Music Insights Now Surprisingly Affordable!

Viberate is at the forefront of a revolution in music analytics, offering unparalleled insights into spotify stats for every industry professional at an incredibly affordable price of just $9.90 per month. This move marks a significant departure from the traditionally high-priced music data services that have historically been a barrier for indie labels and artists. Viberate’s mission is clear and powerful: “Creating a more inclusive music business by making high-quality data affordable for every industry professional.” By slashing the price of their professional suite from $129 to a mere $9.90 per month, they are democratizing access to crucial music analytics.

The music analytics provided by Viberate are comprehensive, covering over a million artists and translating their performance across various platforms — including streaming services, social media, and other channels — into actionable information. This data is vital for making informed business decisions, and Viberate offers analytics specifically tailored to popular channels like Spotify and TikTok. The platform includes data-infused charts and tools essential for discovering talent, planning promotional campaigns, and creating detailed business reports.

Focusing on , Viberate offers a detailed analysis of every artist’s performance on Spotify. This includes tracking monthly listeners, followers, streams, and playlist appearances. Artists can review their Spotify history and even delve into daily data. A unique feature is the ability to analyze all of an artist’s songs in one place, with filters such as streams, release date, and the ability to listen to the tracks directly. Additionally, Viberate provides a breakdown of monthly listeners by country and city, offering valuable insights into an artist’s global reach.

The playlist analyzer by Viberate is a powerful tool for anyone interested in . It comprehensively assesses an artist’s performance on Spotify playlists, highlighting the best-performing playlists and songs. Users can monitor playlist reach and the number of active playlists over time, which is instrumental in gauging the impact of specific releases on Spotify.

Moreover, Viberate’s database boasts over 12 million playlists, facilitating the discovery of the most suitable playlists for an artist’s genre and career stage. The platform’s filtering options are extensive, allowing users to sort playlists by genre, type (including indie curators, editorial, and algorithmic), song popularity, and release date. This is particularly beneficial for finding playlists featuring newly released tracks. Furthermore, playlists can be sorted by popularity metrics such as the number of followers, monthly follower growth, or the number of songs.

enhances the usability of spotify stats by offering detailed artist rankings on Spotify. These rankings can be tailored with filters like country, genre, and performance, offering a multi-dimensional view of an artist’s presence on the platform. In addition to overall rankings, the platform features channel-specific rankings that are particularly useful for talent scouting and comparison.

The Chart feature of Viberate is a game-changer for talent discovery, allowing A&Rs to identify and evaluate new talent with greater speed and efficiency. Users can save different filtering options and revisit the chart for quick access to preferred data.

In conclusion, Viberate’s approach to music analytics, especially their in-depth spotify stats and comprehensive stats for spotify, positions them as a vital tool for industry professionals. Their commitment to making high-quality data affordable and accessible is changing the landscape of the music industry, making it more inclusive and data-driven. For anyone in the music industry looking to leverage data for strategic decisions, Viberate’s analytical tools are an invaluable resource.