Top 5 Butterfly Valve Manufacturers In China Guest Post

A butterfly valve is important in the valve industry as it regulates or isolates fluid flow. The butterfly valve has a closing mechanism that rotates like a disk. Belonging to the family of rotational quarter-turn motion valves, they are generally used to stop the fluid flow and, thus, are implemented in pipelines. 

China is known for its manufacturing capabilities at a minimal production cost. China constantly improves its manufacturing methods, reaching an eminent standard in international quality. When butterfly valve manufacturing is being discussed, China has to be considered as it is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and exporters of butterfly valves. 

There are hundreds of butterfly valve manufacturing companies in China. Hence, it isn’t easy to rank them. But, in this work, we have compiled and put forward the reliable China butterfly valve manufacturers to help you choose the top 5 butterfly valve manufacturers in China.

Top 5 Butterfly Valve Manufacturers In China

  1. Jiangnan Valve Co., Ltd

Jiangnan Valve Co., Ltd. has more than three decades of experience in the valve production industry. Throughout its history, the organization, a direct subordinate of Jiangnan Holding Group, has experienced significant growth. Jiangnan Valve has maintained a competitive edge on a national and international scale, and the organization adheres rigorously to API, ISO, CE, EN, and ASME quality standards.

Leading Jiangnan Valve Products:

  • Butterfly check valve HBH
  • Vacuum butterfly valve ZKD
  •  Butterfly valve with triple offset DTD
  • Butterfly valve with double offset DTDX
  • Butterfly valve with high-performance GSD
  1. Tianjin Zhongfa Valve Company Limited: A in Tianjin

Valve ZFA is an industrial valve manufacturer based in Tianjin, China, established in 2006. It primarily manufactures various valves, including butterfly, gate, check, and knife gate valves.

If you’re looking for a valve that meets the worldwide standards set by organizations like ASTM, ANSI, ISO, BS, DIN, GOST, JIS, KS, etc., go no further. Ideal operating conditions range from -30℃ to 200℃, nominal pressure 0.1Mpa~2.0Mpa, and size DN40-DN1200. Our solutions are designed to work with various media, including gases, fluids, solids, powders, and even corrosive ones. They find widespread use in HVAC, fire prevention, water conservation projects, urban water supply and drainage, electric power, petroleum, chemical industries, etc.

To ensure efficacy and client satisfaction, we maintain high efficiency and carefully supervise quality control. Our pre-sale, sale, and after-sale services are prompt and effective. We have obtained the CE WRAS and ISO 9001 certifications.

  1. Jiangsu Shentong Valve

Jiangsu Shentong Valve has abundant expertise in producing butterfly valves, with a remarkable track record spanning more than 19 years. They have gained renown in China and other nations for their expertise in exporting butterfly valves designed for saltwater and natural gas applications. Additionally, it is a well-known manufacturer of AWWA butterfly valves.

The firm now distributes over 2000 products worldwide. Shengtong stands out for its production of valves that adhere to tight compliance standards for energy efficiency and reduced carbon emissions. As a result, it has emerged as a leader in the butterfly valve sector within the China Valve Association.

  1. Hongcheng General Machinery: A Butterfly Valve Manufacturer in Hubei

Hongcheng is a prominent manufacturer of butterfly valves in China. Hubei Hongcheng General Machinery Co., Ltd has a remarkable 64-year track record. It is a prominent valve manufacturing industry leader in China. The firm is renowned for its state-of-the-art, extensive valve manufacturing facility, boasting a repertoire of over 500 kinds of machines and equipment dedicated to valve production. Their valve manufacturing plant has machinery such as

  • CNC plasma cutting machine
  • Valve welding center
  • Modern lathe and boring machines

These machineries are specifically manufacturing butterfly valves.

The top butterfly valve items offered by Hongcheng are:

  • A butterfly valve designed specifically for use in a hydroelectric plant.
  • This butterfly valve manufacturer specializes in manufacturing thermal power. Moreover, it manufactures high-performance butterfly valves ranging from DN80 to DN6000.
  1. POV Valve Company:

The POV Valve Company is a Chinese company making soft-seated butterfly valves for more than 17 years. With 12 idea rights, POV has been one of the world’s top businesses.

The company uses a lot of high-tech tools to make butterfly valves. They have won over thousands of customers in 80 countries worldwide. POV has an ISO system approval for its structure. Its products are insured and have passed BV Marine, CE, and Fire Tests. 

POV main products:

  • Lug butterfly valve
  • Flanged butterfly valve
  • Wafer butterfly valve
  • Lined butterfly valve


These five manufacturers from China manufacture butterfly valves of the highest quality. They meet every criterion for such products. In addition to utilizing high-quality raw materials in producing their products, they emphasize the design and technology used in the manufacturing process of their butterfly valves. 

Furthermore, these five manufacturers are renowned for their exceptional customer service departments and global transportation capabilities. Therefore, China’s butterfly valve manufacturing industry is expanding rapidly. Its advanced technology and expert labor, effectively reducing production costs and elevating its status to an unmatched level.