Exploring Common Layout Options for Atlanta Kitchen Remodels Guest Post

When embarking on a kitchen remodel in Atlanta, one of the crucial decisions homeowners face is determining the layout. The layout not only influences the functionality of the space but also contributes significantly to the overall aesthetics of the kitchen. In this article, we will explore some of the most common layout options for Atlanta kitchen remodels, each offering unique advantages depending on the homeowner’s preferences and the existing structure of the home.

1. Galley Kitchen Layout

The galley kitchen layout is characterized by parallel counters along two opposing walls, creating a corridor-like space. This design is practical for smaller kitchens in Atlanta homes, maximizing efficiency by placing everything within easy reach. Galley kitchens often work well in apartments or houses where space is limited, providing a streamlined and functional cooking area.

2. L-Shaped Kitchen Layout

The L-shaped kitchen layout is a popular choice for many Atlanta homeowners. This design involves cabinets and countertops forming an “L” shape, utilizing corner spaces efficiently. L-shaped kitchens are versatile and can work well in both small and large spaces. They provide ample counter space and can accommodate various kitchen activities without feeling crowded.

3. U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

The U-shaped kitchen layout features three walls of cabinets and appliances, forming a U shape. This design is ideal for larger kitchens in Atlanta homes, offering plenty of counter and storage space. U-shaped kitchens create a cozy and efficient work triangle, making it easy for homeowners to move between the stove, sink, and refrigerator while cooking.

4. Island Kitchen Layout

For those seeking additional workspace and a central focal point, the island kitchen layout is an excellent choice. This design incorporates a freestanding island in the center of the kitchen, providing extra counter space, storage, and often a seating area. Island layouts work well in spacious Atlanta kitchens and can enhance both functionality and aesthetics.

5. Peninsula Kitchen Layout

Similar to an island kitchen, the peninsula layout includes a connected extension of cabinets and countertop, forming a “peninsula” attached to one of the kitchen walls. This design is suitable for open floor plans in Atlanta homes, creating a defined space while allowing for easy interaction between the kitchen and adjacent living areas.

6. Open Concept Kitchen Layout

The open concept layout has gained popularity in recent years, especially in Atlanta homes where seamless transitions between kitchen and living spaces are desired. This design involves removing walls to create a fluid and interconnected living, dining, and kitchen area. Open concept layouts are perfect for those who enjoy a spacious and inclusive environment for entertaining guests.

7. One-Wall Kitchen Layout

In smaller homes or apartments in Atlanta, the one-wall kitchen layout is a practical choice. All kitchen components, including cabinets, appliances, and countertops, are arranged along a single wall. This design maximizes space efficiency and is suitable for those looking for a minimalist and straightforward kitchen setup.

8. Double-L Kitchen Layout

The double-L kitchen layout combines two L-shaped layouts set at a right angle, forming a shape reminiscent of the letter “L” but doubled. This design is well-suited for larger Atlanta kitchens, offering flexibility in terms of workflow and organization. It provides multiple work zones and is ideal for households with multiple cooks.

9. G-Shaped Kitchen Layout

The G-shaped kitchen layout is an extension of the U-shaped design, incorporating a peninsula or additional cabinetry to form a “G” shape. This layout provides extra storage and counter space and works well in larger Atlanta kitchens. It is especially beneficial for homeowners who require additional room for storage and preparation.

10. Kitchen with a Nook or Breakfast Area

In many Atlanta homes, families prefer a kitchen layout that includes a nook or breakfast area. This can be incorporated into various layouts, providing a dedicated space for casual meals, family gatherings, or a cozy spot to enjoy morning coffee. Including a nook enhances the functionality of the kitchen and adds a welcoming touch.


Ultimately, the choice of a kitchen layout for a remodel in Atlanta depends on individual preferences, the size and structure of the home, and the desired functionality of the kitchen space. Whether opting for a classic U-shaped design, a contemporary open concept, or a trendy island layout, homeowners in Atlanta have a plethora of options to create a kitchen that aligns with their lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. Collaborating with experienced designers and contractors ensures that the chosen layout is not only visually appealing but also practical for day-to-day activities in the heart of the home.