifts so simple in this method!

Key Features

  • Pick from a range of businesses, places, and professions.
  • Work when it suits you.
  • On Upshift, you may find both full-time and part-time positions.
  • Choose the shifts that interest you from among the many available in your area.
  • Only a few places have access to it.

What is Upshift’s work?

Apply to Upshift first, then finish the online test. Additionally, keep in mind that only 12% of candidates are chosen, so make sure you perform an outstanding job.

You can make an appointment to finish your in-person onboarding at one of their offices once you pass the testing.

You will then have access to jobs in your community that match your interests or skill set. From flexible hours to full-time and part-time work, Upshift has it all!

You only need to log in to your Upshift app to start applying for jobs nearby. After being approved for a shift, all you have to do is confirm. Depending on your availability, you might even submit applications for various shifts.

Everything about Upshift

To learn more about Upshift gigs, prerequisites, and potential earnings, keep reading.


You must fulfill the following conditions to work upshifts:

  • You must be at least 18 years old to enter.
  • Must be cleared by a background check
  • Ideally, they should live in the United States.

Types of Jobs

It offers a variety of positions, including cooks, bartenders, dishwashers, crew, packers, customer service representatives, and data entry operators, among many more.


According to Indeed, the typical Upshift pay for a housekeeper is at $10.00 per hour, whereas the average pay for an order picker is $22.48 per hour.

Payday is the following Friday after the pay period, which runs from Monday through Sunday. You might occasionally be eligible for same-day pay with Earnin.

How will Upshift pay you?

Upshifters receive weekly pay through direct deposit or a Global cash card. You are given the opportunity to select your preferred choice during onboarding and to provide any pertinent information needed to conduct subsequent transfers.


You have the option to work as little or as much as you like with Upshift, pick up an extra shift, or discover your next position. or more than 40 hours per week if a client approves and up to 40 hours otherwise. This is another Apps Like Instawork. Also check  

Therefore, work when and where you want without compromising your obligations. Work on your terms.


You can narrow down your search on Upshift by using the filter option, then click on any shifts that catch your eye.

The description of the job responsibilities, the hourly rate, the start and end times, the location, the knowledge, skill, and uniform requirements are all listed on the details page.

For those who want to work full- or part-time jobs according to their schedule, it can be a terrific option. You must not overlook this Instawork-like app!


Through a mobile application, Shiftgig’s platform links gig workers and employers so they can apply for one-time and ongoing tasks in real time.

Its employees, referred to as “Specialists,” are vetted by staffing firms and companies before they can apply for shifts through the Shiftgig website.

Shiftgig’s primary goal is to transform the way people work by connecting flexible workers with a variety of local opportunities through an insight-driven solution.

Key features

  • Permit yourself to set your own schedule.
  • Helping local businesses achieve their staffing needs and remain operational
  • Only 15 cities have access to it.
  • Push notifications will be sent to you by Shiftgig to remind you when your shift begins.
  • Its employees are referred to as Specialists.

How does shiftgig Work?

You must download the Shiftgig app and create an account by entering your basic personal information before you can work as a Specialist (a Shiftgig employee).

You’ll then need to show up for a face-to-face interview to see what kinds of positions are available. You can later select shifts using the app. This is another Apps Like Instawork.

You can browse the available shifts and apply for the ones you’d want to work for as you have the flexibility to plan your working hours.

Everything about shiftgig

Read on to learn more about Shiftgig jobs, qualifications, and potential earnings.


You must fulfill the following criteria in order to become a Shiftgig Specialist:

  • Age requirement of at least 18 years
  • Having the ability to work in the United States
  • Possess expertise in a certain sector
  • A smartphone that can run the Shiftgig app is required
  • You ought to reside close to a city where Shiftgig operates.

Types of Jobs

Jobs for housekeeping, cooking, dishwashing, serving, manufacturing, production, representatives, brand ambassadors, warehouse work, and many more are available on Shiftgig.


The pay on Shiftgig varies depending on the kind of work you undertake. However, according to Indeed, the hourly average for a brand ambassador on Shiftgig is $20.87, while the hourly average for a housekeeper is $8.99.

And the annual wage for a staff accountant at Shiftgig is on average $82,659. Bartenders often make around $20,000 on the platform.

How will Shifgig Pay you?

You can opt to get delivered via direct deposit or a pay card by filling out a Pay Selection form during the sign-up process.

Based on the number of hours you worked, you get paid weekly. Eligible Specialists can choose DailyPay, which gives them early access to their money before payday.

Keep in mind that all Shiftgig compensation are dependent on the hours that an employee reports after completing your task. However, the Client makes the final approval decision.


You may work around your schedule and take on jobs in your spare time because you are in control of it.


A SaaS-based picture service called Shiftgig provides on-demand employment that employees can access using their smartphone.

It gives you the flexibility to work when and when you want, but the main negative is that it doesn’t pay you for travel time.

Shiftgig only operates in 15 cities, so if you live in one of them, you can sign up and start looking for jobs that fit you.


In the US, Tend is the top marketplace for hiring workers in the hospitality industry. The hotel industry may now more easily discover jobs thanks to an app. This is another Apps Like Instawork. Also check

Additionally, it guarantees that the work it displays to you perfectly matches your location and skill set. You can even browse through the available shifts and select the ones you want to work.

Cities like Orange County or the Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Austin, Atlanta and the Washington, D.C., Miami, Boston and Philadelphia, San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, & New York City are among the ones where it provides its services.

Key features

  • It’s restricted to 19 cities.
  • Opportunities are visible depending on where you reside.
  • Select a position that perfectly matches your location and skill set.

How Does Tend Work?

Tend is very different from the other apps discussed in this article, such Instawork. Tend conducts an interview to accept you because most applications have a simple application process to get approved.

The most qualified candidates are invited to sign up for a video interview after every application and résumé have been carefully reviewed.

Following approval, you’ll have access to tens of thousands of jobs with our clients each week. Additionally, as long as you provide exceptional service, you’ll land fantastic jobs, earn a significant salary, and have the chance to advance within the Tend ranks.

Everything about tend

Read on to learn more about Tend jobs, qualifications, and potential earnings.


The following qualifications must be satisfied in order to become a Tend Tender:

  • Age requirement of at least 18 years
  • Having the ability to work in the United States
  • Possess expertise in a certain sector
  • You ought to reside close to one of the cities where Tend works.

Type of Jobs

In the hospitality sector, Tend provides a variety of positions, including those as a waiter, cleaning, prep chef, event crew, bartender, line cook, dishwasher, and many more.


According to Indeed the standard hourly wage for Tend employees ranges from about $13.47 for housekeepers to $47.56 for dental hygienists.


Tend lets you book for any period of time because you don’t always require six hours of service.


Tend is a marketplace where you may find job openings that suit your schedule and skill set. Weekly employment offers are made based on your experience.

Additionally, during our interview method, they will assess your abilities and comprehend your enthusiasm for this sector. Consequently, get accepted and apply for jobs that match your skill set.

Shipt Shopper

Similar to Instawork, Shipt also offers its users same-day delivery from a variety of retailers using a smartphone app, which can exist downloaded from the Apple AppStore or Google Play Store.

There are many different participating stores in your area from which to pick. Additionally, a personal shopper will pick up your order after you place it and inform you if any items are out of stock.

It is accessible in more than 5,000 American cities. You can join your Zip code online to see if Shipt is offered in your neighborhood or not. This is another Apps Like Instawork.

Key features

  • Shipt provides same-day delivery as well as personalized shopping.
  • Accessible to more than 80% of homes in more than 5,000 American cities.
  • All tips given to shipt drivers and consumers are kept in full.
  • Benefitfocus offers benefits like supported auto insurance and reduced subscription rates.
  • It collaborates with a number of regional supermarkets and big-name retailers.

How Does Shipt work?

Install the Ship Shopper app on your device first, then sign in with your login information. You can then decide when and how often you want to work.

Keep in mind that the only time you’ll be paid is when you deliver the items that a Shipt user has placed in your neighborhood. Your earnings may vary from one Shipt shopper to the next due to its flexibility.

You can notice an expected payment range of $6–7 or $12–$15 when an order becomes available for acceptance. The amount you can make, however, will entirely depend on where you live and your availability for employment.

Everything About Shipt

Learn more about the qualifications for Shipt Shoppers and the potential earnings by reading on. This is another Apps Like Instawork.


You must fulfill the following criteria in order to sign up as a Shipt Shopper:

  • Age requirement of at least 18 years
  • Possess a valid driving license
  • Possess auto insurance
  • Possess an iPhone or an Android
  • Possess a practical mid-size 4-door sedan, SUV, truck with a covered bed, or van.
  • Be able to lift at least 40 pounds.


The wage of a shipt varies depending on where you live. However, according to Shipt, you might make up to $22 each hour. These hourly prices are based on how quickly and effectively you can shop.

By giving outstanding customer service, being aware of what you’re buying and where it is in the store, or working on Sundays and Mondays, you can increase your income.

How will Shipt pay You?

After completing an order, you must designate it as “delivered” before checking your delivery history to see how much money you earned from the Shipt order.

Your money will be deposited directly into the bank account you linked when signing up for the service.


You can create your own schedule and adhere to it while working.


A well-known delivery service called Shipt makes it simple to have groceries and other items delivered right to your home.

You can select when and where to shop, and you can view almost all of the order’s details before to accepting it.

Additionally, there might not always be orders accessible depending on where you live. You won’t get paid until the following Friday after working Monday and Sunday.


Another option to Instawork is WorkWhile, an hourly labor service that links workers with shifts based on their availability, qualifications, and location. This is another Apps Like Instawork.

No convoluted contracts, up-front expenses, or hidden fees exist. Additionally, you’ll receive hourly pay that can be transferred to a debit card within 25 hours of finishing a shift.

Key features

  • It matches you with employment based on your qualifications, availability, and place.
  • Pay the following day
  • The capacity to transition between a number of jobs
  • Access full-time and flexible employment
  • No up-front fees, additional expenditures, or convoluted agreements
  • One app lets you manage your income, schedule, and other settings.

How Does WorkWhile Work?

You only need to sign up, create a WorkWhile account, and finish a quick online orientation. After that, you can pick from a variety of jobs.

You make your choice as a worker based on their sophisticated screening procedure, which includes one-on-one interviews, cognitive science tests, and background checks.

Everything about Workwhile

To learn more about WorkWhile jobs, qualifications, and potential earnings, keep reading. This is another Apps Like Instawork.


The following criteria must be satisfied in order for you to become a WorkWhile professional:

  • Age requirement of at least 18 years
  • Must be clear of background checks
  • To live in the United States
  • Have an iOS or Android-compatible smartphone
  • Must be clear of background checks

Types of Jobs

It encompasses a variety of vocations, including delivery driver, basic labor, and warehouse associate.


The pay you receive depends on the kind of work you undertake. The typical WorkWhile salary is $18.42 per hour, according to Indeed.

How will WorkWhile Pay You?

WorkWhile offers two options: weekly direct deposit payroll and instant payout to your debit card.

Weekly Payroll: WorkWhile processes your unpaid earnings for the prior Monday through Sunday that have not been distributed through quick payout each Monday. The money will arrive in your pot account, nevertheless, in 1-3 days.

Instant Payout: If you need money on your debit card in 30 to 90 minutes, this might be your best bet. It can even require a full day before it appears on your debit card.

Although there is presently no charge for money transfers, there might be one in the future. You can get in touch with the support team if it has been 24 hours since your shift ended and you still have not seen your earnings.


It can be done at any time to fit your schedule. They will match you with a shift that fits your abilities and area when you let them know when you are available to work.


WorkWhile offers a decent work-life balance, according to Indeed users. Since this is only a contract position, you can pick from a variety of employers and the shifts that are available to work.


An online employment board called JobStack can help you find temporary, flexible jobs and gigs in your region that match your qualifications and your schedule. This is another Apps Like Instawork.

How the JobStack determines which jobs would be ideal for you is one of its intriguing aspects. A job becomes better at understanding which gigs you prefer the more you accept it.

Key features

  • Find local, temporary, and flexible jobs and gigs.
  • Find work that fits your schedule and your skill set.
  • Offers positions in a variety of industries
  • Having access to different occupations so you can select ones that match your skill set
  • Get extra opportunities as a reward for your outstanding performance.
  • Employers can rate your performance using an app.

How Does JobStack Work?

You only need to download the app and create an account. You will get primary access to thousands of jobs as soon as your registration is complete and approved.

Accept the job that best fits your schedule and skill level right now. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to fill your schedule with a full week of work or just a few evening and weekend gigs.

You will be given instructions on what to bring, where to go, and what to expect once you there once you select employment or gigs that fit your criteria.

Everything About JobStack

Read on to learn more about JobStack’s gigs, prerequisites, and potential earnings.


You must fulfill the following criteria in order to become a JobStack professional:

  • Age requirement of at least 18 years
  • Must be clear of background checks
  • To live in the United States
  • Have an iOS or Android-compatible smartphone

Types of Jobs

General laborers, transcribers and cashiers, housekeepers & janitors, banquet and restaurant waiters, prep cooks, bartenders, waste/recycling, forklift and machine operators, among many more occupations, are included in this kind of work.


According to Indeed, the typical hourly wage you may make through JobStack is between $15 and $20. The majority of its occupations demand a fundamental skill set, so salaries vary by position.

How will JobStack pay you?

You may receive payment as soon as within 24 hours for selected projects. However, the majority of its positions pay weekly.

For quick and simple payments, it provides pay cards and direct deposits. There is no need for a bank account to use the pay card, which functions just like a credit card.


You may select when to work and control your work schedule using JobStack. Accept employment with convenient hours and pass on those that don’t!


PeopleReady associates have the option to conveniently pursue local employment that match their talents and work with their schedules thanks to JobStack.

According to numerous Indeed reviews, you can work around your schedule as long as you remember to check the assignment off or you won’t get paid. Additionally, the basic job abilities required and the branch that assigned the position determine the quality and cost of these jobs.

Final Words: Best Apps Like Instawork!

Jobs for side hustles have grown to be a crucial component of finding extra cash, from students looking for ways to pay for college to anyone who wants to make a livelihood with them.

Therefore, working as a delivery driver, shopper, or bartender is a great way to make money. And apps like Instawork, which was described in this post, link restaurants, grocery stores, and the hotel sector with their patrons.

Additionally, each program described in this article has its own set of prerequisites. Be your own boss so you can effortlessly get paid and work whenever you want.

And now that you are aware of what each app has to offer, compare them and pick the one that works best for your schedule and skill set