What Is An Open Call?

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The world of entertainment, from film and television to theater and modeling, is an industry that relies heavily on the talents and skills of performers. To find the perfect cast or talent for various roles and projects, industry professionals often rely on a process known as an “Open Call.” In this blog, we will explore what an Open Call is, how it works, and why it is a critical element of the entertainment and arts industry.

What Is An Open Call?

An Open Call is a casting method used to discover new talent, fill roles, or find suitable candidates for various entertainment and arts projects. It involves inviting a large number of individuals, often with varying levels of experience, to audition or showcase their skills. Open Calls are typically open to the public and serve as a way to discover hidden gems and provide opportunities for aspiring performers.

Key Elements Of An Open Call:

  1. Public Invitation: Open Calls are open to anyone who meets the specified criteria. These invitations are often widely advertised through industry publications, websites, social media, and other channels.
  2. No Prior Appointment: Unlike closed auditions or private casting sessions, Open Calls do not require participants to make appointments or have industry connections. Anyone interested can show up and participate.
  3. Variety of Talents: Open Calls are not limited to actors. They can also encompass models, singers, dancers, and other talents, depending on the nature of the project.
  4. Diverse Participant Pool: Open Calls attract a diverse pool of participants, ranging from experienced professionals to novices trying to break into the industry.

How Does An Open Call Work?

The process of an Open Call can vary depending on the type of project, the scale of the casting, and the industry involved. However, some common steps and practices include:

  1. Announcement: The casting team or organization announces the Open Call with details about the date, time, location, and requirements. This information is usually shared through advertisements, websites, and social media.
  2. Registration: Participants often need to register upon arrival to provide basic information and receive an audition number or identification.
  3. Audition or Showcase: Each participant is given the opportunity to , perform, or showcase their talent before a panel of judges or casting professionals.
  4. Selection Process: After all participants have had their turn, the casting team reviews the performances and selects candidates for further consideration or callbacks.
  5. Callbacks: Some Open Calls may have a second round of auditions, known as callbacks, where a smaller group is evaluated more thoroughly.
  6. Selection of Talent: Finally, the casting team chooses the talent or performers who best fit the roles or requirements of the project.

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Why Are Open Calls Important?

  1. Discovering New Talent: Open Calls are an essential way to discover new and undiscovered talent in the entertainment and arts industry. They provide opportunities for aspiring performers and models to showcase their skills.
  2. Diversity and Inclusion: Open Calls often attract a diverse pool of participants, contributing to the industry’s push for greater diversity and inclusion.
  3. Filling Varied Roles: For projects with a wide range of roles or characters, Open Calls can help casting professionals find the perfect fit for each part.
  4. Refreshing the Industry: Open Calls bring fresh faces and talent to the industry, injecting new energy and creativity into projects.


Open Calls are a cornerstone of the entertainment and arts industry, offering opportunities for aspiring talent and providing casting professionals with the means to discover new performers. Whether in Hollywood or on the Broadway stage, Open Calls serve as a vital step in the journey to finding the perfect talent for various projects, enriching the world of entertainment with diverse voices and fresh faces.


What Do They Do In An Open Call?

An open call is an audition that’s open to any performer who has interest in trying out for the role. Open calls tend to draw significantly more performers than scheduled auditions because they’re open to candidates who don’t necessarily have an agent but who are nevertheless eager to showcase their acting skills.

What Does Open The Call Mean?

an audition, especially for actors or dancers, open to anyone wishing to try out.

What To Expect At An Open Cast Call?

During a casting call, you might be asked to act out a scene, monologue, or sides for a casting director. For film and TV, you’ll usually submit a self-tape. If seeking a theatrical role, you might be one of hundreds of wannabe players who physically show up to try out.

What Do You Bring To An Open Call?

When attending an agency open call, it is often helpful if you have some images that you can bring with you. Many of the top agencies require that models do bring their portfolio or images of some sort. If you have a professional portfolio, then great.

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