Top 8 Gadgets Every Remote Worker Needs

One of the benefits of virtual working is the ability to customize your setup to ensure you have everything you need to make a success of your workday. While your boss may not be willing to foot the bill for your ideal setup, it could still be worth investing in. Removing frustration and ensuring a smooth workflow is critical to making the most of your working hours- and there’s always something to be said for having a little fun with tech, too. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for a remote worker or freelancer in your life, or you’re looking to snag some goodies of your own, here’s some fantastic goodies- and sensible workday companions- to make your remote working life simpler.

1) The Right Keyboard

A keyboard is a keyboard, right? Wrong! It is one of your . From the ergonomics of the shape right through to how responsive it is to key presses, the tactile feel, and how long it will last, there’s a wealth of difference between something like a top-end mechanical keyboard and a simple, cheap membrane one.

Depending on the work you do and the apps you most often access, you may even appreciate a specialty keyboard, or one whose layout you can customize to ensure you can access your most used key sets quickly. 

We recommend a top-end mechanical keyboard with ergonomic shaping. The shape and ergonomics will help support your wrist and keep your typing position healthy, while the better feedback and robust design of a mechanical keyboard will make it last longer- and feel better to use, to.

2) Ultra-Wide Monitor

Spending too many hours a day with your eyes squinting at a small screen is bad for your health. From headaches and eyestrain right through to long-term vision damage, it’s a major no. While this sort of strain is worse for people working with small icons or fine print on a monitor, it will affect everyone long term. 

Health aside, however, it also throttles your productivity. Especially if your workday demands a wide variety of programs or windows open at once. And alt-tabbing between them gets tiresome quickly. You might think that’s not you- but consider how many of us have at least a browser, , and some form of ‘team room’ or open at one time. And that’s before we actually get to work!

Some people favor a multi-monitor setup, but for everyone else, an ultrawide monitor is the best route. You’ll cut back on eyestrain, find it easier to work, and avoid squinting. You will also be able to open two apps side-by-side for better productivity. 

3) Extra Ports

As you need more and more devices to get through your workday, our laptops are shipping with less and less ports- counterintuitive, right? And as the Apple fans among us doubtless already know, they sometimes aren’t the type you need for the device you want to add.

Expand the versatility of your home setup with a hub or multiport adapter. Not only will this allow you to translate one USB port into several more, but you get modern adapters with mobile-focused ports, charging ports, and even extras like card readers or HDMI ports.

4) Noise Cancellation

No matter how quiet your environment, everyone can benefit from a noise canceling pair of earphones. That goes double if you’re frequently in-and-out of online meetings, where you can opt for a noise canceling headset with a quality mic to offer you the best possible experience.

5) A Wireless Phone Charger

Does it feel like your desk is drowning in cables? Whether you simply want a clean and tidy desk, have run out of plug options, or want to make sure the kids and pets can’t pull your expensive setup to the ground accidently, eliminating at least one wire from your setup can be a godsend. Using a wireless charger (which will also double as a ‘docking station’ for you to hold your phone at a convenient angle and always know where it is) will help clean your desk up and keep your mobile ready for a hard day’s work.

6) An External Webcam

Sure, these days you likely have a webcam integrated into either your screen or your laptop, but these don’t give the best picture quality- or the most flattering angles. If you attend a lot of online meetings, especially for work purposes, it pays to put your best foot forward and ensure you look utterly professional on every call. Not only can you better position an independent webcam to catch a good angle and the best background possible, but you can also benefit from HD quality video to ensure everyone can see you properly.

7) Smart Backup Solutions

This is less of a gadget then a class of them, and will look different for everyone. You may work only with documents and get away with several fun, high-quality thumb drives to ensure you always have a set of backups in case of data loss. Or you may want to invest in a top-of-the-line waterproof, shockproof 4TB external HDD. Whatever your needs, however, make sure you’ve found a sleek way to build backups into your daily office routine so that you never face the crushing loss of all your hard work. Some may even prefer a subscription to an online encrypted backup storage option. Just make sure you have a smart and appealing way to backup!

8) Fun Tech Decor

You spend a lot of time at work, even when you’re working remotely. Make sure you have an appealing setup that fosters productivity and creativity while you’re working. This could be something as simple as a nice gaming keyboard and mouse, or speakers with LED colors, or you could go wild and look at something truly fancy like Nanoleaf’s Lines. These fun wall-mountable LEDs light up individually, react to your music or what is on your screen, and bring some fun and whimsy to any office setup while still looking professional.

Spending a little extra on creating a dream setup is one of the best ways to ensure you have a productive day at work that’s manageable for you.