7 Renewable Energy Startups India Should Know Guest Post

With increasing environmental worries, government investment in groups within the renewable energy area is creating more opportunities for entrepreneurs. India has many renewable electricity startups which have the collective dreams of expanding their assets to help India achieve its formidable purpose of accomplishing 500 GW installed by 2030.

In reality, as consistent with the Union Budget 2023-24, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy’s price range saw an amazing growth of 40% amounting to Rs. 10,222 crores from the previous Rs. 7033 crores.

This surge shows the support this industry has from the government and consumers alike. It also allows investors to seize attractive returns from top renewable energy stocks. So, before you make any investment decisions let’s see seven such renewable energy startups India has.

7 Renewable Energy Startups India

1. Sustvest

What if there was an investment platform that allowed individuals or companies to invest in renewable energy assets for as low as 5000 INR? , established in 2022, does just that.

These renewable energy assets can generate up to 15% IRR (Internal Rate of Return). Investors have digital ownership of these assets while customers can lease them for a monthly return.  

Sustvest is one of the most unique solar startups in India that connects investors and companies to set up renewable energy projects at zero upfront cost. The parties sign either a lease agreement or a  (Power Purchase Agreement).

Consumers will pay monthly as per their usage and the investors get returns as per the share of their ownership in the project.  

2. ReNew Power

Of all the renewable strength startups India has, ReNew Power has over 3,000 MW or 3 gigawatts (GW) of commissioned and under-production clean power. They have initiatives throughout Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Jharkhand.

They also have business tie-ups with Kenersys, Regen Powertech and Suzlon Energy to establish and operate wind farms throughout India. They also intend to expand their wind portfolio by 200-300 MW annually. Additionally, they also have plans to implement a data analytics and business intelligence platform to monitor its wind farm assets in real time.

3. Suzlon

Another popular name amongst the renewable energy startups Indian league is Suzlon. They specialise in wind turbine manufacturing. This organisation, based in 1995, offers a completely established capability of nearly 15000 MW across six continents.

Suzlon has an international footprint throughout Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and North and South America. In India, the employer owns more than one hundred wind farms with a hooked-up ability of 9,000 MW.  

Suzlon advanced some of Asia’s largest operational onshore wind farms in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. The Kutch (Gujarat) and Jaisalmer (Rajasthan) Wind farms of Suzlon to this point have a cumulative set-up of over 1,100 MW each.

4. Cygni Energy

This startup, launched in 2015 with headquarters in Hyderabad, specialises in delivering innovative solar DC solutions, offering environmentally friendly solar energy and DC power at cost-effective rates to its clientele.

This company has also secured a noteworthy investment of $6.4 million in 2015 through a strategic alliance of equity and debt funding. The leading contributors of the funding round were Endiya Partners, a prominent venture capital firm, for equity, and IndusInd Bank for debt.

This inculcation has played a pivotal role in supporting Cygni Energy’s mission to revolutionise the solar energy landscape and enhance accessibility to green power solutions. Let’s see a few more renewable energy startups Indians need to know about.


This is one of the top green energy companies in India- an innovative rooftop solar startup. It has headquarters in Noida and acts as a distinguished platform that seamlessly connects esteemed solar installers, ensuring the delivery of superior quality and competitively priced solar systems.

My SUN secured a $2.5 million in a Series A investment round in October 2016. General Catalyst, a prominent early and growth level funding organisation, led the investment bolstering the company’s position as an evolving superstar in the sun strength marketplace.

While MYSUN aims to provide end-to-end solutions for all your solar needs owing to its strong engineering and technology infrastructure, let’s see another startup.

6. Orb Energy

Like the other green energy companies in this list, Orb Energy, established in 2006, specialises in delivering cost-effective off-grid and grid-tied solar rooftop solutions. The aim of this “renewable energy startups Indian edition” is to help small and medium-sized enterprises and low-income individuals to optimise their energy consumption.

They also help target consumers to lower their electricity expenses through accessible and innovative solutions. The company’s commitment is reinforced by the provision of collateral-free solar loans.

In this pursuit of providing everyone with green energy investments, this company secured $15 million in funding in a debt and equity combination. Their lead investor was FMO, a prominent investment firm based in the Netherlands. They also secured additional funding of $10 million from the OPIC or Overseas Private Investment Corporation.

7. ONergy Solar

The last one on this list of “renewable energy startups in India” ONergy Solar, a Kolkata-based end-to-end solar solutions provider. They specialise in offering comprehensive solar solutions.

Their solutions include engineering, manufacturing, designing and installation of solar rooftops, solar irrigation pumps, microgrids and lighting. ONergy Solar has a holistic approach to renewable energy This enhances the efficiency of their projects and reduces overall energy costs.  

Through microgrids, mini-grids, domestic solar structures and water pumping systems, Onergy aims to bridge the electricity hole. Their aim is to foster monetary improvement, enhance livelihoods, and sell environmental sustainability.

FAQs:7 Renewable Energy Startups India Should Know

What is the future of Indian renewable energy companies?

Indian renewable еnеrgy companies have a promising future. Government policies are supporting and funding their projects, thus increasing dеmand. This has positioned thеm for a sustainablе boom in thе global markеt.

How many types of Rooftop Solar PV systеms arе thеrе?

Thеrе arе mainly typеs of Rooftop Solar PV systеms: Grid-tiеd systеms, connеctеd to thе application grid, and Off-grid systеms, functioning independently with еnеrgy storagе solutions for rеmotе places.

What is assеt allocation in invеstmеnts?

When you divеrsify budget throughout numerous assеt classеs likе stocks, bonds, and real estate to optimisе rеturns basеd on individual economic desires and risk tolеrancе that is asset allocation.

What are the types of solar panels?

Monocrystallinе, Polycrystallinе, and Thin-Film, types of solar panels, have distinct characteristics in terms of еfficiеncy, and fee, and their performance varies depending on the situation.

How to invest in grееn еnеrgy?

To invest in grееn еnеrgy, consider options likе buying shares of rеnеwablе еnеrgy companies, investing in grееn еnеrgy price range, or renewable еnеrgy projеcts in as little as 5000 INR from Sustvеst to help sustainablе practicеs and contributе to еnvironmеntal consеrvation.


When it comes to renewable energy startups India is witnessing an unparalleled increase, fueled by accelerated government funding and environmental concerns. The Union Budget’s allocation displays robust aid from both the government and consumers.

Investors have a golden possibility to tap into this booming enterprise for attractive returns and make contributions to sustainable practices. To know more about investing in renewable energy projects visit SustVest.