Struggling to Rank Your Roofing Site? Ultimate Roofing SEO Plan I Use to Rank Roofers #1 in Google Guest Post

Roofing companies have a huge opportunity to dominate the search rankings in their local areas if they implement the right SEO strategy. As a senior SEO expert with over 15 years of experience specializing in the roofing industry, I’ve developed a comprehensive SEO plan that I know will help roofing companies outrank their competition. Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for roofing companies looking to drive more website traffic, leads, and sales in 2023. As an experienced , I have developed an ultimate roofing SEO plan that delivers results.

Why SEO is Critical for Roofing Companies

The roofing business is extremely competitive. When someone needs a new roof installed or roof repairs, they typically search online to find the best local company. SEO allows you to show up at the top of those search results, right when the customer is ready to buy.

Some critical stats on why SEO matters in the roofing industry:

  • 97% of people looking to hire a roofer search online to find one. You need to be at the top of those search results to get the call.
  • The top 5 organic search ranking results get over 75% of all clicks. If you’re not in those top spots, you’re missing out on a huge share of potential business.
  • Over half of all website traffic comes from organic search. This traffic is interested and ready to buy. Make SEO a top priority to drive results.

Ranking high in organic search is imperative for any roofing company expecting to grow and compete in today’s digital landscape. With this comprehensive SEO guide, I’ll teach you exactly how to do it.

Reach customers searching for roofing services

Roofing SEO allows you to appear when local homeowners search services like “roofer near me” or “roof repair contractor.” If you rank highly, you’ll drive more visits and phone calls.

Build trust and authority for your roofing business

Ranking on page 1 of search engines establishes credibility. Homeowners will choose the roofing company they find most reliable and trustworthy.

Generate more roofing leads and sales

Good SEO leads directly to more calls, contact form submissions, and sales from new customers. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your revenue.

Focus on Ranking for Your Most Important Keywords

The foundation of a results-driven SEO strategy is identifying and ranking for your most profitable keywords. As a roofing company, you’ll want to target keywords around the following main categories:

  • Local Service Areas
  • Roofing Services
  • Roofing Materials

Make a list of your most important keywords and the average monthly searches for each (you can use Google’s Keyword Planner tool for this). Focus your optimization efforts on the terms that have the most searches and the highest potential value per click.

Google also gives more weight to location-modified searches like “Denver roofers” or “Dallas roof installation”. Be sure to target these types of geo-modified keywords as well.

Optimize Your Website Content

The content on your website is the main thing Google uses to understand what your company does and to determine how to rank you in the search results. Follow these best practices for creating SEO-friendly content:

Include Important Keywords Naturally Throughout Your Content

You want to naturally incorporate your most important keywords in strategic places like:

  • Page titles
  • Headings and subheadings
  • Image file names and alt text
  • URL slugs
  • Opening paragraph
  • Scattered throughout in text

Write In-depth, Useful Content

Google values websites that create detailed, high quality content that adds value for searchers. Make sure each page of your site has at least 300+ words of helpful information related to the topic. Include specifics like materials, services, credentials and anything else that shows your expertise.

Optimize Individual Landing Pages

Don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to site content. Create customized on-page content for each of your most important services that targets the critical keywords you want to rank for.

For example, your “Roof Replacement Services” page should be highly focused on the user intent and keywords around finding a roofer to install or replace a roof. Include key details about your specific replacement services.

In addition to on-page optimization, getting external websites to link back to your site also signals trust and authority to Google. This helps boost your organic rankings substantially over time.

There are a variety of strategic link building tactics roofing companies can leverage to build more powerful backlinks such as:

Cultivate Referral Partners

Local roofing supply stores, siding companies or gutter pros may be willing to link to your site in exchange for referral leads you send them. Set up a formal partnership.

Guest Blog Outreach

Contact local home improvement blogs or national roofing trade sites about contributing posts related to your expertise. Make sure your bio includes a link back to your site.

Sponsor a local youth sports team or community event and have them display your site link prominently on their website in return.

Create Roofing Industry Resources

Develop in-depth how-to guides, cost calculators or visual tools related to roofing/gutters/siding and outreach to applicable sites to get them to link back to your content.

The key is to land backlinks from quality sites related to your industry and local area. Each new backlink acts as an SEO vote to increase your search visibility.

Follow Google Best Practices For Maximum Visibility

As the world’s #1 search engine, the way you can best optimize your site for Google is always evolving. Here are some key technical and design best practices to follow for maximum SEO benefit:

Prioritize Mobile Design

Over 60% of all Google searches occur on mobile devices. Make sure your site is fully responsive with a mobile-friendly design to appease Google’s mobile-first ranking algorithm.

Optimize Website Speed

Faster loading websites outrank slower ones. Use image compression, caching, minimal redirects and other speed optimization techniques to improve site performance. should load in under 3 seconds at most.

Emphasize Security

An insecure site triggers Google penalties and brand damage. Implement HTTPS websites and routinely check for any malware or vulnerabilities.

Provide Easy Site Navigation

Allow users (and search bots!) to easily crawl around your site content through simple main menus, site search and internal linking between related pages of content.

Following Google’s exacting technical guidelines pays dividends through better UI, higher conversions and increased organic visibility.

Track and Measure Results

You can’t optimize what you don’t measure. Make sure to implement SEO tracking so you can monitor the impact of your efforts over time. Critical metrics to track include:

  • Organic traffic – Number of visits from search engines monthly
  • Keyword rankings – What terms you currently rank for and their positions
  • Backlinks – How many sites currently link back and from where
  • Lead quality – Measure conversion rate of organic traffic vs other channels

Based on this tracking data, you can determine the SEO tactics working well and those needing adjustment to maximize your rankings and search engine visibility.

Execute an Ongoing SEO Strategy

With the constant flux of Google algorithm updates, customer search behavior shifts and new competitive threats emerging daily, SEO is never “one and done”. You need to approach it as an ongoing, evergreen strategy.

Dedicate resources for continual content creation, link building outreach, keyword expansion and monitoring SEO results to stay ahead. Technology advances like AI are also unlocking more advanced SEO opportunities over time.

SEO Delivers the Highest ROI for Roofers

As search marketing becomes more competitive and AdWords more expensive, now is the time to double down on SEO as an acquisition strategy.

Organic search converts 6-8x more than paid search and delivers the greatest ROI long-term versus other marketing channels for roofers targeting local search traffic.

By implementing this comprehensive local SEO game plan focused on best practices around content, backlink building and search visibility, roofing companies can outrank competitors and become the go-to leader in their respective regions for years to come.

What aspect of SEO are you looking to improve first? Let’s connect to craft a custom SEO strategy tailored to your specific roofing business goals.