WhoCallMe Review: The Best Free Tool to Track Who Called Me

Have you ever received a call from an unknown number and wondered who just called? It can be frustrating and even concerning to receive calls from unknown numbers, but thankfully there is a solution: WhoCallMe.

WhoCallMe is a free tool for phone number lookup and reverse number lookup that can help you identify unknown callers. WhoCallMe is made for those who always have the question, “who called me from this phone number?”.

This article will explain how WhoCallMe works and explore its features and benefits. We’ll also provide step-by-step instructions for using WhoCallMe to look up phone numbers. But first, let’s dive into the basics of WhoCallMe.

How WhoCallMe Works

WhoCallMe works by accessing and updating a database of phone numbers and caller information. This database is constantly updated with new information from user reports and other sources. When you perform a reverse phone number lookup using WhoCallMe, the tool searches its database for information about the number in question.

To perform a phone number lookup, enter the phone number into the WhoCallMe website or app search bar. WhoCallMe will then search its database for any information about the number, including the name of the caller, the location of the caller, and whether the number is associated with a known scam or spam call.

Reverse number lookup works similarly but in reverse. Instead of entering a phone number, you enter the caller’s name or the business associated with the number. WhoCallMe will then search its database for any phone numbers associated with that name or company.

One of the unique features of WhoCallMe is its ability to identify and categorise callers based on user reports. When users receive calls from unknown numbers, they can submit a report to WhoCallMe with information about the call. This information is then used to update the database and improve the accuracy of future searches. WhoCallMe also uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to categorise callers and identify patterns in spam and scam calls.

Features of WhoCallMe

WhoCallMe provides a wide range of information about phone numbers and callers. Some of the types of information available through WhoCallMe include:

Caller name

Caller location

Caller type (e.g. telemarketer, scammer, etc.)

User reports and comments about the caller

Social media profiles and other online information associated with the caller

In addition to these features, WhoCallMe has a phone number directory feature that provides a breakdown of US area codes by number. This feature is particularly useful for identifying the geographic location of a caller.

The most viewed numbers subfeature of the Phone Number Directory allows users to see which phone numbers have been searched the most frequently by other users.

Benefits of Using WhoCallMe

One of the key benefits of using WhoCallMe is the ability to identify and avoid scams and spam calls. With the increasing prevalence of these types of calls, many people need to be more mindful of answering unfamiliar numbers.

WhoCallMe provides a way to quickly and easily look up phone numbers to determine whether they are legitimate or potentially fraudulent. This can help protect your personal information and prevent you from falling victim to scams or phishing attempts.

In addition to the security benefits, using WhoCallMe also provides privacy benefits. By providing information about callers and allowing users to report and comment on calls, WhoCallMe helps to increase transparency and accountability in the telecommunications industry. This can discourage unwanted calls and protect your privacy.

Another benefit of using WhoCallMe is the fast processing time. The database is constantly updated so that users can get up-to-date information about callers and phone numbers. This can be particularly helpful when you need to quickly identify a caller or determine whether a call is legitimate.

Finally, there are many examples of how WhoCallMe has helped users identify and avoid scams and report fraudulent activity. By sharing their experiences and reporting suspicious calls, WhoCallMe users contribute to a safer and more secure telecommunications environment.

How to Use WhoCallMe

Using WhoCallMe is straightforward. Here are the steps for performing a phone number lookup:

Go to the WhoCallMe website and enter the phone number you want to look up in the search bar.

Click the “Search” button to begin the search.

Wait for the search results to appear. The results will include information about the phone number, such as the caller’s name (if available), the type of phone number (e.g. landline or mobile), and any comments or reports from other users.

If you want to report incorrect information or add comments about the phone number, click the “Report” button and follow the instructions.

Tips for Using WhoCallMe Effectively

To get the most out of WhoCallMe, there are a few tips you should keep in mind:

Make sure you enter the phone number correctly. Even small typos or errors can lead to inaccurate results.

Check the comments and reports from other users to get a better idea of who is calling you and their intentions.

Use the “most viewed numbers” feature to see which phone numbers have been looked up most frequently by other users.


How accurate is WhoCallMe’s database?

WhoCallMe strives to maintain a high level of accuracy in its database, but like any database, it may not be 100% accurate. The accuracy of the information provided depends on various factors, such as the availability and reliability of public information.

How often is WhoCallMe’s database updated?

WhoCallMe updates its database on a regular basis to ensure the information is as current as possible. However, the frequency of updates may vary depending on the availability of new information.

Can I use WhoCallMe to identify international callers?

WhoCallMe primarily provides information about US phone numbers, but it does have some international numbers in its database. However, the availability and accuracy of the data for international numbers may be limited.

Is WhoCallMe completely free to use?

Yes, WhoCallMe is completely free to use. There are no hidden fees or charges for accessing its database.

How can I contribute to WhoCallMe’s database?

WhoCallMe relies on user contributions to keep its database accurate and up-to-date. You can contribute by reporting incorrect information, submitting new numbers to the database, and leaving comments and feedback on the website.


WhoCallMe is an excellent tool for identifying unknown callers, avoiding scams, and improving privacy and security. Its extensive database and fast processing times have helped many users identify unwanted calls.

Phone number lookup is essential for anyone who values privacy and security. We urge readers to try WhoCallMe and contribute to the platform by commenting and reporting suspicious numbers. Don’t let unwanted calls take over your life – take control with WhoCallMe.

WhoCallMe Review: The Best Free Tool to Track Who Called Me