Amritsar to Delhi Distance

The distance between Amritsar to Delhi, two bustling Indian cities, is around 450 km. This geographical stretch connects Amritsar’s rich historical heritage, which includes the iconic Golden Temple and the Jallianwala Bagh memorial, with Delhi, India’s vibrant capital known for its diverse cultures, ancient sites like the Red Fort and the Qutub Minar, and modern urban development. 

Travellers using this journey will notice a significant difference between Amritsar’s tranquil environment and Delhi’s frenetic hustle. The distance, whether by road, train, or air, showcases India’s unique fabric, highlighting its varied tastes, civilizations, and landscapes.

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Distance by Car:

The by car is approximately 450 km. The journey from Amritsar to Delhi distance brings lots of experiences. From Amritsar, a dynamic city in Punjab state known for the Golden Temple, to Delhi, India’s busy capital, offers a unique cultural and geographical experience.

To cover Amritsar to Delhi distance travelling by automobile allows you to see the varied scenery of the Punjab and Haryana plains. The well-kept roads provide a pleasant and relaxing drive, with travellers completing the route in 7 to 8 hours, according to how busy they are.

You’ll pass through major towns and cities on travelling and covering Amritsar to Delhi distance, allowing you to sample local food, markets, and historical attractions. Ensure your vehicle is in good operating shape and you have adequate gas and refreshments for the journey. While going from Amritsar to Delhi distance by road, taking stops along the journey to rest and appreciate the environment is also essential. 


Flexibility and Freedom: Covering the distance between Amritsar to Delhi  by automobile provides the flexibility and freedom to design a personalised route, allowing travellers to visit numerous sights and detour to picturesque locations along the way.

Comfort and Convenience: While going from Amritsar to Delhi distance by road, Cars provide a pleasant and private commuting environment, with features tailored to individual needs. Passengers may take breaks, eat, and travel at their leisure, which increases overall convenience.

Direct Route Options: Cars may follow direct routes compared to public transit, considerably reducing travel time. This is especially useful for those who have time limits or strict timetables.

Luggage capacity: Cars have plenty of luggage capacity, making them ideal for travellers transporting heavy things like shopping bags. As with airlines or trains, there is no need to be concerned about limiting luggage limitations.


Cost of Fuel and Maintenance: While going from Amritsar to Delhi distance by road, fuel prices can be a problem. It may quickly increase, especially on lengthy excursions. Furthermore, wear and tear on the vehicle, such as upkeep and probable repairs.

Congestion: Depending on when you go, there may be significant traffic, especially in metropolitan locations and during peak hours. Delays and irritation might result from this.

Exhaustion and Long Hours: Driving for long periods can cause driver weariness, impairing attention and safety. It is critical to take frequent breaks, which might increase overall trip duration.

Parking Issues: Finding sufficient and safe parking places, especially in congested regions, can take time and effort. Extra worries include parking fees and the danger of theft or vehicle damage when travelling by automobile.

Distance by Train: 

When travelling by rail, the distance between Amritsar to Delhi, two famous cities in India, is roughly 448 kilometres (278 miles). The Shatabdi Express, a rapid rail service that links these cities, is one of the most famous and convenient choices for this route. The Amritsar Shatabdi Express is renowned among travellers for its timeliness and luxury.

This train leaves from Amritsar Junction Railway Station and travels through the magnificent landscapes of Punjab and Haryana before arriving in the busy capital city of Delhi. Passengers may enjoy facilities such as air-conditioned coaches, onboard culinary services, and wide seats during the roughly 6-7 hour ride, offering an enjoyable journey.

Along the trip, the train stops in numerous notable cities and towns, and the route includes some noteworthy stations. Enjoy ethnic diversity while travelling in luxury and style.


Comfortable Journey: Trains feature wide seats, sleeping berths, and facilities such as air conditioning, making the ride more comfortable, especially over long distances.

Scenic vistas: The train route between Amritsar and Delhi distance offers panoramic vistas of the countryside, allowing passengers to take in the scenery while travelling.

Cost-effective: Train tickets are frequently less expensive than flights, making it a cost-effective alternative for travellers, particularly families and big groups.

Convenience: Trains run on a set schedule, giving passengers a predictable and convenient travel schedule. Many alternatives are available daily, giving you the freedom to choose your departure time.


Travel Time: Trains can take more time than flights to cover the Amritsar to Delhi distance. It makes them less time-efficient.

Crowded Trains: Some trains, particularly during high travel seasons, can be overcrowded, resulting in discomfort and little personal space.

Limited Amenities: While many trains have basic amenities, some may need cleaner toilets and food alternatives, reducing overall voyage comfort.

Booking Difficulties: Getting confirmed tickets, especially during high seasons, might take a lot of work. This may necessitate customers planning their travels and dealing with the volatility of ticket availability.

Distance by Bus:

The road distance between Amritsar to Delhi is around 450 km. People will find it easy and cheap to travel by bus to cover Amritsar to Delhi distance. Several bus companies provide frequent services on this route, catering to clients’ transportation needs.

The tour usually starts in Amritsar, recognised for its rich Sikh tradition and the magnificent Golden Temple. From there, buses take a lovely trip through the gorgeous landscapes of Punjab and Haryana. Passengers may take in the shifting scenery, which includes verdant fields, little towns, and glimpses of rural India.

Amritsar to Delhi buses on this route are outfitted with modern facilities to provide a comfortable ride. Passengers might anticipate facilities like air conditioning, comfortable seats, and, in some instances, entertainment options. The travel time varies based on roadways and traffic, but buses often cover this route in 8 to 10 hours.

Travelling by bus gives a cheap choice and allows passengers to rest, unwind, and enjoy the ride while leaving the worries of driving to the expert bus drivers. It’s a popular alternative for residents and visitors, making Amritsar to Delhi distance accessible and reasonable.


Affordability: Bus travel covering Amritsar to Delhi distance is often importantly less cheaper than other forms of transportation. It makes it appealing to economical travellers and families.

Excellent travel: The beautiful road allows people to enjoy the landscapes of Punjab and Haryana. It delivers a visually appealing experience.

Regular journeys: Many bus operators offer bus services from Amritsar to Delhi distance. It allows people to choose the departure times according to their schedules.

Convenient Pick-up/Drop-off sites: operators have well-defined pick-up and drop-off sites. These services allow people to access transit hubs or destinations easily.


Weather and Road Conditions: Bad weather or bad roadways, especially during monsoons or winters, can affect the smoothness of the ride. Travelling in monsoon by bus makes it less pleasurable for passengers.

Traffic Delays: According to the time of day, people can encounter delays due to heavy traffic, mainly while arriving or departing from big cities.

Why Bus is the Cheapest and More Comfortable Option

Buses are the most affordable and pleasant mode of transportation for various reasons. For starters, buses have low prices, making them accessible to a broad spectrum of people, including budget travellers and families. Unlike plane or rail travel, there are various low-cost bus choices to meet a variety of budgets.

Second, buses are comfortable. Modern buses include air conditioning, wide seating, and occasionally even amenities like Wi-Fi and entertainment systems to provide a comfortable ride. Passengers may unwind, stretch their legs, and take in the scenery without the stress of driving.

Furthermore, buses provide easy boarding and drop-off places, frequently located in the core of cities or easily accessible regions. This eliminates the need for additional transportation from airports or rail terminals to the ultimate location. Buses are a versatile and accessible means of transportation for travellers seeking cost and comfort due to their extensive network of bus lines that link to famous tourist spots and distant places.


Finally, Amritsar to Delhi distance presents tourists with several transit options, each with benefits and drawbacks. Travelling by car gives independence but may also be tiresome and costly owing to gasoline and maintenance expenditures. Trains are reasonably inexpensive and convenient. However, ticket availability and inflexible timetables may offer difficulties. Amritsar to Delhi Buses offer cost and comfort, appealing to many passengers due to low fares, frequent service, and increased facilities. 

Despite possible limitations such as travel time and occasional discomfort, the vast bus network and picturesque routes make bus travel the preferred mode of transportation for many, offering a cost-effective and comfortable journey between destinations.