Why Does Google Maps Seem The Best For B2B Outreach? Guest Post

If you are on the lookout for the finest platforms for business-to-business or B2B outreach, you will find Google Maps to be the best for it. Google Maps is a potent tool that assists businesses in multiple ways, and one of the effective ways is collecting info about different businesses, their addresses, reviews, contacts, and email addresses. People use this information to create an updated company contact database. Additionally, they use it for marketing and sales. When you use Google Maps to extract phone numbers, emails, and other contact details, you can get valuable info about businesses, and they seem to be significant for different business purposes, including partnering, sales, and marketing.

Best ways of extracting emails

You can build targeted email lists using Google Maps in several ways. The most common methods include the utilization of crawlers and bots. At times, people also use the Google Maps platform to export email IDs manually. Commonly, you can use a couple of methods to .

Developing the email lists manually

You can get emails from the business listings of Google Maps manually. However, it is not the best choice when you are trying to accumulate a huge database for . When you need only small emails using Google Maps, you can use several strategies like:

Utilize the scraping tool of Google Maps to develop email lists

It is a hugely progressive strategy that people use when and where the manual process fails. In this situation, they can use the 3rd-party scraping tools of Google Maps to scrape and infiltrate email IDs right from the target profiles as well as Google Maps search results.

You will come across several tools that you can use to scrape contact details and emails from Google Maps. In this context, Lead Generation tools from Google Maps are paid, whereas others are free. Nonetheless, free tools don’t always bring the expected results as licensed or paid tools do. 

Pros of using an email extraction tool

Marketers use an email extraction tool to reap rich benefits:

  • Automation – When you use email extraction tools, you are not required to go through the manual process to gather contact details. The automation process saves both the effort and time for marketers, which is why they can concentrate on other important features related to their campaigns.
  • User-friendly interfaces – The email extraction tools are intended to be simple; hence, regardless of your skills, you can go through the platform easily. When you use the intuitive interfaces, you will find them streamlining the task creation procedure.
  • Precise outcomes – The email extraction tools ensure that the scraped data is appropriate to the mentioned search criteria as they offer various choices, such as “Drop duplicates” or “Exact match”. Due to this filtering process, duplicate and irrelevant data can be selected easily. Thus, marketers get access to superior-quality data.


Google Maps is a priceless resource to and customers from various industries. Though it provides important information like addresses, working hours, websites, and phone numbers, it never shares email data. Luckily, many tools help scrape emails from Google Maps. These tools propose effective solutions to collect email data from Google Maps listings.