FaZe Partners with Crypto Casino: What To Expect?

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Running an eSports team has a lot of costs, and the only revenue they can generate is from winning tournaments. However, most of the tournaments don’t have big prize purses, which is why most eSports teams look for alternative revenue streams.

One of which is a partnership or paid promotion to showcase a brand. Over the years, we’ve seen some interesting partnerships in the world of eSports, some more controversial than others. 

In this case, we have a partnership between FaZe the eSports team, and Rollbit a crypto casino website.

Now, the world of eSports isn’t new to gambling, in fact, gambling entered the world of gaming a long time ago. We have streamers promoting casinos and even eSports betting websites. In fact, this industry is so big that we already have sportsbooks adding options for .

This deal with Rollbit, a name that’s as fresh to the crypto scene as it is ambitious, is monumental not just for its “multi-million dollar” price tag but for the waves it’s destined to create.

Let’s dive deeper into this new partnership and find out what it means and how it will impact the eSports scene.

Who is FaZe Clan?

If you are new to eSports, the name FaZe Clan might be unknown to you. But they are actually one of the top-performing teams in multiple games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, and Rocket League.

If you are a fan of Rocket League, then you must know the name Firstkiller. It absolutely dominates with his impressive in-game skills.

When it comes to their winnings, they sure have a cabinet full of trophies. One of their biggest achievements is winning the ESL Pro League Season 17 and taking home $200,000. They’ve also become the champion of in the North America Regional 1. Their approximate winnings are around $8 million.

What’s Rollbit, Anyway?

Before diving into the nitty-gritty, let’s shed some light on Rollbit. Launched in 2020, Rollbit isn’t your garden-variety online casino. It’s a crypto-powered behemoth that’s been making waves with its innovative approach to gambling, trading, and, yes, entertainment.

Rollbit is a regulated and legitimate online casino that provides a fresh spin on standard gambling games. Rather than betting in conventional cash, you may utilize Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to play their games. This creates a thrilling experience since you can win or lose cryptocurrency without having to convert it to cash.

The first thing you’ll notice about Rollbit is its sleek, contemporary appearance. The site shows a banner with the most recent promotions, followed by a list of games organized by category.

Rollbit is a good choice for people searching for a different type of gaming experience.

About the Partnership

Faze Clan’s Rollbit cooperation will be solely focused outside of the United States, presumably because Rollbit does not appear to be licensed to operate in the country. Esports Insider could not easily determine where Rollbit is regulated.

The relationship is by far the most significant since GameSquare announced its in October 2023. That deal, which has yet to be consummated, occurred during a difficult moment for FaZe Clan.

The two companies did not reveal the financial terms of the collaboration or its tenure, but FaZe President Erik Anderson noted that it is one of the greatest sponsorship deals in the history of Counter-Strike and esports in general.

Sam Norman, Head of Partnerships at Rollbit, said: “Rollbit is excited to partner with FaZe Clan, the current number one Counter-Strike team in the world. We have long admired FaZe Clan and look forward to joining its global audience of over 500 million social followers.

Rollbit will become the global sponsor of FaZe Clan’s Counter-Strike 2 squad.

Their Counter-Strike 2 team, a squad that’s no stranger to the limelight, will now sport Rollbit as their headline sponsor. “Global partner” doesn’t just mean slapping logos on jerseys; it’s a testament to the symbiotic relationship these two giants are forging.

Why Should You Care?

“But why,” you ask, “should this matter to me?” Great question. Here’s why:

  • Innovation Meets Legacy: FaZe Clan’s foray into crypto sponsorship isn’t just about blockchain buzzwords; it’s a strategic move that could redefine esports financing and fan engagement.
  • A New Betting Arena: For the bettors among us, Rollbit’s platform promises a blend of gaming thrill and crypto’s speculative spice—a combo that’s as enticing as it is volatile.
  • The Ripple Effect: This partnership isn’t in isolation. It signals a broader trend of crypto’s embrace by mainstream entertainment and sports entities.

What’s Next?

Well, we expect more enhanced fan experiences in eSports due to the crypto entering the scene. Additionally, from past deals, we can see a trend where a big multi-million deal with an eSports team usually results in another crypto gambling company (their competition) signing a deal with a different eSports team.

With that said, it is good to see that esports teams are getting multi-million-dollar deals. This means that the sport is growing, and companies are truly noticing the value and fan base of eSports. Those who partner early will get a deal of the century since in a few years the same deals will cost a lot more money.

Final Words

It is not unusual to see a crypto casino partner with some of the biggest eSports teams like FaZa Clan. At the moment, it is only a crypto casino that covers some of the most popular casino games and sports.

However, maybe the deal with FaZe means that they will introduce eSports betting into their system. If that’s true, this will be a game-changer for the world of eSports.

That way, people all around the world will be able to bet on their favorite eSports teams, which will definitely bring more fans to the industry.

So, it’s too early to tell. We have to wait to see how this partnership plays out, but we are sure that it is a good thing for the industry.