What to Know About Living in Alberta, Canada

Alberta is one of the most incredible provinces that call Canada home.  From its huge variety of landforms and lifestyles to the strong connection to its history, you’ll never find anything quite like Alberta.

These are some of the top things to know about this province if you’re considering moving here and why it’ll feel like home!

More Affordable Living

Affordable living is a large worry for many people since property costs began skyrocketing in the 2020s.  People watched homes jump by 30% in value, and got nervous, which drove the market further through their buying.

Thankfully, much of Alberta is still untouched by this stress, with remaining some of the most affordable city living you can find in the country.  Everything from food to entertainment is also affordable here, driving the cost of living lower despite pay remaining about the same as most of the country.

A Connection to the History of the Area

Alberta has a long and complicated history, and this province doesn’t back down from it.  From multiple museums and exhibits dedicated to the first nations people who have called this area home for thousands of years to the Calgary Stampede that celebrates the hard work ranchers and farmers did to settle these unforgiving plains, there’s a lot to see and learn while you’re here.

Although the history of this land is complicated, the respect Albertans have for it is unmatched.

Fantastic City Living Is Possible

Some may assume that because these are the open plains that there might not be any cities worth visiting: but Calgary and Edmonton are fantastic destinations for city living.  Both of these cities have countless industries and awesome economies that ensure everyone who wants a job can have one.  Although the cost of living is higher in the cities, it’s worth it for everything else that comes with Alberta.

Gorgeous Nature and Wildlife

It’s not just plains out here!  Alberta is home to some of the most beautiful mountain ranges you’ll ever see.  Jasper and Banff parks are home to gorgeous mountain and river views, offering year-round access to breathtaking sights.

In the winter, Banff transforms into a skiing and snowboarding capital, while they’re both fantastic stops in the summer for anyone who loves hiking or camping.

Awesome Work-Life Balance

A healthy work-life balance is vital to ensure you don’t get burned out or tired of your career.  Alberta offers that by making sure, you’re never too far from nature and wildlife.  This makes it so that you can go hiking any day of the week or take a short drive on a Friday afternoon and enjoy a weekend of camping before you have to head back to the office.  This is great for mental and physical health and gives you the chance to live more comfortably in any city.

There’s No Place On Earth Like Alberta

Although some may think Alberta is just a fly-over province- it’s not.  This area has some of the most interesting people, varied city living, and gorgeous views you’ll : it’s worth a visit!