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In the past, Americans could buy any firearm they desired through the postal service. It was the same process as buying a hammer, blender, or lamp. Ammunition used to be the same. You could order it from the Montgomery Ward catalog, Sears, or Abercrombie & Fitch (yes, Abercrombie & Fitch was once a leading outdoor retailer, not just selling vegan beard oils and cruelty-free flannel) and have your ammo delivered in a few weeks.

The Gun Control Act of 1988 ended the sale of firearms across state borders without a Federal Firearms License. However, you can get ammunition delivered to your house from ammodepotusastore.com with just a few keystrokes or swipes of your Smartphone and credit card. We’ll go over how to buy ammunition online legally and give you some tips on our favorite online retailers.

Can you buy ammunition online?

You can buy ammunition online in most US states from the , and it will be delivered. Online ammo sellers may require you to provide proof of your age and ID before placing an order. However, once you have submitted it in the past, you do not need to submit this information again. You can order ammunition online in some counties and states (such as Massachusetts and Connecticut). Still, you must have a Firearms Owners ID Card, a firearm/ammunition authorization, a license to carry or an ammunition certificate, or another state permit. Online ammo is only allowed in some cities and states if the buyer passes a background screening (for every purchase). The ammo must be shipped to an FFL, and you must pay transfer fees. You can find out if a state or city like Chicago allows online sales by visiting an ammo retailer. It is YOUR responsibility to follow your local laws. Check your local laws and regulations.


California is home to some of the strictest firearms legislation in the country. It has also begun restricting ammunition sales. Californians can’t buy ammunition online and have it delivered to them. Californians must request that the seller send it to an FFL and complete a background investigation when they pick up their order. This also means that you will have to pay a transfer fee to the FFL, just as you would if you ordered a gun and requested it be transferred. This is a major hassle, and unless there’s an amazing deal or you need ammunition not sold in your local CA firearm shops, this may not be an economical option. Many online ammunition vendors will not sell ammunition to California anymore, including to FFLs or licensed ammunition retailers. They find it too difficult. Ask your local firearms shop what they could do for you. You can get bulk ammunition at a discount if you are a frequent customer.

Can you buy ammunition online in Hawaii?

Hawaii restricts the sale of Teflon-coated ammunition and “armor-piercing” ammunition but follows federal laws regarding online ammunition purchases (for the moment). Many online stores won’t ship or sell to Hawaii because of logistics or cost issues. The state is not known as gun-friendly, and its distance from the Lower 48 States makes it difficult to ship. You may have to pay more for shipping to Hawaii if you can find an online store that will ship there.

Is it legal to buy Ammo online in Chicago, Illinois?

Illinois also has many restrictions regarding firearms, ammunition, and magazines. Cook County does not allow online purchases of ammunition and projectiles. Other locations in the state have similar restrictions, so check the local laws. You are responsible for ensuring that your online purchase is legal and follows all local laws.

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New York passed a law in 2013 requiring all buyers of “commercial transfers” of ammunition to complete a background investigation before purchasing the item. Ammo ordered online must be shipped to an FFL, where the buyer must pay a transfer fee and undergo a background investigation. Background checks are conducted using a database of licenses and records statewide. Online ammo purchases are not likely legal in New York City or any of the five boroughs.

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The price of ammunition and bullets: Are they a better value online? The pros and cons Ammo is cheaper to buy online. Online retailers are usually cheaper than brick-and-mortar stores. Because of economies of scale, online sellers can beat the prices offered by mom-and-pop gun shops. We’ll go over the advantages and disadvantages associated with buying ammunition online.


  • You can often get a better price for a round.
  • The selection of popular calibers in local shops is usually greater.
  • Online sellers may be the only ones who sell certain obscure loads
  • The website filters and navigation make it convenient and easy to find the information you are looking for
  • No need to pay gas, drives into town, or fights the traffic to get to your local shop.
  • If you value discretion, it’s a good idea to be discreet.
  • If you’re worried about interacting with others in person, don’t.

Cons of buying your ammunition online

  • Shipping costs are either included in the price of your order (“free shipping”) or charged as an extra charge. Shipping bullets and ammunition can be expensive. It can increase the price per round over a local deal.
  • There is no in-person interaction with a salesperson, physical inspection, or examination of the inventory/ammo.
  • Cash is not accepted.
  • It may be necessary to provide a photocopy of your driver’s license or other documents.
  • UPS, USPS, or FedEx drivers could mess up your package, misbeliever, destroy, or steal it.
  • You might still be required to pay tax if your order is from out of state. This depends on the laws in both the retailer’s area and yours.

If you wait until the very last moment to order ammo, or if you are buying for an immediate trip to the shooting range or a hunting expedition, you will not be able to get it the next day. It can take a couple of days for even the fastest sellers to deliver your ammo. If you need it sooner, shipping costs may be higher than the cost of the ammunition. Having the “Internet” skills to pay with a credit card and navigate through a website is important. Beware of fraudulent websites that are set up to exploit panic or shortages.

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Ammodepotusastore.com, a family-owned and operated company, is our first stop when we are looking to buy ammunition online. Ammodepotusastore.com provides free shipping for orders over $200, while their shipping rates are affordable. Orders will usually be shipped within 1 or 2 business days, depending on the demand, and sometimes even same-day. Only in-stock ammo can be ordered. Ammodepotusastore.com has always been a great company to work with. They ship quickly, pack well, and communicate effectively.