China UnionPay Card: An Anonymous Payment Method You Will Appreciate

Discover the possibilities of true card anonymity with the China UnionPay Card. While complete anonymity is challenging in today’s digital age, UnionPay offers a high level of privacy for your transactions.

Can a card be truly anonymous? Let’s be frank: 100% anonymity is impossible nowadays as the omnipresent technological devices register every transaction you make. However, there is a certain degree of anonymity that can be attained, and the China UnionPay Card is one of the leaders here. It is a powerful tool that you can get quickly, and it can be used in about 180 countries. There are almost no restrictions, which means that nearly everyone can get it.

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We are authorized to provide UnionPay cards to customers. Read this post to discover the details, and if you finally decide that you need the card – feel free to follow the above link to get in touch with an expert. Use the live chat to book a free session to discuss any questions and make the order. We will be ready to help you by shipping the cards to the address you specify!

UnionPay Card: Overview

Here are some features of the China payment system card that may seem important to you:

  • The card has a limit: you cannot exceed the monthly amount set. However, this problem is easily solved: just order as many cards as you need to reach the desired limit.
  • This is a multicurrency card, so you can have a balance in euros and a balance in US dollars and pay using these two currencies.
  • There are more than 180 countries where you can make POS payments and withdraw cash at ATMs.
  • If we take the overall payment value, the China UnionPay system exceeds the Visa and MasterCard systems taken together, which is a serious success!
  • You replenish the card using a SWIFT transfer and spend as much as you need to.
  • The prepaid UnionPay credit card has one significant difference from a debit card: the first one is not linked to a bank account (hence its anonymity), while the second one is.
  • As you can see, the UnionPay card offers more confidentiality and better security: if it is stolen/compromised, the offender will not get any information about you – and neither will he drain your bank account.
  • The limits set on the cards are quite high.

An Anonymous Card: What For?

We all know that we are being watched, tracked, and followed! If it makes you sick, you may want to take a breath of fresh air, and that’s where the UnionPay card comes in:

  • As it is not linked to a bank account, tracking you will be a much harder task to accomplish.
  • The only entity that knows some information about you will be the card issuer – however, this cannot be avoided as compliance regulations need to be followed. Still, this is the highest degree of anonymity you can possibly get.
  • All you need to complete a transaction is a card number and PIN. No other personal information will ever be entered.

What Makes the Card Anonymous?

If you don’t really need anonymity, you can get any card. However, if this is your top priority, let’s get clear on what makes the card as anonymous as possible:

  • Your name is not available on the card.
  • Your card is not tied to any bank account (as we mentioned earlier), but it is tied to your profile with the Chinese payment system. This is the only point of access to your data.
  • The system is under no obligation to automatically disclose the data to any outside organization.
  • If you withdraw money at an ATM or pay in stores or online, your name is in no way connected with the transaction.

You will not find a financial instrument that will give you more anonymity!

UnionPay Card: Important Details

On the whole, you can use it as an ordinary bank card which is reloaded and used to make different payments. However, there are some things to be kept in mind:

  • As we said before, the card has two balances: in dollars and in euros. However, you are free to spend or withdraw money in any other currency if you need to! You will have to pay a conversion fee of 1%, but this is lower as compared to other banks.
  • Though UnionPay cards are accepted in more than 180 countries, please check whether a particular outlet accepts them to be sure you can pay.
  • Each cardholder is personally responsible for compliance with local anti-money laundering regulations, which implies income declaration and payment of appropriate taxes.
  • If you need to reload the card, move your money to Asia by wireless transfer and then redirect it to the card.

How to Get and Activate a UnionPay Card?

The card becomes active when you replenish it for the first time.

Please take these steps to obtain it:

  • Follow the above link to get in touch with us to say how many cards you need and where you want us to ship them. If you order more than 2 cards, you may be entitled to a discount! We will need to know your phone number as it will be used by the courier company. The usual delivery method we use is express courier, but registered mail is also possible if you need a more affordable solution.
  • You will receive an invoice from us and settle it.
  • As soon as the previous step is complete, we will send the cards to the address you provided and give you a tracking number.
  • The card activation and replenishment instructions will be sent to your email.
  • Send us a passport copy, a recent utility bill, and an application form. This data will not be shared with any organization: we only need it to make it possible for the payment system to comply with applicable laws. The information about your spending will only be known to you.
  • The card will be activated within 1 or 2 days as soon as you reload it.

Please click on the above link to see the applicable fees and limits or contact our expert to get UnionPay cards!