Is Constellation ($DAG) the next 100x? A Deep Dive into the Next-Gen Blockchain Guest Post

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrencies, where innovative projects emerge regularly, stands out as a promising player. Launched with the vision to overcome the scalability issues faced by traditional blockchains, Constellation aims to redefine the limitations of decentralized networks. In this comprehensive breakdown, we will delve into the ambitious goals of the Constellation project, explore its tokenomics, introduce key figures behind the scenes, highlight existing partnerships, and provide a holistic view for potential investors and enthusiasts.

The Vision and Mission

At its core, Constellation seeks to address the scalability trilemma – the challenge of achieving decentralization, security, and scalability simultaneously. To achieve this, the team has implemented a novel Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) architecture, enabling the network to scale horizontally. Unlike traditional blockchain structures, DAG allows for multiple transactions to occur simultaneously, enhancing the overall throughput of the network.

The Constellation ecosystem is designed to support a variety of use cases, from enterprise solutions to decentralized applications (DApps). With a strong emphasis on security and efficiency, Constellation aims to become the go-to platform for developers seeking to build scalable and secure decentralized applications.

What sets Constellation Network apart?

Constellation Network stands out as a decentralized platform geared towards empowering developers to construct highly scalable and application-specific blockchains. The platform allows developers to create Metagraphs, also known as subnetworks, enabling them to tailor their applications for data validation and crypto incentives.

The overarching vision of Constellation is to facilitate interoperability between web2 and other blockchain networks. Notably, the project has been in direct collaboration with the US Department of Defense since 2019, aiming to develop secure and interoperable communications through Metagraphs.

A More In Depth Look into the Directed Acyclic Graph Protocol Technology

An intriguing facet of Constellation is its status as a directed acyclic graph (DAG) protocol, named Hypergraph, distinguishing it from traditional blockchains. This deviation brings several distinctive features:

  • Transaction Recording: Unlike blockchains that rely on a linear chain of blocks for recording transactions, DAGs use a web-like structure, enabling the validation of multiple transactions simultaneously.
  • Consensus Mechanism: While blockchains employ methods like proof of work or proof of stake for consensus, DAGs leverage the Proof of Reputable Observation, allowing for faster consensus.
  • Transaction Speed: Thanks to its high scalability and unique consensus mechanism, Constellation’s Hypergraph can process an impressive 80,000 transactions per second on the application layer, surpassing the capabilities of most blockchains.
  • Metagraph Applications: Developers can harness tools to construct customized networks (L1s) on top of the Hypergraph, enhancing scalability and security.

Tokenomics & Price Potential

Understanding the tokenomics of any cryptocurrency is crucial for potential investors. Constellation operates on a utility token model with $DAG serving as the native cryptocurrency of the network. The total supply of $DAG is capped at 3,550,000,000 tokens, with 2,960,359,778 tokens currently in circulation. As of 15th January 2024, the market cap of Constellation is valued at $174,719,011 with a price of just $0.059, placing it at rank 258 among other cryptocurrencies.

Using a simple we can project the potential price and market cap if $DAG was to perform a 100x from today’s price. $DAG would reach a price of $5.92 and have a market cap of $17,534,261,665 which would be comparable to other cryptocurrencies such as Cardano ($ADA) and Avalanche ($AVAX).

Community Engagement

A vibrant and engaged community is often indicative of a project’s potential for success. Constellation actively fosters its community through it’s , and regular . The team’s commitment to transparent communication and community involvement strengthens the overall trust in the project.


In conclusion, Constellation ($DAG) emerges as a formidable contender in the realm of blockchain technology, aiming to reshape the limitations of scalability. With a robust team, innovative technology, strategic partnerships, and a clear roadmap, Constellation holds promise for those seeking a project with the potential to disrupt the status quo. As always, potential investors should conduct thorough research and due diligence before making any investment decisions in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies.