7 Stupendous Review Platforms For Your Business Success In 2023

We all know the role of online reviews in the success of businesses and brands in this digital era. No one makes a buying decision without consulting over the internet in this age. If you have noticed, the best review platforms have noteworthy traffic. These review platforms will help customers in their purchasing decisions as well as help brands build their online reputation. Online reviews are an important marketing tool for brands to convert their potential customers into consumers. Brands and businesses are now opting to onto their websites. As per the survey of BrightLocal, more than 65% of customers consider Google reviews before making any purchase. Online reviews play a vital role in the overall success of your business growth apart from enhancing brand reputation and influencing the customers. Read this blog further to learn more about the best review platforms for your business growth in 2023. Business Success There are various review platforms available for customers to know about a brand. Here we have filtered the list of top review platforms for you, have a read! Google Reviews is a free tool that helps brands enhance their online presence and boost their SEO rankings. Into Google search results, Google Reviews are incorporated which will make them noticeable to the customers. To appear in Google search results, your business needs to have a verified business account on Google. Based on service, location, and type of products, brands or businesses can easily be reviewed and searched. Across all industries, Google is the most trusted review platform because more than 87% of customers use Google to assess local businesses as per the survey of BrightLocal. To make the business trustworthy and credible, marketers and business owners add Google reviews to their websites. Facebook started as a social media platform when it was launched in the year 2004 but it is now one of the most important marketing platforms for businesses. Facebook Recommendations was previously known as Facebook Reviews. Facebook can really work wonders as a review platform for the growth of your business because it is much more than a place to chat and connect with your friends now. Facebook Reviews has a fair share of 19% in the overall online customer reviews. It provides the option for customers to write whether they want to recommend a certain brand to others or not. To win the trust of their customers, brands started adding Facebook reviews on their business websites. Yelp is one of the most popular review platforms among customers which is used by millions. Yelp is such a platform that allows customers to find local businesses and read reviews about them. On Yelp, customers can provide reviews in different forms like they upload pictures of places, text reviews, and give ratings. As a business or brand, you can respond to customer reviews but you can’t edit the reviews due to the strict guidelines of Yelp. Before diverging out into different industries to build a strong reputation, Yelp initially focused on restaurants only. How to take control of customer reviews, Yelp also trains small businesses. As a vacation home owner or hospitality business owner, Airbnb reviews are vital for your success. Airbnb stands for Air Bed and Breakfast. Airbnb reviews mainly consist of a star rating and also written reviews up to 1000 words which help you to win the customer’s trust. You need to list your business on Airbnb so that your guests can write about their experiences with your hotel or vacation rental or you as a host also write reviews about your customers. Displaying Airbnb reviews on your website with the help of a review widget is a great way to make your website engaging and credible. The travel sector receives the highest number of online customer reviews for businesses. Tripadvisor was started in the year 2000 but it then evolved and not only covers hotels, holiday places, restaurants, etc. But also features customer reviews for coffee shops, spas, entertainment businesses, and cafes. Before picking a new restaurant for dinner or a new kids’ place for the weekend, customers browse Tripadvisor reviews apart from travel-related queries. To bring traffic to your website related to travel and adventure activities, you are required to on your website. Capterra Reviews is next on our list which is the favorite review platform among SaaS brands and businesses. This famous technology review platform connects sellers of B2B companies to their prospective buyers. With an actively engaged community, Capterra features nearly a million reviews on its platform. On Capterra, there are more than 700 different categories available to help users so that they can easily look for a particular product, software, or software company. Using the ‘Compare to’ feature of Capterra, users can easily compare four businesses side by side. Capterra gives you the option to pinpoint the advantages and disadvantages of the product of a brand. For international buyers and sellers, AliExpress is the online consumer marketplace of Alibaba. You are required to add AliExpress reviews on your website if you are a seller on the platform to expand your business. To develop trust and build long-lasting customer relationships your website needs a review widget for AliExpress. Customers rely on AliExpress reviews when they want to buy a cheap product that is made in China to ensure that it’s authentic and credible. Since AliExpress Reviews is a third-party website you’ll require a review aggregator tool to display reviews on your website. For brands and businesses, customer review platforms are a crucial tool that will increase visibility, acquire customer trust, and improve brand reputation. From general customer review platforms like Google Reviews, Facebook Recommendations, and Yelp reviews to industry-specific platforms such as Tripadvisor and Capterra, businesses have various options available in the marketplace. You have to ensure that reviews when showcased will seamlessly integrate with the design of the website.