Four UFC Video Games to Try in 2023

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Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a type of sport that has been enjoying huge appeal over the last couple of decades, with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) being one of its key drivers. Millions around the world continue to watch the action that takes place inside the Octogan regularly as interest continues to grow.

Huge fights continue to be scheduled and happen in some of the world’s most iconic locations, drawing in huge numbers in terms of viewers. This has helped boost its appeal, as fans and enthusiasts continue to want to get even more out of it, which includes gaming.

Sports have long been a popular genre in , with players enhancing their passion for their favorite activities through this pastime. Therefore, it is unsurprising that there are numerous UFC video games to have been released. However, it is possible to argue that there are some that are much better than others.

Gamers who are looking to ensure they only have the very best gameplay experiences will not want to waste their time playing titles that can leave them unsatisfied. As a result, we have identified the best ones to try out if you want to take your involvement and passion of the UFC to the highest possible levels…

UFC Undisputed 3 – The widely undisputed best UFC game ever

Released in 2012 by Yukes, it was their third and final title before they went into administration under the THQ brand and were liquidated. It is a shame really, as this game was the best to have ever been created based on the sport.

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is a title that is still widely enjoyed today for its gameplay, with its mechanics being very favorable to players of all styles. The submission aspect of the game was refined and became more accessible, thus allowing everyone to be able to apply the method as they looked to try and conquer their opponent inside the Octagon.

UFC Slot Game – Endemol gave fight fans a casino experience

The world of has been hugely popular with gamers in recent decades, as the industry is able to provide various titles across a plethora of themes and enhance gameplay in different ways compared to traditional video games.

Endemol and Playzido spotted a gap in the market as they provided players with the opportunity to get their UFC fix through the means of a slot title. They created a basic game that features 5-reels and three rows, offering a total of 20 paylines. Those that are able to land the hardest hits are able to trigger a free spins round when 3 or more scatters appear, and if they are able to beat those that stand in their way, they can win the biggest rewards.

UFC 4 – EA’s best-ever UFC title

EA’s UFC 4 is another of the best UFC video games to have been released, although there can still be some questions about the 2020 release. There have been known issues that have upset players, such as a spammy clinch system, but it still ranks highly for its gameplay and mechanics.

The animations are arguably better than those that are experienced in UFC Undisputed 3, with regular patches and updates having been made. Improvements are still possible, but it is a title that players will largely enjoy, more so than many of the others that are currently available.

EA Sports UFC 3 – A top installment that helped launch UFC gaming

Although there were many games before it was released, it is possible to argue that 3 changed how MMA-themed games were received when it was launched in 2018. Players found that this title was one of the very best to have ever been created at the time.

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The developer – who is known for being able to create some of the best sports-themed titles in history – was able to introduce ultra-realistic graphics and visuals that made each fight in the Octagon look like they were happening for real, as did the use of the slow-motion action replays. It does have its moments and issues, though, which arguably stop it from being the very best.


If you are an enthusiast of the UFC and want to enhance your passion for the MMA sport through video gaming, then you are going to want to try these titles out before any other that might be available. These are among the very best to have ever been released, as they can provide realistic gameplay experiences that are accessible and feature everything that fight fans can expect to see when two competitors step into the Octagon.