How to Add Watermark to PDF on Mac (Compatible with macOS Sonoma)

Watermarks in PDF files help to identify the source or owner of the document. It helps in preventing the misuse of the document in an organization. Many people also add watermarks for copyright protection. For example, content creators or professionals use watermarks to protect their intellectual property. Therefore, watermarks on PDFs play a huge role in preserving the confidentiality of important documents.

To  professionally, you would need a reliable PDF tool. By reading this article, you can find an authorized PDF management tool that will let you add watermarks to PDFs on macOS effectively.

Introducing the Best Tool to Add Watermark to PDF on Mac

Do you want to watermark PDF on Mac flawlessly?  is one of the best and most excellent , which allows the creation and editing of PDF files. From its “Page Tools,” you can easily find the option to insert watermarks into PDFs in three different ways. Through this tool, add watermarks to your PDF by using images, text, and PDF files.

To add the textual watermark, you can write the content in your desired font. After choosing the font style, choose to add an underline to the text with a single tap. You can also adjust the alignment and color of the font from the given options. For adding image or PDF file watermarks, import the desired files on this tool instantly.

While adding watermarks, you can also manage the page range easily. You can also adjust the ratio and opacity of the inserted watermarks manually. Furthermore, select to add watermarks to the front and back pages of your PDF file.

For more copyright protection, you can add tiled watermarks on your PDFs with this tool. Through tiled watermarks, you can make it impossible for the removal of watermarks. While adding tiled watermarks, you can also adjust their vertical and horizontal alignments. For future use, UPDF allows you to save the created watermarks in its interface.How to Add Watermark to PDF on Mac (Compatible with macOS Sonoma)

How to Add Watermark to PDF on Mac Step-by-Step

To add a watermark to PDF on Mac using UPDF, the steps are pretty straightforward. With its intuitive controls, you can execute the process easily. This section will offer a detailed overview of adding a watermark to a PDF file in UPDF:

Step 1: Open the PDF File and Navigate to Page Tools

Once you have launched UPDF, open its main interface. Tap on its “Open File” button to import the desired file on its interface.

After importing the desired PDF file, click on “Page Tools” displayed on the left side. Afterward, click on “Watermark” displayed on top to proceed. Once done, select “Add” from the right panel.

Step 2: Insert Watermark in the Desired Way

UPDF lets you add watermarks in the form of text, images, and PDF files. Select your type of watermark from the given options. Once done, you can set its opacity and ratio easily. You can also insert tiled watermarks from the provided settings. Afterward, hit the “Save” button to apply the watermark on the document.

What Else UPDF Can Do Except Adding Watermark to PDF on Mac

UPDF is not only restricted to adding watermarks on PDF files. It’s a complete PDF management toolkit with abundant features. Using this PDF watermark tool, you can create, edit, and alter the settings of your PDF files. It also supports batch processing to let you complete the tasks simultaneously. Therefore, it’s an exceptional PDF tool that can optimize the quality of your document. Here are some of the evident features of UPDF that might help you:


UPDF AI steps up the game with the help of automated completion of tasks. Using explicit AI technology, you can summarize your lengthy PDF documents in a mere 30 seconds. It consumes a deep understanding of the input text to offer a clear and concise summary. You can also understand complex data charts present in your PDF files.

Furthermore, you can translate the language used in your PDFs directly on UPDF. Meanwhile, it ensures consistent formatting of your translated text. You can also use its “Explain” feature to learn the meanings of complex terms. Moreover, create AI-generated outlines on this tool by providing a desired topic. Thus, eliminate grammatical and spelling mistakes using this tool to make your PDF file flawless.

2. Edit PDF

The PDF editor of UPDF is capable of performing various operations. You can add, replace, and edit the text in your PDF files with a single click. While editing the text, specify its font, style, size, and color easily. Moreover, you can also insert and replace images in your PDF with this tool. Once done with adding images, you can crop and resize them accordingly.

To incorporate extra information, you can insert hyperlinks in your PDFs. While adding a link, you can also select its style and thickness from the options. To make your PDF file vibrant, add different backgrounds while controlling its settings. Moreover, you can insert headers and footers through UPDF effectively.

3. Convert PDF

UPDF also functions as a converter for the conversion of PDF to and from other common formats. It supports all the commonly used Office file formats like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and CSV. Furthermore, it also shows compatibility with image formats like PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, etc. You can also convert PDF to Text, HTML, XML, and RTF file formats with a single click.

During the file conversion, UPDF ensures lossless quality. Therefore, you can have the consistent formatting and layout after the conversion process. Moreover, you can also export your PDF file to PDF/A format. Thus, UPDF is the best place to convert PDF files from and to other formats within a few minutes.

4. OCR

The OCR functionality of PDF files allows you to convert your scanned images and documents to editable and searchable documents. It offers reliable results with support for 38 different languages. This tool offers the highest OCR speed with up to 99% accuracy. To perform OCR, UPDF offers three options: text and pictures only, text over the page image, and text under the page image.


UPDF is an efficient tool that provides highly accurate results while saving time. It’s a compatible tool that can be used on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. It also uses AI features to help in polishing your PDF files. In its friendly interface, you can easily add a watermark to PDF on Mac without any hassle.

UPDF is now offering an exclusive discount with the best price of the year. Grab it now. After buying any subscription plan UPDF, you can use all the premium features of it on multiple devices. Currently, UPDF is giving a huge discount for beginners and students. Thus, you should avail yourself of this opportunity to buy this PDF management toolkit to boost your productivity.