Hassle-Free Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

In the past few years, WhatsApp has emerged as one of the fastest-growing platforms for online engagements, with around 450 million users. It is an advertisement-free mobile messaging application that allows users to exchange texts and multimedia through the Internet or WiFi. It supports almost all mobile devices; you can communicate with anybody anywhere worldwide and send free photographs, videos, and messages.

Although various competitors offer some of the same features as this application, WhatsApp turned out to be the best FREE mobile application worldwide that provides means of communication for smartphone users worldwide. Especially for internationally traveling business persons or families who have other family members overseas. WhatsApp is a revolutionary application based on a simple system of free messaging; today, this application is used by millions of people worldwide with a rate of 1M new users daily!

But the WhatsApp application is not perfect; besides having many pros, it has cons, too; unfortunately, the official way to move WhatsApp Chats from Android to iPhone has too many limitations. WhatsApp provides the option to export your chat history in the form of an Email attachment between different platforms which is not the most satisfactory option because you can’t continue the chats that way. Moreover, WhatsApp carries almost all your precious memories, be it your particular messages or memorable images; we fear losing all of them. So, when changing Android to iPhone, the first thing that comes to mind is figuring out how to transfer all the WhatsApp data to your new device securely and quickly. As the official way provided by Apple or WhatsApp to transfer data across different platforms does not seem very easy, we can always count on MobileTrans App.

MobileTrans – What to Know?

Besides being the most popular App, WhatsApp lacks the essential feature of message transferring across another operating system. And this is where applications like MobileTrans play a role.

MobileTrans is quite versatile. It has excelled in transferring all sorts of data; so efficient and moving data or backing up the device is simply simpler.

If you have just switched from iPhone to Android, WhatsApp might be the most you want to transfer to your new device; the chat history, images, and documents are so vital that you can’t afford to lose them. Fortunately, MobileTrans App has proven to work.

Mobile trans is the simplest and most effective way to take your WhatsApp chats from your android phone over to your iPhone, and this is something you might not believe. That you can do in pretty much just one click, it is simple and straightforward; you can’t get confused with it. It is one of the best programs that has made the transfer quite simple for non-tech people. This app is super handy and works for both iPhone and Android, and offers super safety. The Data is encrypted and can be transferred safely and seamlessly without compromising the quality!

MobileTrans App enables to transfer of WhatsApp from one device to another with different operating systems 1.e. iOS to Android and Android to iOS. Supports phone-phone, Phone- computer transfer, Restore data, and Backup. It supports 6000+ devices. Also, it keeps the entire WhatsApp chat history intact.

The software is designed for Windows 11/10/87 XP / Vista.

If you purchase the advanced versions, MobileTrans gives you a 7-day money-back guarantee.

How Does MobileTrans Work?

You can now . For this smooth and lucid transfer of data, all you need is a computer that could be Mac or Windows and the phone that you’re transmitting device data from, the other device, with two cables to connect each device to the computer.

  • Install MobileTrans software on your computer (Mac or Windows).
  • Then choose the option “WhatsApp Transfer” from the given options.
  • Connect both your devices to the computer with the help of a USB cable
  • Both the connected devices will be detected automatically
  • One device from which you are transferring the data will be marked as “Source.”
  • Another device to which the Data is being transferred is marked as the destination.
  • If you detect the wrong placement, click on the flip button.
  • Click on the start button to begin the WhatsApp transfer process
  • Now, wait till the process is complete, and do not disconnect your phone unless the process is completed.

After the completion of the process, launch WhatsApp on iPhone; iPhone will automatically detect the Data that has just been transferred

It will let you restore to your iOS device.

Mobile Trans app enables .

For this, you only need to connect one device.

  • Launch the MobileTrans app, and this time, select Backup and Restore mode, choose backup WhatsApp, and click on the start button to start the backup process.
  • The process will be completed within a few minutes; this backup file can now be viewed as a PDF file.
  • Later, you can restore the same Backup on your iOS device.

MobileTrans has many versions; the free version only lets you transfer your WhatsApp data from your device. You can only restore the Data when you purchase the licensed version. Each license will have a limited number of devices that you can transfer data.

MobileTrans has a very systematic approach to things; you will not find this versatility in any other app. It is one of the safest options to transfer your data at a fast pace. For beginners who are finding difficulty in the transfer of WhatsApp data between two operating systems, it’s a very suitable application for instant mobile transfer. MobileTrans is a brilliant addition to the world of technology that aims to bridge the gap by making data transfer a painless exercise as it hardly requires just a couple of clicks, and all the transferred Data remains secure and in its original form. It enables data transfer under any circumstances. It is the best safe Phone to Phone transfer solution.