American Liberty Silver Launches Alkaline Structured Silver Solution, Deepening Interest in Naturopathy Guest Post

With the successful rollout of its Alkaline Structured Silver Solution, is generating significant interest in natural treatments for health. This marks a significant milestone in a culture that has until now largely depended on pharmaceuticals, or so-called “scientific treatments,” the inference being that its counterpart is not based in science. However, is this really a fair characterization? After all, alkaline silver has been used to successfully remedy ailments as diverse as diaper rash, low metabolism, and malaria. Consider, too, that the naturopathy field is predicted to rise by each year. What is behind the trend? Below, Michael Breinholt, a Board Certified Traditional Naturopath (BCTN) and the Vice President at American Liberty Silver, reveals why silver is making a big difference in the health of people around the world.

“It comes down to one word: science,” Breinholt confirms. “In our culture, we have the mistaken impression that if a medicine or treatment wasn’t manufactured in a lab, then it can’t be based in science. It has to be rooted in folklore or outdated ideas, right? That’s wrong, actually. Yes, when pharmaceuticals came along, they pushed silver to the outskirts of healthcare. However, there’s a very big difference between being replaced and being proven ineffective. Silver was not discredited. It remained just as effective as it ever was at fighting against diseases and other ailments. It just lived in the shadow of our reliance on shiny new treatments.”

Adam Kelley, Sales Manager, and Michael Breinholt, Vice President of Marketing

American Liberty Silver

What is so intriguing about silver, Breinholt continues, is its scientifically proven ability to destroy viruses, bacteria, yeast, candida, and fungus. He says that it is, quite simply, an amazing pathogen killer. Silver is both toxic to pathogenic microorganisms and non-toxic to healthy cells and probiotic bacteria. This is particularly the case when alkaline silver is added to water.

“This is not a new scientific discovery. It has, in fact, been known for hundreds of years,” says Breinholt. “The ancient Greeks purified their water with silver. So did America’s European pioneers, avoiding dysentery, colds, and the flu. Silver compounds were also sold at early pharmacies in America in the 1800s, and their uses were documented in scientific journals. Silver was an accepted treatment for many ailments for a very long time.”

The interest in silver has never faded completely, as there have been plenty of individuals who prefer treatments that are natural over those that are artificial. Interestingly, silver continues to be utilized across industries, including as water purification filters for airlines, catheters in hospitals, gause in burn units, and even for water purification for space flights.

“So, you can see that silver was not shown to be ineffective – just the opposite. Because of its antimicrobial properties, it has continued to be used throughout society,” states Breinholt. “It has risen to the top of naturopathy primarily because people are ready to return to a natural way to prevent diseases inside and outside of their bodies.”

Convinced that silver can rewrite the rules of healthcare, Breinholt teamed up with Adam Kelley to found American Liberty Silver. With a deep belief that the body can heal itself when given what it needs, they are helping more people to understand the element’s amazing capabilities and are giving them something powerful: accurate information as well as choice.

“It is your body. It is your right to decide how you will take care of it and what you will put into it,” says Kelley. “If you feel more comfortable with pharmaceuticals, then it is your right to use them, of course. We suggest that everyone take charge of their own health and do proper research. It is 100% based in science and has a rich history spanning centuries. Silver, especially, can help you to take charge of your health and become the best version of yourself.”

To empower consumers, American Liberty Silver offers its “Alkaline Structured Silver Solution,” the first pH-balanced (alkaline) silver suitable for daily use and developed for the human body. It comes currently in three forms: a Silver liquid; a gel to use topically; and mouthwash. Its numerous uses aid in the destruction of pathogens throughout the body and on the body.

“Remember: alkaline silver is already making a big difference in the health of people around the world,” Breinholt states. “In Africa studies showed, silver taken orally is destroying malaria and helped 964 patients recover completely in just 5 days. It is helping to slow the process of skin aging. Its hand sanitization capabilities and alleviation of acne are well-known. Silver really is the miracle element. We invite you to discover it for yourself and make it your first line of defense against diseases.”

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