Gina Rinehart Immediate Multiplex Review – Scam or Legit? Guest Post

The federal government has consistently failed to comment on Gina Rinehart’s statement, instead doing everything in its power to prevent the information from leaking out. But why?

“I will be honest as always, the way I found for additional and passive profit is hidden by the government in every possible way… This is done so that ordinary citizens do not find out about it and become financially independent, because who will serve them and do their dirty work for them?”

Gina Rinehart iGeorgina Hope Rinehart AO (née Hancock, born 9 February 1954) is an Australian billionaire mining magnate and businesswoman. She is also known for her sharp mind and her ability to ask difficult questions and give sensational answers, which contributes to her popularity.

This happened during a live talk show where Gina Rinehart was the guest and it was about how she is making money after stepping down as host of A Current Affair. Gina Rinehart didn’t hold back and talked about her passive income, urging Australians to take advantage of her method as soon as possible.

In their opinion, this method is hidden by the government and 98% of ordinary Australian citizens do not know about it, while politicians discreetly line their pockets with this method.

It was revealed the day after Gina’s vocal remarks on the show, police led her out of the home, prompting further questioning and confusion from viewers.

After this scandal, Gina was invited to the Today Show with Karl Stefanovic, and he asked her more about the program.

Expert from the show “Morning”:

Gina: “You know, I’ve never hidden myself, but my contacts with influential people and their advice have always helped me a lot. Likewise, I’ve tried many different methods to make money in my life, but at the moment I’m using one of the most convenient and easiest methods of investing, which is called

Karl Stefanovic: Can you show us what the app looks like and how it works?

Gina: Yes, of course, here you can see what it looks like on my mobile phone and show the viewers how much I’ve earned so far.

At this point, Karl Stefanovic was visibly shocked and showed the audience a phone with an incredible balance sheet, the audience was visibly shocked that it was possible to earn so much investing with minimal knowledge.

Karl Stefanovic: To be honest, I’m a bit shocked because I don’t understand why the government is hiding such an opportunity? It will make people richer and boost the country’s economy

Gina: Think about it. If someone can make $100,000 in less than a few months, why would they keep working? Of course, anyone can use my method, but if everyone gets rich, then who will work in restaurants, shops, etc. that run factories? Imagine, according to statistics, an average Australian family spends 250-500 dollars per week, and this program can increase this amount at least 5 times per week. Yes, of course, many people will be scared or think it is complicated, but look at me, do you think I know anything about investing? Not of course, I was just listening to people who are knowledgeable and have already tried this method. That is my secret. I therefore strongly recommend that you at least familiarize yourself with this project and submit a free application so that the administrator can explain everything in detail.”


Before we publish this information at Gina, our editor-in-chief wanted us to do a thorough research. Management wanted to avoid releasing information that could cause fellow citizens to lose their hard-earned money. So our editors went looking for ordinary people using to find out if it works the way Gina describes it. And a few days later we were contacted by a family who agreed to share their story with

The story of a family who changed their lives with

Today’s heroes are the Smith family. Hannah was a teacher and Lucas was a gardener, and prior to the project, the family struggled with money every month. On the advice of a friend, Lucas decided to try .

Lukas Smith You know, when I made the first minimum deposit of $250, I thought this was our last chance at a better life because there were no other options. Then I would sit and update the project website every minute and look at my bank balance and I would have a nervous breakdown and after 10 minutes I had a bank balance of $210 I thought it was over and after that I said goodbye to my money and went to mine Family. The next morning, before work, I decided to look at this site, and not in vain, overnight the program was able to bring a net profit of 300 dollars with 92% profitable trades. After that I just checked the account balance every day and made more profit every day. And guess what? We have been using this project for 6 months now and in that time we have bought our house, I have started my own business and my wife has quit her job.

So we’re excited and thank the creators of this program for making it so easy to invest and we encourage everyone to try it for themselves.”

Here is Lucas’ quick guide on how to make money with a trading platform:

  1. 1. Use the provided by Gina
  2. 2. and carefully and correctly fill in all the fields of the form.
  3. 3. Wait for the platform manager to call your mobile number and confirm your registration.
  4. 4. Select the desired investment amount and receive your first payout the same evening