The Perfect Type of Gold Chains For Men 

Men have now started accessorizing themselves. You can buy several chains for men, such as the  can style with every outfit. You can also buy some silver jewelry if you like pairing your outfit with any jewelry or accessories. Men are inspired by accessories such as earrings, etc., making them look smart and stylish. You can take your styling a notch up by pairing your outfit with some of the most incredible jewelry out there. There are different types of gold chains for men. You can choose one based on your style or the desired look.

Unrecognizable crop ethnic male in golden chains with crosses and six pointed star of David

Types of Gold Chain for Men

There are various types of gold chains available out there. You can do your research before picking the perfect gold chain for yourself. Some of the famous gold chain types are listed below:

Dog Tag Chains

The dog tag necklace is one of the most common necklaces worn by military men. The dog tag was initially developed as a practical way to identify military troops – one tag was placed in the boot, and the other was worn around the neck – but it has since become one of the most popular forms of jewelry for men.

However, there is a distinction between a functioning military dog tag necklace and a fashion dog tag necklace. The latter lacks the crucial personal information present on real military dog tags. On the other hand, military dog tag necklaces have a leather-like backing all around, unlike fashion dog tag necklaces.

In contrast to practical dog tags composed of sterling silver, fashion dog tags are gold, silver, and other metals. The dog tag necklaces have a silver beaded chain with a double pendant at the end. You can also pair these chains with men’s kadas.

Chains with Pendant

Pendant necklaces are one of the most popular forms of men’s necklaces available today. They’re fashioned out of a long, simple chain with a delicate and simple charm. Pendant necklaces, when coupled with jewelry like are perfect for a casual outfit, and the pendants come in various styles.

Feather Chains

Feather necklaces for guys may be a terrific alternative for you if you’re seeking an artistic look. These necklaces are fashionable, adaptable, and lovely. Metal chains with plastic beads or shells are common, as is a created metallic leather pendant in place of a pendant. Rather than metal feathers, natural feathers will be used as pendants on some feather necklaces. Unlike women’s feather necklaces, Men’s necklaces contain smaller feathers that suit your appearance effortlessly.

Anchor Chains

These necklace chains have a one-of-a-kind design inspired by the marine environment, and it derives its name, Anchor/ Mariner Chain, from its resemblance to the chains that connect the anchors. You must include at least one of these to the gold chain men usually prefer. As a result, if you enjoy the water, the anchor/ mariner chain necklace could be an attractive option. These chains could be ideal if you seek a solid and durable necklace.

Ball Chains

The ball/bead chain necklace comprises several tiny beads joined together to form a longer chain. The balls/beads could be joined very close together or have smaller gaps to allow mobility. These chain necklaces are usually paired with dog tags or pendants and aren’t particularly attractive on their own. Unfortunately, they are flimsy and readily break apart.

Cable Chains

Cable chain necklaces resemble iron chains and are one of the most basic forms of necklaces for guys. They’ve been around for generations and are made up of a succession of identical oval links that are linked together to form a lovely chain. A cable chain is more attractive when worn with a pendant than worn alone; it is strong and readily repaired if it breaks.

Box Chain

These necklaces are made up of square links that form a continuous chain. They’re available in various widths and lengths, and they’re sturdy and won’t break easily. Their replacement is similarly simple, as the chain may be reattached without affecting the general design. These chains are popular among men, and they are available in both gold and silver.

Rope Chain

This is a lovely necklace chain with multiple metal segments intertwined to resemble a rope, complete with the twisting pattern that mimics an actual rope. It’s sturdy, long-lasting, and substantial, making it great for wearing with pendants.

Figaro Chain

The Figaro business, which has its origins in Italy, takes its name from the title character in the famous Italian opera The Barber of Seville. The flat oval link pattern on this necklace makes it unique. A typical design consists of one huge link and two or three lesser links. The Figaro chain is a version of the curb chain necklace.

Snake Chain

Snake chains are a hybrid of herringbone and omega chains, consisting of tightly interwoven plates or bands that resemble snakeskin. The outcome is a zig-zag design that is smooth and circular. They’re known for being delicate and work well with pendants.


Chains have become quite popular among men. Search for Dil ke deals and then choose from various gold chains. Buy one that will complement most of your outfits. You can also purchase 2-3 chains to have some options with you.