Web Technologies To Watch Out For In 2023

A survey indicates that 94% of first impressions come from how “beautifully” a website has been designed. A website’s layout and design are some of the most important factors that decide its functionality and online rankings. Also, bad design is probably why first-time visitors abandon a website.

These facts show us why web development has undergone so many changes in the past few years and new trends have emerged in the industry. So, what’s new in web technologies in 2023? Here are some examples of website development trends that can make your site stand out among over 1.1 billion already-existing active ones:

12 Best Web Technologies in 2023:

1. Serverless architecture

Nobody likes it when the server crashes and the system overloads. This leads to data loss and a higher web dev cost. So, what’s the solution? Web technologies based on the cloud and serverless architecture, help websites avoid server overload without… you guessed it… a server. You don’t need to manage your server or constantly monitor it to stabilize online traffic. More companies – and apps, e.g., bots, APIs, and others – are using serverless architecture. It’s bound to become the next big thing.

2. Mobile-based websites

Statistics indicate that mobile-based searches are dominating SERPs; almost 60% of online traffic is coming from mobile phones. This means web developers must prepare themselves for the tide of mobile-first SEO. A simple way to enhance your skills is to attend and learn everything from CSS and HTML to backend and frontend development. These bootcamps also help students with no prior web dev experience. So, you can learn about web dev basics and decode the mystery of why mobile-based SEO is reigning supreme. 

3. SPAs

Have you ever wondered what these scrolling pages used by Twitter and Facebook are called? SPAs or single-page applications. In these SPAs, there’s just one JavaScript-based application loading only one webpage. As the user scrolls down, new content emerges without any need to refresh the page. This amazing technology is famous because these pages are fairly easy to create (so less work for a developer). With our shrinking attention span, SPAs will gain more popularity.

4. AMPs

Surveys show that, for 70% of customers, a webpage’s loading speed matters the most. So, one-half of visitors abandon their visit if a site takes to load, thereby increasing a site’s bounce rate. In 2015, Google launched accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) that make webpages load faster to counter the abandoned visit problem. These AMPs are improving business metrics and becoming integral to web dev in 2023. It’s still the most popular mobile technology used globally.

5. AI chatbots

The popularity of ChatGPT indicates how chatbots learn and adapt faster than we thought they can. These chatbots can easily meet human behavior, respond conversationally, and answer customers’ repetitive queries. Marketers are using these bots to collect user data while offering customers a seamless user experience. Today, chatbots have overtaken customer support in various industries. In Skype, Whatsapp, and Messenger, chatbots have become everyday companions.

6. WordPress

Many small-sized businesses are using WordPress to create their websites. To be fair, using this fine platform doesn’t even feel like developing at all; you just have to select pre-coded options and build a website. Gone are the days when you had to construct a decent site from scratch. Now, you select a few buttons and get an awesome website. Also, WordPress keeps adding interesting new features. No wonder WordPress has become a popular web dev platform and accounts for 43.1% of sites.

7. WebAssembly

What happens when you wish to code by using different programming languages? Now, you can use WebAssembly for this exact purpose. If you’re a fan of C, C#, or C++, use WebAssembly and run all these languages effectively. It’s a great technology for CAD, games, and video editing. In 2023, will be launched. So, you should be ready for this tool to overwhelm the web dev industry. It may give JavaScript a run for its money, but that’s just speculation.

8. Voice search optimization

Statistics have indicated that today are voice-based. Since 2011, people have become obsessed with voice search, causing inventions, e.g., Siri and Alexa, to surface. It seems that voice search will keep dominating in the future. It’ll stay relevant to web development as well. This is because voice search results will rank higher on SERPs and SEO experts have to account for these keywords; voice search keywords are different (more conversational) than normal ones.

9. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity remains a threat in this tech-reliant age. As website development becomes better, cybercriminals will find ways to infiltrate them. That’s why the world observed a rising tide of DDoS attacks in the first quarter of 2020. Companies should place strict security measures on their websites so customers can trust these sites with their login info. Cybersecurity experts are playing a role as important as web developers in the web technologies industry today.

10. Dark mode

Everyone loves dark mode! It’s easier on the eyes and lets you watch stuff at night. It seems as if the trend of brightness fell out of favor in the past years. Many websites and applications allow users to switch between light and dark modes. Also, it doesn’t drain your battery that much and saves a little bit of power. That’s why more web developers are paying attention to dark mode and relevant power-saving methods. Many users want their favorite websites to offer night mode settings.

11. Abstract art elements

Aesthetics have changed over the past few years, and developers have unique ideas about what makes a site attractive. Minimalism affects business logos, slogans, and websites in 2023. Abstract shapes made of circles, squares, and triangles are reinventing website graphics. They make a website look compelling yet simple. It was predicted that these abstract art elements would replace photographs in 2021. AI tools, e.g., Dall-E, will make web art cost-effective and gripping.

12. Parallax scrolling

This happens when different web page elements move at different speeds when you scroll them. The parallax scrolling effect gives a website a sense of depth, vigor, and mystique. When a page’s background moves slower than the forefront, this effect is beautiful and mesmerizing.


Some emerging web dev trends include AI chatbots (here comes ChatGPT), mobile-optimized websites, and voice-based SEO strategies. AMPs and SPAs are overwhelming the web dev industry