Loop Earplugs – Reviews – Variants & How To Use Guide

The development of loop earplugs and other hearing protection devices is to reduce loud noise and protect people’s hearing in loud environments such as Concerts, Music Festivals, Industrial settings, or construction sites.

They might also help if you are hanging out with your spouse and he’s breathing too loud. They make eating + watching tv with him more bearable. ????

There are four Specific impulses behind the creation of Loop Earplugs:

  1. Hearing Protection
  2. Sound Clarity
  3. Comfort and Convenience
  4. Environmental Awareness

Loop Earplugs

These Earplugs are a type of earplugs designed to reduce the sound intensity entering the ears. They are made up of silicone and memory foam (both materials are very soft and comfortable), providing comfort and fit to ear canal shape.

Loop Earplugs is the number one technology company in Belgium with a growth rate of 15,275 percent. Conclude, the fastest tech-growing company based on revenue in the past four years.

How to Use Loop Earplugs

Just “insert and turn” in order to insert loop ear plugs. The best thing about these ear plugs, they should not stick out and be visible from the front.  

Different Sizes

For the perfect fit size, you need to try all sizes. If you stick out or hurt, go down the size. If you don’t feel secure, go up a size.

These Earplugs come in 4 and 3 sizes

  1. 4 Sizes of silicone ear tips
  2. 3 sizes of foam ear tips

Change Ear Tips

The best and easy way to change the loop ear plugs tip:

  1. Turn the ear tip inside out and gently pull it off.
  2. Turn the new ear tip inside out, Align, and push.

Clean Loop Earplugs

In order to clean the loop, only the ear tips can go into the water:

  1. Use a Damp Cloth with water.
  2. Don’t use chemicals

How to Carry Them

These ear plugs come up with a loop link. Loop links make your life easy and keep your loops close. If you are hesitant to run, dance, and move around whether they are always within reach or not, then this magnetic, stylish, and tug-resistant connector cord keeps your loop safe.

  • Step 1: You need to Push the Loop through the silicone ring, and ear tip first – no need to remove the ear tip. ​
  • Step 2: Same you have to Repeat the second loop. ​
  • Step 3: Hang your Loop Link around your neck and snap the magnetic parts together.

Where to Buy Loop Earplugs

Your favorite and the world’s best earplugs come up with five different variants. You can shop each variant from

  1. Loop Quiet Ear Plugs – 27 dB noise Reduction
  2. Loop Experience Ear Plugs – 18 dB noise Reduction
  3. Loop Experience Plus Ear Plugs – 18 dB noise Reduction
  4. Loop Engage Ear Plugs – 16 dB noise Reduction
  5. Loop Engage Plus Ear Plugs – 16 dB noise Reduction

The best variant with price and reduce noise quality is Loop Quiet Ear Plugs, which can reduce noise up to 27 db for just $21.90.

Different Loop Ear Plugs Accessories

  1. Loop Link
  2. Extra Carry Case
  3. Loop Mute

Loop Mute

If you want to reduce the noise reduction by furthermore 5 Decibels, then Loop Mute can be your best companion. Available in six colors

  1. Black
  2. Blue
  3. Red
  4. White
  5. Pink
  6. Green

Loop Earplugs Reviews

Here are some user experiences with Loop Ear plugs. Read those user reviews and decide whether you want to go with purchase or not.

“I’ve found them really helpful for everyday use personally! They don’t block out noise completely, it’s more like “taking the edge off of it” as my mom described. It softens noises so they’re less sharp sounding and loud but you can still generally make out sounds so they can be used in conversations pretty easily
I use them a lot in shops and I used them in the classroom in school loads before I graduated too”

“I find that regular earplugs muffle noise a bit too much for me, since I particularly use my loops to hear speech (like when watching loud TV with others or in conversation), the muffling was always too much.I’m not sure if they’re noise cancelling or not, I would assume not since there’s no technology involved but I’m not very knowledgeable on things like that to be honest lol. They do soften ambient noise without completely muffling it though if that helps answer your question at all :)”

“For me they were game changers. I have all models and use them all differently 🙂 ->
Quiet: for sleeping or hard focusing
Experience: for outgoing without social interactions (car noises, shopping etc.) or learning.
Engage: for social gatherings and focusing on talks beside “louder” noises.
I was pretty tired at the first week I was putting them in, because I never realised how trilling noises can be. The feeling I can describe, is like a blanket who protects you from overstimulation (caused by noises ofc).”

“Experience -18dB
You can get the Mute inserts to add another -5dB to them though. I definitely want to get those eventually.”

“I was disappointed, they did nothing for me”

“They work for me, I have 2 pairs. I can have a conversation with someone without hearing the background din”

“I haven’t used them in day to day activities, but they’re a DREAM for going to the movies. I am now able to enjoy a movie without hearing people around me eating food or whispering to their friends. As long as someone isn’t directly next to me eating popcorn loudly, they’re great in this specific instance.”

“Came here to say this! More expensive =/= better here! Check the dB rating before you buy, I have the quiet (cheapest) and I think they’re also the ones that will damped noises the most. I use these for bars and concerts where you basically have to shout to hear anyone. Got me out of a dubstep concert with minimal ear ringing.”

I think those reviews are enough to decide. The choice is yours. My preference is also to go with Loop Quiet.

How to Do Loop Earplugs Work

Loop earplugs, also known as high-fidelity earplugs or acoustic filters, work by reducing the intensity of loud sounds while preserving sound clarity.

  1. Acoustic filters – Loop earplugs are equipped with acoustic filters, which are small devices designed to dampen or reduce the intensity of certain frequencies of sound.

Earbuds Vs Ear plugs:

It is true that earbuds and earplugs are both small devices that are worn in the ear, but their functions are different:


  • Earbuds are small, lightweight audio devices that are inserted into the ear canal to deliver sound directly to the ears.
  • Earbuds are equipped with speakers and are designed to provide a high-quality audio listening experience.
  • Earbuds are typically not designed for hearing protection.


  • Earplugs are hearing protection devices designed to reduce the intensity of sound entering the ears.
  • Earplugs are usually made from soft and flexible materials, such as foam, silicone, or rubber, which conform to the shape of the ear canal for a comfortable fit.
  • Earplugs are not designed for audio listening.