Aluminum Nitride Market Global Business Forecast and Analysis Segment Analysis:Guest Post

“Rising demand in the electronics industry, aerospace, and automotive sector fuel the aluminum nitride market growth, driven by aluminum nitride’s thermally conductive nature.”

Some of the main growth drivers of the Aluminum Nitride Market include an increase in demand for aluminum nitride powder for electric vehicles and nine times higher thermal conductivity of aluminum nitride than alumina.

The SNS Insider report indicates that the size is valued at USD 0.155 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 0.195 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of about 2.93% for the forecast period 2023-2030.

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Key Player Aluminuim Nitride Market

• KYOCERA Corporation
• Morgan Advanced Materials plc
• Ferro Ceramic-Grinding
• MARUWA Co., Ltd.
• Tokuyama Corporation
• Precision Ceramics USA
• Thrutek Applied Materials Co.,Ltd.
• CeramTec,
• and Others.

Market Report Scope:

Aluminum nitride is a synthetic, non-toxic ceramic material with a hexagonal lattice structure used in electronic devices. Increasing demand is attributed to its unique combination of properties such as electrical resistance and good thermal conductivity, allowing electronic components to maintain lower operating temperatures while offering electrical insulation. Aluminum nitride is significantly used as a filler for power electronics and semiconductor packaging, driving overall market growth. However, the high cost compared to regular alumina or zirconia hampers market growth. Despite challenges, the increase in the use of aluminum nitride in the electronics and automotive industries offers growth opportunities.

Market Analysis:

The market for aluminum nitride is expanding due to rising demand in the electronics sector, driven by its superior electrical insulating capabilities and thermal conductivity. LED lighting and the automobile sector, especially in power electronics for electric and hybrid vehicles, are significant contributors to the increased demand for aluminum nitride.

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Segment Analysis:

By Grade
• Technical Grade
• Analytical Grade
By Method
• Carbothermal Reduction Method
• Direct Nitridation Method
• Nitridation Method

By Form
• Powder
• Granules
• Sheet

By Application
• Micro Electronics
• Naval Radio
• Power Electronics
• Aeronautical System
• Automotive
• Emission Control
• Others

By Type
• Tubes
• Rods
• Discs
• Gaskets
• Crucible
• Sheets
• Others

Based on grade, the technical grade segment dominated the aluminum nitride market with the highest revenue share of more than 60% in 2022 because of its outstanding thermal conductivity, which makes it crucial for heat dissipation in electronic components. Based on the Method, the carbothermal reduction method led the market due to its low-cost production method. In the applications segment, the microelectronics segment held the major share in 2022 due to aluminum nitride’s high thermal conductivity.

Key Regional Development:

The North America Aluminum Nitride Market dominated in 2022 (42.50%) due to the expansion of data center infrastructure, with Intel playing a significant role in demanding aluminum nitride for thermal control. The Asia-Pacific Aluminum Nitride Market is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period, driven by companies like Apple Lighting diversifying their LED products in response to energy efficiency demands.
Key Takeaways for the Aluminum Nitride Market Study:
• The demand for aluminum nitride is driven by its unique properties, making it essential for the electronics, LED lighting, and automotive industries.
• Technical-grade aluminum nitride, produced through carbothermal reduction, dominates the market due to its thermal conductivity and cost-effectiveness.
• Microelectronics, with its heat-dissipating capabilities, is the leading application segment.

Recent Developments:
• In September 2022, Tokuyama Corporation opened a mass production examination facility for high-heat dissipation aluminum nitride fillers, contributing to power semiconductors, high-performance LEDs, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The facility commenced operations in April 2023.

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