Rush Mommy Provides Tips on Improving Your E-Mail Campaigns

Email marketing is a core aspect of an organization’s digital marketing. Indeed, global email marketing revenue will be in 2023. The ultimate goal of email marketing is for people to click through to a relevant page on your e-commerce site. Here are some tips from  and founder Amanda Jaggers on improving the clickthrough rate of your email campaigns.


Develop a Good List

One key to encouraging people to open email and click through is sending emails to people genuinely interested in receiving them. Avoid buying lists because those on the list may lack interest in your services and products. Instead, build your list of people who have visited your site. You can collect email addresses in several ways, including

  • By offering interesting gated content
  • Having loyalty and referral programs
  • From social media
  • Offering discounts and deals
  • Having people signup for sales
  • Using embedded signup forms

Write Compelling Content

Another key is making your email content so compelling that people want to learn more. Write a clear, concise, enticing, and clickable subject line. Then write concisely about a topic that will interest your readers. Many email programs preview the text along with the subject line. Use that space to provide a 50-character or less synopsis of the main point.

Also, provide clear text links and insert at least one clickable link above the fold. Also, add social media sharing buttons to all your emails to improve your reach. Finally, include one call to action per email.

Also, always test different versions of your emails before launching your campaign to see which works best.

Optimize Appearance

A clean appearance will also improve your clickthrough rate. Use plenty of images and hyperlink them to your website. Also, avoid using distracting background images; choose a color background instead. Not everyone will see the HTML version, so optimize your plain text version.

Many people read their emails on their mobile phones, so optimizing your email and website for mobile use is critical. Here are some hints for optimizing your emails for mobile phones:

  • Shorten the subject line and body text. Subject lines of 30 characters or less are better.
  • Design the email vertically. The phone screen is two to six inches wide.
  • Use fewer images but optimize them. Any image larger than 1MB can cause the email to load slowly.
  • Make calls to action short and make the CTA button about the size of a thumb to make clicking easier.
  • Invest in responsive email templates.

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